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Dream of Mirror Online 10 rate Go on mighty quests and choose your destiny in Dream of Mirror Online. This classic role playing game is filled with compelling stories and a world where you find yourself completely beholden. Venture to its many realms to complete missions, earn gold and become a champion for your cause. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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If you miss the traditional role playing games of earlier times, then Dream of Mirror Online will bring back the nostalgia. In this MMORPG classic, every quest and reward will be hard-earned and things are not as easy as they seem. In spite of this, you’ll find this game worth playing for many reasons. Your character has lots of customization when reaching specific levels, as well as the ability to get a job, fly and take care of pets.


Based on ancient Chinese mythology, DOMO’s story involves an artifact that copies everything in the real world into another world called the Mirror World. Due to unknown reasons, the mirror’s reflections became distorted, causing monsters to enter the Mirror World. These “delusions” threaten to destroy the world, so the Mirror Kings summon humans to help save their Mirror kingdoms.


Just like any old RPG, you start playing DOMO by creating your character. There are four races to choose from: Human, Sylph, Shura and Sprite. Each race will have their own unique traits, and these will translate to how quests are accomplished in the game. Humans are balanced, Sylphs are magical, Shuras are ferocious and Sprites are childlike and playful. You can create multiple characters within a game.

Game controls are pretty simple in this game, and you only need to use the mouse to move your character around, click on a monster to attack, or double-click on items from the inventory to wear them. You can enable the WASD keys from Options in the game menu on the bottom-right corner. A handy list of hotkeys and game controls can easily be accessed by holding down Ctrl+G. If you need to find quick information about anything during the game, you can hit F12 to bring up the Help window.

Depending on your race, you will be taken to different parts of the Mirror World and you’ll meet the Chasm King, who will tell you about the problems of his world and how you can help. He’ll also direct you to where and who you need to find in the village to receive your first quest. This usually involves practicing your skills by fighting low level monsters outside the village. When you do this, you level up and collect three attribute points, which you can add to any of the six attributes you have. The NPCs (non-player characters) will suggest that you increase Strength/Power before reaching Level 10. You’ll need all the strength you can get to fight off more powerful monsters in succeeding quests.

Using a Monster Trapping Mirror which will be given to you at some point in the game, you can trap monsters and use them as pets that fight with you in battle. Just be sure to injure the monster first, then trap it. You must not kill the monster when you want to trap it. While the monster is injured, you need to get the Trapping Mirror and use it on the monster. Monsters will low HP are easier to trap, as well as monsters with a lower level than you.

When you start the game, your job is known as a Commoner, which means you are actively honing your skills to prepare for a higher place in society. When you reach Level 10, you can visit the Dojo in Eversun City and meet with the Career Adviser. This NPC is responsible for giving you a job or helping you switch to a different job, should you choose to do so in the future. There are 15 jobs in total, which includes Hunter, Blademaster, Dancer, Doctor, Trader, Shaman and Thief. Each job can be allotted skill points, and adding points to the skills in one job will not affect another job you might have. For each job, you will get two active skill sets and one passive. Depending on your race, the Career Adviser can recommend jobs that suit you. For instance, Sylphs are more suited to be Doctors, Shamans or Wizards because of their magical skills, while Humans work best as Fencers, Hunters or Merchants because of their adaptability and intelligence.

The job system of DOMO is great for forming teams or joining guilds. Teams are temporary groups formed so players can complete missions, share resources and gain more XP. You need a team to create a guild. Guilds are permanent, and its purpose can be anything that the Chairperson or Elders decide. Guild members can chat in its own chatbox.

Pets can have several types and purposes in DOMO, but they are generally used to fight alongside you in battle. To obtain a pet, you need to buy a Pet Token from the Item Mall. A Pet Token can then be inserted in any of the Vending machines around Eversun city. You don’t have control over what kind of pet the machine will give out. Pets can either be evolvable or non-evolvable. Non-evolvable pets are mountable. They have a fixed level and are not able to gain experience nor evolve. Evolvable pets, on the other hand, can gain experience and can be evolved over time. You can have a maximum of five pets in your inventory.

As with other RPGs, DOMO features Alchemy for crafting items and weapons, a PvP mode for one-on-one or team battles in the arena, and a wide array of costume options for your character. However, one of its surprising feature is the ability of characters to get married within the game. DOMO has several venues where a wedding can take place. In addition to this social aspect of the game, there are also daily and special events. You can view all upcoming events from the Events Calendar by holding down Ctrl+J.


Being a game that’s been around for a while, you can expect DOMO to have a substantial following. You can find forums and wikis for the game in the publisher’s website. Game events and challenges are announced on their blog and Facebook page.


DOMO’s graphics is not the most modern out there. In fact, some images appear to be too basic and plain that it almost looks like a child’s game. However, you can tweak some options to adjust graphics quality as well as add or remove visual effects. Sound is minimal in this game, and you are most likely to hear the background music, some sound effects but no voice overs.


If you miss playing the classic MMORPGs where you need to pay attention to all quests and do a lot of work accomplishing them, then DOMO is the game for you. There are no shortcuts or “lazy” way of playing, and that means it’s a breath of fresh air from most other games in its genre. DOMO’s world is also vast, diverse and intriguing. There is always something to explore whether it’s inside or outside the citites. Play Dream of Mirror Online today and experience what a classic RPG would look like.

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New Game Added: Dream of Mirror Online

by Kim Jul 20, 2016
Go on mighty quests and choose your destiny in Dream of Mirror Online. This classic role playing game is filled with compelling stories and a world where you find yourself completely beholden. Venture to its many realms to complete missions, earn gold and become a champion for your cause. pets in Dream of Mirror Online Dream of Mirror Online: killing monsters fighting wild pupus in Dream of Mirror Online Read More
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