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by Richard
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Bingo Drive 6.1 rate Bingo Drive mixes the classic Bingo game with exploration and car customization. You can make your ride looked cool by customizing it while getting nice bonus perks on the side. Challenge real players to a game in real time and be the first the get a Bingo. Travel in different areas across the globe and collect trophies. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Bingo Drive provide a cool twist to your typical Bingo games. As you explore the famous landmarks around the round with your trusty car, you get to compete with other bingo players on who will be able to make a Bingo first. You can also perform special power ups to get a chance on landing a Bingo on your cards.


Bingo Drive still plays like your ordinary Bingo game; you will be given a Bingo card with random numbers, and in every game a series of numbers will be drawn per couple of seconds. Your goal is to mark out any of the numbers from your card if the drawn number matches to it. In order to gain a Bingo, you must line up the matching numbers either vertical, horizontal or diagonal, once you meet those conditions you can now call for Bingo.

However, be careful in calling out a Bingo, if you accidentally called one out and you have not met the requirements, you will lose the round. All Bingo matches happens in real time along with other real players, so you can compete against any of the participating players at the same time you are playing, and once a match is over, there will be a waiting time for other players to join.

Completing a game whether you made a Bingo or not will still provide results and it can give you rewards like additional gold, Bingo credits and power ups. You can earn more if you managed to mark out the numbers with any bonus tiles on it, which can give you additional coins or other special bonuses.

The use of power ups has an interesting twist, in other to make a power up available, you must be able to mark out any numbers on your Bingo card, from around 3 to 4 numbers, your power up will become available and can be activated at any time. These power ups may have varied effects such as double exp points or money, adding marked up numbers on random tiles or sometimes letting you mark a tile regardless of the placement. However these power ups appear in random situations, meaning you can’t activate a certain power up that will give you a large advantage against other players.

The style of playing has a unique approach, you get to go around the world with your car and participate in Bingo games against other real players. When you managed to reach a certain level, you can unlock new areas to explore, and in every areas, you can get to acquire collectible items if you managed to make a Bingo on a certain card with a collectible hidden in it. Though more of a novelty, the collectibles does not unlock any special perks but it is nice to have some sort of collections when you managed to complete it.

Aside from the usual Bingo matches, you can play other mini games found in Bingo Drive, these are meant as short games while you wait for the actual match to start. These however can earn you additional coins and Bingo credits if you got lucky, some of these games include slot machines where you must match 3 icons identically in ether horizontal, vertical or diagonal, depending on the conditions that you set. You can even bid for higher rewards but watch out as you can lose more money if you lose in a bet.

There are also some customizations in the game, which is mainly focused on your car. When you reach level 5, you can finally customize your car to your liking. And it can provide certain bonuses and perks to your Bingo games that can be an advantage for you, so be sure to try out the customization once you have the chance.


There are a ton of people playing the game, and more are also interacting on the Facebook page, so you have no worries on playing in an empty match. And since all of the games are available in real time, you can get to interact with each other, either via built-in chat system or from the leaderboards on which player is leading in a match. You can also invite other friends or players to your friend list where you can send and receive gifts to have benefits in your playthrough.

Graphics/ Sound

There is nothing fancy with Bingo Drive in terms of visuals, all are in cartoonish art direction and no hardcore graphical special effects that would give pressure on your computer. As for sounds and music, the game has two tracks with one for the menu and lobby that has a familiar tone found in certain family game shows and the other is during the match. There is also a voice dialogue where you can choose either a male or female voice over to have a certain variety which is a nice addition.


Bingo Drive is pretty much an interesting game where you can get to enjoy a classic Bingo game along with other players in real time, but with added spice to the experience such as car customizations and collectibles. There is also some mini games to keep players entertained while waiting for the next match. So you may want to give this game a try if are into classic board games.

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New Game Added: Bingo Drive

by Richard Oct 12, 2016
Bingo Drive mixes the classic Bingo game with exploration and car customization. You can make your ride looked cool by customizing it while getting nice bonus perks on the side. Challenge real players to a game in real time and be the first the get a Bingo. Travel in different areas across the globe and collect trophies. Bingo Drive: Gameplay Travel the world in Bingo Drive Bingo Drive: Bingo! Read More

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Why is there no customer support?

How many times does someone have to email “customer support” to get an answer. This game is a joke!
They state they will contact you within 3 days, but never do! People are continually getting ki...Full Review
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Credits not issued

1st credit purchase bonus of receiving 100% extra did not workFull Review
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