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Dofus 9.2 rate In an epic adventure in the World of 12 you are able to pick from a huge range of classes and explore a beautiful anime game. Match wits in strategy based combat and join with friends to battle the mightiest of monsters. Or take control of a Prism with your alliance for huge benefits. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Dofus is a slow-paced tactical and turn-based MMORPG that allows players to explore the vast and beautiful world of Twelve! The game offers up to 16 unique character classes, each with their own special cache of 21 spells and abilities. There are also plenty of quests, exciting PvP arenas and modes as well as challenging PvE encounters. If that is not enough to keep you occupied, you can even learn 3 out of the 16 crafting and gathering jobs provided in the game, with the option to further specialize your chosen crafting job to reach the title of crafting magus! Dofus also has a pretty in-depth lore to back it up. So, don’t wait - Prove your bravery, intelligence and heroism in Dofus today!


The title of the game, Dofus, are actually dragon eggs that will grant whoever that has control over them immense power. They are the most precious items an adventurer can dream of finding! The six great Dofus of the World of Twelve used to be under the guardianship of wise and powerful entities. However, over the course of time, they have all been split up. Now, it’s up to you, the energetic adventurer, to find them!


After logging in, the first thing you’ll notice is Dofus’s huge variety of character classes (up to 16 unique classes) with very weird-sounding names. They include Foggernaut’s steam, Eliotrope’s Portal, Rogue Rise, Ecaflip’s Coin and many more! Each class have different specialty areas, for instance, despite being a warrior-type class, Iop’s Heart characters lean more towards to damage dealing rather than tanking. Some characters will be able to heal to a varying degree, while some have excellent crowd-controlling skills for handling huge groups of mobs at the same time. Each class will be able to unlock up to 21 skills at max level! With so many character classes, you may be tempted to try them all. Thankfully, you are allowed to create up to 5 characters per account! So, dig in and enjoy the different play style that different classes will be able to offer!

Next, you’ll be finally able to customize your character! There aren’t a lot of customization that you can do in Dofus, however, whatever that is there is pretty good enough! You can change the color of the outfit, the hair and the skin of your character. There are also 8 different preset faces, with varying hairstyle and face paint that you can choose from for your character too!

The controls in this game are fairly easy to learn and revolve around your mouse. You’ll need to left click to move and right click to interact with the various NPCs or fight with the mobs in the game. Being a tactical turn-based game, with the likes of games like Final Fantasy Tactics, Dofus has a pretty interesting and unique combat system. Combat is consisted of 2 phases – the positioning phase and the actual attack phase. When you start engaging the enemy, you’ll need to position your character on any of the red grid cells highlighted on the ground. The red cells somewhat restrict your freedom in positioning your character and seem to be randomly generated in some sort of a pattern. Once you have placed your character in a position that will allow you to deal the first strike, you’re ready to move on to the actual attack phase by clicking the ‘end turn’ button.

In the attack phase, you are allowed to either move or attack. Movement is restricted by the number of movement points you have (the default points is 3) while attacks are limited by attack points (the default points is 6). This means that you will be able to move 3 cells per turn and you will be able to use your character’s abilities or the basic attack skill that have a total cost of 6 attack points or less. After each round, these points will be refilled and you can use them again.

You could choose to stand in front of your enemy and hit each other, to and fro, until one dies, or you could employ a bit of strategy to avoid damage and move away (out of range preferably) from the enemy after you’ve dealt in a couple of hits. However, some character skills do allow them to jump or teleport large distances, so, it can be quite a challenge to strategize your moves while predicting how your opponent will react. This makes the game much more interesting and challenging!

Nonetheless, do bear in mind that each turn has a limited duration for you to decide on your moves. You can view how much time if left per turn by looking at the time gauge circling your character portrait. If you’re in a team, the pace of the game can become rather slow as you’ll need to wait for other players to decide on their moves as well. After you’ve finished with your moves, don’t forget to click on the ‘end turn’ button! The attack phase will be repeated until either your opponent or your character emerges victorious!

Like any MMORPGs, Dofus offers professions for its players to level… however, unlike these MMORPGs (with the exception of a rare few), most didn’t even come close to the crazy number of professions that this game provides! The game boasts of having 16 unique professions that can be loosely separated into 2 categories – harvesting and crafting. Harvesting professions, which include farming, alchemy, mining and fishing, requires certain tools to be equipped before you can gather materials from the environment in Dofus while crafting professions, which include food producers like baker, equipment crafters like handyman and shoemaker, or weapon producers like sword smith and wand carver, requires you to be at the correct workshop in order to craft an item.

Unlike the sequel of this game, Wakfu, you are not allowed to take up all the professions in the game. Each character is limited to only 3 professions and when your job level hits level 60, you can even specialize your non-food-related crafting job and become a magus in that job. The crafted items you’ve produced can then be sold at the market to other players for kamas (in-game currency) or can be used for your character. Not to mention, for every level you gain in crafting, your character’s carrying capacity will increase as well!

There are many ways for you to progress your character by gaining experience points in Dofus. Some examples include questing (can be pretty boring and feels like routine after awhile), PvP and PvE. For PvE, the game offers more than 60 unique dungeons (including event-based dungeons) as well as 3 mazes and 4 more mini-dungeons for you to enjoy with your pick-up group or your team of friends! For PvP enthusiasts, you can enjoy the tactical turn-based combat in 1-on-1 challenges, 3-vs-3 arena PvP at the kolossium, aggression challenge, whereby players attack other players of a different alignment (faction) and guild-based perceptor battles, whereby each team will have to kill the other team’s perceptor while defending their own perceptor. Getting experience points isn’t too hard in this game, especially considering that you can even get experience points by merely exploring the different zones/ areas that Dofus has to offer – and there is a huge world in Dofus!

Every time you level up in Dofus, you will gain increased health points, 5 character points that you can use to increase your stats (vitality, wisdom, strength, intelligence, chance and agility) and 1 spell point that you can use in your grimoire to upgrade 1 of your spells/ abilities. The game also offers other features, like mounts, which will only be unlocked as you progress further into the game.


The community in Dofus is huge! Just take a quick look at its Facebook fan page and you’ll see! The fan page boasts of almost 650 thousand likes and for a niche game such as this one, that number is pretty amazing! The game also offers guilds and alliances for you to join and an in-game chat, so you can meet your fellow players. If you love discussing about Dofus, you could head over to the game’s forums to start a discussion too!

Graphics/ Sound

The 2.5D anime/cartoony graphics in Dofus is extremely bright, colorful and beautiful! The detailed sceneries in the game exude a very relaxing and cheerful feeling to its players. Not to mention, many of the character, mob and NPC models are very cutely-designed. The game does not provide much in terms of sound though. There is no background music, except the occasional sounds made by the mobs on the map you’re on. The sound effects in this game is very well-done, but it would have been nice to have a soft background music to accompany the sound effects.


In short, Dofus has a very robust tactical turn-based MMORPG that is pretty slow-paced, allowing for a more relaxed gameplay. The gameplay focuses more on strategy and excellent character skill usage instead of stats. The game also provides a huge variety of oddly-named character classes and professions as well as chains of quests. There are even thrillingly-fun PvE and PvP encounters that you can participate in with your fellow players at Dofus. If you crave some social interaction, you can sign up to join the many guilds and alliances that are available in the game as well! So, do check it out today… after all, it is free to play!

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