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Darkstar Risen 5.3 rate Centuries ago the Demon King was imprisoned, and now there are demons rising up once more to threaten your land. You are the descendant of one of the 3 warriors who imprisoned him, and now you must fulfill your destiny. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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If you like Diablo and browser-based MMORPGs like League of Angels, then Darkstar Risen is a suitable game for you! It is a demon-themed MMORPG, browser-based of course, that emphasizes on solo-play instead of team play. The game provides 3 classic classes with the other 2 requiring real money to unlock. This game also features everything that a basic browser-based MMORPG has, which includes battle ratings, auto-routing, AFK mode (a.k.a. auto-combat), gear enhancement, skill upgrades as well as dungeons and arena. Darkstar Risen is even rendered in beautiful 3D graphics! The darkness is rising in the world, are you ready to confront it?


There was once a time when a powerful demon king summoned hordes of minions and unleashed havoc on the land. 3 brave warriors, who were sent by the Archangel, stood up against him and, with joint effort, brought the demon king to his knees. They casted the demon king into a magical prison deep under the earth and sealed him there. That was thousands of years ago… Now, the demons have gathered to form a formidable power and are ready to make a move to free the demon king from his eternal prison. If they succeed in breaking the seal, the demon king will rise again and the world will never know peace. Death will devour the world again!

You play a hero in this game, which has shown extreme prowess in defeating demon lords that are much more powerful than you or any other mere humans… alone! Are you the one the world has been waiting for? The chosen one who is destined to save the world from the demons? Play the game to find out more!


The game starts off by asking you to choose between 3 archetype, gender-locked classes, namely mage, knight and archer (most people choose mage though), with the other 2, much more unique classes – dark knight and magister, requiring real money. Each class has their respective skills, making the game much more interesting. There is no character customization. Furthermore, once you created a character, there is no going back. So, be sure to know which class you want to play before you press that start button.

Questing in Darkstar Risen is made easy via auto-routing (or as the game calls it, auto-piloting). Considering that there is also no mini-map provided and that are is no mention of where the next quest giver in line is at, it’s just best to use the auto-routing feature. For those who like some extra quests on the side, well, bad news - there are no side quests in this game. However, if you enjoy leveling really quickly, then this game is worth a shot.

Furthermore, Darkstar Risen even provides auto-combat, in the form of AFK mode. By toggling it, you will no longer have to manually attack mobs for quests. However, for people who think they can use this feature to automatically grind mobs and collect any loot all day long, well, they should think again, especially when you hit the higher levels. Although the mode also automatically makes your character drink a potion when sufficiently injured, AFK mode will somehow make your character suicidal. He will tend to take on more mobs than he can handle, resulting in an embarrassing death. Not to mention, these monsters respawn really quickly once killed. Thus, sometimes, it’s only wise to toggle AFK mode to finish a quest and turn it off right after… or you could always choose to manually fight the mobs as well!

In this game, battle rating plays an important role in determining whether you’ll emerge from a fight victorious… or not. Battle rating is the score that indicates the total strength of your character and, thus, it is vital to keep increasing it whenever you can. You can increase it by equipping better gear or upgrading your current gear using enchantment stones or by socketing gems. You can also break any equipment that you won’t be using into crystals which can be converted later into a brand new item! Don’t forget to level up your character skills using copper (in-game currency) too!

The game even has an astro map that functions to provide you with additional passive stats, provided that you remember to activate it whenever your character level up. If you managed to obtain a title, you can equip it to earn some more extra passive stats as well! As you progress, you will unlock an option to bend the will of powerful adversaries into obedient followers. Followers can be equipped, have skills that can be upgraded and will contribute to your overall battle rating.

With a high battle rating, you are ready to take on the dungeons as well as world PvP mode! The Kingsroad is a popular PvE option whereby you are pitted against a challenging boss. Although most bosses can be easily resolved by turning on the AFK mode, some may require a bit more strategy in it. Certain PvE encounters, such as Chess Hall (which is the toned down version of a popular WoW encounter in the dungeon Karazhan), Atlantis or the Forgotten Tower, which are much tougher, and will require you to team up with up to 5 other players in order to triumph! World PvP can be extremely fun (Ganking, for the win!) particularly when you are attacking a character, which is on AFK mode along with its player. You can easily turn on world PvP by turning on your PK button on the top left corner under the portrait of your character.

Moreover, the game offers a plethora of other features, like events, in which every participant stand a chance at winning something, and alchemy, whereby you can easily earn some money. There are also amazing mounts that you can get by synthesizing mount shards, which in turn can be obtained by racing in the stables.


Darkstar Risen boasts of having up to 100 thousand monthly users. Since it is still a pretty new game and had just been officially launched last month, the game is surprisingly well-received. The community, namely level 30 and above players, in this game mainly congregates into guilds. There are 2 sorts of guilds though – one will require an officer to approve your guild request and the other will automatically accepts you into the guild. There is also an in-game chatting system that players can use to ask for help.


The graphics in this game is pretty stunning and looks well-polished enough. The character models are very detailed in Darkstar Risen. The bright colors from the angels who are patrolling the paths or from the occasional fireball that descended from the heavens contrasted perfectly with the dark background as well.

The game does not provide any background music. In addition, the sound effects in the game are not exactly scary as opposed to its theme of demons and hell. However, the hellish environment, with its fiery pits of lava and demons trying to scale up the walls, along with the sound effects provide an overall Diablo-esque atmosphere.


Darkstar Risen is a generic demon-themed browser-based MMORPG that focuses more on solo-play and has a pretty engaging storyline. It mimics browser-based MMORPG games, like League of Angels or Nova Genesis, in many ways, for example, auto-routing for quests, AFK mode, gear enhancement, alchemy and dungeons. Though, it does have its own unique features as well! In this game, you are allowed to choose either auto-combat or manual combat. Manual combat does make the game more fun. However, the only major downside of this game is the automated aspects of the game. You will feel as though they want you to mindlessly level your character. In spite of that though, the game tries to compensate by offering visuals that are pretty good for a browser-based game and can evoke the feeling of being in hell. Although it may not be the best game out there, it is good enough to be worth some of your time to try it out!

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by Aethyna Jan 18, 2015
Centuries ago the Demon King was imprisoned, and now there are demons rising up once more to threaten your land. You are the descendant of one of the 3 warriors who imprisoned him, and now you must fulfill your destiny. Darkstar Risen Knight Shrine in Darkstar Risen Darkstar Risen Good vs Evil Read More
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