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Blazing Silks 9 rate Treat your champion horses well and train them to create a new breed of legendary racers in this exciting horse racing game, Blazing Silks! Don't forget that getting better gear will help your jockey get in shape too! If horse racing is in your blood, you should definitely try this game! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Being the best-in-class interactive horse racing game, Blazing Silks provides amazing 3D graphics, peer-to-peer racing, challenges, role-playing, stakes racing, and more! To start playing, you’ll just need to pick a jockey and a champion horse, and you’re ready to go! If you didn’t get first place for the first few races, don’t be too upset! With whatever winnings you get, you can then use to “upgrade” your performance by purchasing better jockey gear. Your horse can be trained too by spending energy points on various challenges to get it from an amateur to a legend! Are you ready to race? If you are, well then, play Blazing Silks now!


Are you ready to race against your friends and the greatest Breeders’ Cup horses in history for your own shot at racing immortality as well as exciting gifts and prizes? If you are ready for the challenge, then let’s start creating your jockey! There is quite a variety of jockeys that you can choose but there aren’t any customizations available at the moment. However, soon you’ll be able to change the look of your jockey buy spending premium currency at the market. Once you’re done with your jockey, you get to design your stable’s own silks! Choose a silk pattern that you like, and then choose its colors.

How are you going to race without your own horse? It’s time to choose a Breeders’ Cup Champion horse to call your own! There are quite a range of them, such as Unbridled and Cigar. Each of them has their own skills and preference, as well as a list of stats like their record, earnings, age, size and the color of their coat. Choose your first horse wisely, as it’ll be sticking with you for quite some time before you can expand and buy more horses!

Wait a minute... you thought you’ll be getting a fully grown champion horse? Well now, what’s the fun in that? In Blazing Silks, your horse will have the blood of a champion, but it comes to you as an untrained 2-year-old. With time and patience, your horse will grow into a champion racehorse in its own right! For now, what you’ll need to do is to show your new “buddy” that you know how to take care of it!

Feeding your horse at least 2 times per day sustains and improves your horse’s health. If you don’t feed it for two days, its health will deteriorate rather drastically and you won’t want that of course! Some special food will even increase your horse’s energy as seen in the energy bar at the upper part of the game interface. Besides its staple, you may want to provide supplements to further boost your horse’s health, energy and condition or special treats as a way to give your virtual horse a thumbs-up!

Now that your horse is well-fed, it’s time to let it do challenges so as to train it up for the upcoming race! The challenges are mostly multiple-time training challenges, which are exercises that help you build the fundamental racing abilities of your horse though there are some racing challenges for you to see how far your horse has improved! Challenges are really simple to perform. What you’ll need is sufficient energy points and, sometimes, the right gear equipped, to start your horse on a challenge. Then, you’ll just need to wait for the duration to finish and voila! Your horse’s trained ability has increased!

A number of challenges contain multiple levels (4 to be exact), namely amateur, apprentice, professional and legend. By reaching the legend level, your horse will be rewarded with a permanent boost to stats. There are also challenges that can only be unlocked as you gain enough experience to level up as well!

Training and good food may keep your horses in tip-top shape, but sometimes it is the little things (meaning gear) that will tip a race in your favor instead! Thus, give your horse the best advantage by purchasing better gear from the market. There are sets of gear that are sold for in-game cash (these are the ones you’ll want) and there are also gear sets that are sold for premium currency (if you can spare the real cash, sure why not?). For instance, the pro racing saddle will increase consistency while the pro racing boots can increase your horse’s starting ability. With the right gear in place, both your horse and your jockey will be in their top form...

... And this leads to the main aspect of Blazing Silks – the horse racing! To begin, you should race the local horses at hometown turf club and see what your horse can do! Races, like challenges, use up energy points, but you can easily gain back all of your 20 energy points by just waiting. Once you have a race ready, you’ll be brought to the race setup menu. Here, you can invest any available XP into your horse’s performance, namely speed, stamina, acceleration, consistency, starting ability and finishing ability. You can also choose a tactic out of the 3 types of tactics – front runner, stalker or closer.

Your horse is ready to race! Now it’s time for you to choose how you would like to view the race itself! Blazing Silks provides 3 options – you can watch the race in 3D and in real time, watch it in highlight mode in real time or just to give you the results straightaway since the suspense is too unbearable! If you won any of the top 3 positions, your horse will win trophies which will be stored in your trophy room for you to gloat over in your free time!

You can later race with your friends or you could even up-the-ante with your friends and compete in “Stakes Races” where winner takes all! However, your friends may not always be online, so the game is designed in such a way that you can, instead, race with cohorts (other players) in real time or you could play against computer horse racers in the graded race meet too! By inviting friends to play Blazing Silks, you’ll earn certain benefits, for example, you’ll also be given additional Breeders’ Cup Classic Champion cards, which result in you being able to acquire new horses later in the game!

Ready to drop the little stuff and head on to the big leagues? Awesome! In Blazing Silks, you’ll have to make your way from races with friends or with local horses to the Gold Cup Challenges, the “Win and You’re In” Challenges, various multiplayer contests and right up to the actual Breeders’ Cup! The game also provides a leaderboard for you to see where you and your horses rank as compared to the other players! The game contains plenty more features, such as horse breeding (at level 9), so do feel free to explore the game to its fullest yourself!


Blazing Silks has a rather small community due to being a niche game. However, because of this, the players in the game are all rather tight-knitted and you can actually meet some true horse enthusiasts! Who knows? You may decide to add a couple of new friends after meeting them at the game’s fan page!

Graphics/ Sound

The music in Blazing Silks is very “1980s”, but the music sounds very catchy though, much like a tune that can be danced to! The graphics in this game may not be top-notch. But if you take in account of it being a browser game, you’ll quickly realize that its graphics can already be considered as above average. The horses in this game are all very well-designed and animated too!


In brief, Blazing Silks is an amazing horse racing game, whereby you are not playing as the jockey but as the manager of the stable. Despite this though, the game doesn’t fill the game with stats and tables. Instead, as a player, you are treated to amazing animations of horse races being played out virtually in real time! It is truly fantastic! That being said, the game has a very decent gameplay where you’ll feed and train your horses during the “downtimes” of not racing. You can even race with friends or with other players in the game via multiplayer mode and work your way through the throngs of tourneys to get the coveted Breeders’ Cup! Do you think you can do it? Play Blazing Silks to find out!

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New Game Added: Blazing Silks

by Aethyna Jun 9, 2015
Treat your champion horses well and train them to create a new breed of legendary racers in this exciting horse racing game, Blazing Silks! Don't forget that getting better gear will help your jockey get in shape too! If horse racing is in your blood, you should definitely try this game! Blazing Silks: A good start Leading the pack in Blazing Silks Blazing Silks: Highlight mode Read More
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