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Destiny 2 10 rate Destiny 2 is a the sequel to the acclaimed Destiny. It follows the events of its predecessor, and here, you will once again don a guardian’s armor and fight off hordes of extraterrestrial enemies. Interact with a celebrated cast of characters, and explore the different moons and planets across the Solar System to protect humankind. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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September 2018’s PlayStation Plus lineup includes Destiny 2, which is a huge, but pleasant, shocker. Bungie and Activision’s multiplayer first-person shooter is arguably one of the best-made shooters this generation, although it is not without its fair share of controversies. For example, we can’t help but think that they made it free so people would be coaxed into purchasing the DLC. Nevertheless, this sequel to the acclaimed Destiny boasts outstanding gunplay mechanics, class-based characters with different abilities, an intriguing story, and a robust selection of online multiplayer modes.

So, should you give Destiny 2 a try? Let’s find out what it has to offer.


Destiny 2 follows the events of its predecessor. Without diving deep into spoilers, you will take the role of a Guardian, a soldier tasked to defend the last safe city of Earth who happen to be immortal because of the Traveler’s light. Although you can easily jump into the game without fully-knowing the prior events, it’s still recommended to do a bit of reading to familiarize yourself with the jargon and the game’s numerous terms.

After you get to create a character from three distinct classes (Titan, Hunter, Warlock) and customize its appearance, you will immediately jump into the action because of an invasion by the Cabal Empire. The force is led by Dominus Ghaul, the self-proclaimed emperor. After the events of the day of the invasion, you’re tasked to gather the remaining forces to get started with a counter-offensive. Seems like a typical tale, yet the journey and the characters provide a memorable experience.


Destiny 2 is primarily a first-person shooter with RPG elements. Depending on your class, you will adhere to a particular playstyle. If you choose to be a Titan, you’re basically the straightforward, “destroy-everything with guns and explosives” type. Meanwhile, the Hunter is for those who likes using stealth mechanics and for attacking enemies from afar. Finally, the Warlock is for those who love using destructive magic. Note that each class branches out to other subclasses which make a difference when changing forms and using special abilities. A good example would be the Titan’s subclasses which range from a fire hammer wielder to a defense-type shield user, and finally, a fighter that causes massive shockwaves to destroy enemies in a large area.

You get to explore numerous heavenly bodies, which in turn provide various environments for you to explore. In Earth, you will get to move around the City, as well as a ruins of an old town, a shard of the Traveler, and Cabal base. You will also travel to Saturn’s moon Titan, specifically in a rig and arcology, now abandoned by humans and infested by the Hive and Fallen. Nessus, which is being terraformed by a robotic race called the Vex, is a planet you will also get to visit, along with Io, one of Jupiter’s moons.

The planets are where you will activate story missions - there are at least two or three for each planet. The main meat of the game however, lies on the side and event missions. Exploring the planets will place you alongside other players, as well as enemies who will dish out experience and gear. Event missions are occurrences that occasionally happen in the environment, like an alien force attempting to drill into the planet or construct something. You can team up with other players to stop these aliens, which is a truly fun experience.

There are numerous weapon choices in Destiny 2, ranging from auto rifles, SMGs that spout fire, rocket and grenade launchers, as well as swords. You’re allowed to equip one primary weapon, one secondary, and one “power” weapon (rocket, swords, grenade launchers). Your ghost and armor can also be changed, giving you better defense and more abilities. Note that your Power level is determined by your gear, and it determines whether you’re strong enough to enter story, side, and event missions. This can be raised by acquiring stronger weapons and gear.


Destiny 2’s community is dynamic and outspoken. Moreover, it further increased in number due to the influx of PlayStation Plus players. With that said, the game provides numerous multiplayer modes, ranging from PvE and a straightforward conquest-type PvP. If you would like to discuss the game online, there are numerous communities, especially on Reddit.


Destiny 2 is one of the best-looking games this year. Explosions and shootouts are as immersive as the environments, and the worlds Bungie crafted are a joy to explore and move around in. Despite being played on a regular PlayStation 4, there are barely any framerate drops or graphics-related problems. To add to the presentation elements, the music and voice acting are on par - and even better - than most triple A games. Well hey, if you have characters voiced by Iain Glen (Sir Jorah, Game of Thrones) and Nathan Fillion, you’re bound to have memorable characters your players would love.


Overall, Destiny 2 is a steal for every PlayStation Plus user. Though a huge chunk of the game is locked behind DLC, dozen-hour long story mode and the base multiplayer elements are strong. With that said, it’s definitely a game you have play - there’s just so many things to do, and it’s great fun if played with friends.

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New Game Added: Destiny 2

by Mikhail Sep 15, 2018
Destiny 2 is a the sequel to the acclaimed Destiny. It follows the events of its predecessor, and here, you will once again don a guardian’s armor and fight off hordes of extraterrestrial enemies. Interact with a celebrated cast of characters, and explore the different moons and planets across the Solar System to protect humankind. Fighting a Vex boss in Destiny 2 Using a rally barrier in Destiny 2 Fighting a Red Legion ship in Destiny 2 Read More
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