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Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle 7 rate In Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, you get to collect different Dragon Ball Z characters from different series from both the side of heroes and villains. The game feature a puzzle-based gameplay where you can land damage and combos whenever you managed to chain more spheres on screen. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is a free to play puzzle mobile game that features characters from the Dragon Ball Z series. Players can get a chance to obtain any of the heroes and villains from the hit anime with certain rarities and add them to their collection. The gameplay features a puzzle-based mechanic where players can chain combos by connecting adjacent spheres on the screen. There are also different game modes from story mode to special weekly events to provide more content.


The story is more of a spin-off to the Dragon Ball Z series and not connected to the actual timeline. The game focuses on Trunks getting dragged into a new timeline when he crash-landed on a planet with his time machine where the Dragon Ball universe is in chaos. Now he must find the culprit behind the chaos to put an end to it and bring order back to the timeline, players must work together with Trunks as they unfold the mysteries behind the changes in the timeline in his world.


The interesting part in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is the inclusion of different characters from all known media of Dragon Ball Z, where it may be from OVAs, movies, etc. It combines some of the familiar faces from the series as well as new ones from the ongoing Dragon Ball Z Super and other spin-offs.

Starting off in the game will put you in a short tutorial mission where it explains the basics of the mobile game. You complete your mission by going to a board-like area where you move to certain nodes to progress further. Each node has an enemy waiting for you to battle and you must defeat it in order to advance. The tutorial will be short and will be just a short teaser on what to expect as you progress further into the game.

Each mission is similar to the tutorial as it will be done in the board game-like area, where you will be encountering enemies in every node and you can earn rewards for completing missions. You will be able to unlock more missions as you complete all the available ones on your progression, as you progress further, the difficulty will begin to rise so it is better to level up your team by completing previous missions. Also, any completed missions will unlock a higher difficulty version of it that will provide better rewards.

The gameplay for Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle has that combination of a team-based fighting game and puzzle game elements. You pick three of your heroes in your line-up and you will be bringing them in your missions to fight. At a start of a battle, a series of spheres which are called Kis will appear on screen, all you need to do is align the spheres with the enemy target to deal damage. The more spheres that you aligned, the bigger the damage. Also take note of the colored Kis in the field, depending on the color type of your enemy, you can deal damage to them if you managed to align spheres of a specific weakness. So far there are three colors, red for STR types are strong against yellow for PHY types but weak against blue for AGI types, this type of triangle system makes each type balanced to each other which can add a new layer of strategy to your gaming experience.

You will be able to acquire new heroes and villains to your team through the familiar gacha-type of acquisition. You can either spend real money to summon characters. And just like with any other mobile gacha games, each character has certain rarities, and the rarest types have the best stats and abilities, but it will drop at the lowest chance, so continuous summons might land you a rare type. Alternatively, you can acquire points to summon characters through quest rewards or daily login bonus, there are even some special events that can give you free summons or if you complete a set of missions.


Since Dragon Ball Z is a very popular franchise, there are a handful of players active in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle. Though there is no real time co-op missions with other players, you can compete with other players’ Z-Fighters in the special tournament mode, in which it mimics the tournament style from the anime. You can add friends to your list so that you can acquire special perks from them every time you log in for the day.

Graphics/ Sound

There are no fancy 3D visuals in the game, as the majority of them are all in static images. All of the characters are still based on the original character designs by famed creator Akira Toriyama, so you can expect some awesome character portraits of each hero you own. Although all are static images, there are special effects that mimic that signature moves of each character along with voiced dialogues and visual effects to add some nostalgic feel to each battle. Background music is unfortunately forgettable as it does not feature some of the popular tunes from the anime.


Overall Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle provides a simple yet fun Dragon Ball Z game for any fans. The unique twist on the puzzle game mechanic gives a refreshing take for the mobile game genre but it may turn away some die-hard fans who prefer a more action-packed gameplay. Those who are Dragon Ball Z fans and puzzle game enthusiasts will definitely enjoy this as a new pastime.

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New Game Added: Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

by Richard Jan 4, 2018
In Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, you get to collect different Dragon Ball Z characters from different series from both the side of heroes and villains. The game feature a puzzle-based gameplay where you can land damage and combos whenever you managed to chain more spheres on screen. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle: Linked attack Hero cards in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle: Gameplay Read More
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