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Beyond: Two Souls 10 rate Beyond: Two Souls straps you into the boots of Jodie as you follow her life and make choices for her. She tries to deal with the various circumstances of her life, highlighted by her connection with a mysterious entity, Aiden, who gives her mysterious powers. Go through a story of heartbreak, sadness, and hope. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Beyond: Two Souls is quite an experience. Originally available on the PlayStation 3, a remastered and high-definition version was released on the PlayStation 4 last November 2016. Today, it is one of May 2018’s PlayStation Plus offerings, alongside Rayman Legends. It was developed by Quantic Dream, a French developer who is also releasing Detroit: Become Human this month.

Beyond: Two Souls puts you in the shoes of Jodie Holmes, a young girl with a connection to a mysterious entity she names Aiden. The game has rather interesting story and cast of characters, written and created by by David Cage himself. It gives you an adventure like no other, from a young girl’s formative years up to missions involving the CIA. Featuring Hollywood actors Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe, it is one of the most superior games in terms of production value in recent years.


Without diving deep into spoilers, Beyond: Two Souls lets you play as Jodie Holmes and a mysterious entity connected to her named Aiden. The game exposes you to her story, ranging from her childhood and teenage years, wherein she tries to live a normal life. It also brings you to her teenage years as she somehow enters the CIA, with her connection to Aiden taken advantage of to perform espionage. The game lets you interact with other characters, letting you decide how to respond. The choices you make will determine the end result of each arc and how other characters will end up responding.

In the PlayStation 4 version, there are two ways to go through the story. The original way of storytelling is rather jumbled, with you jumping from Jodie’s childhood to her days in the CIA and then back to her time as a toddler. The other way is chronologically. Note that Quantic Dream recommends the former, as it is how the “story should be told”. However, this method exposes a major flaw: decisions on each story arc matter less on the game’s overall end result. The decisions you make are rather exclusive to how each arc ends.


The gameplay aspects of Beyond: Two Souls vary. Most involve having Jodie move around the world, interacting with characters and the environment. Action sequences involve running from place to place, taking down enemies stealthily, and jumping from various platforms. Quick-time events usually take up the bulk of the action, wherein you have to press button sequences in the right order. There are instances wherein you have to move the analog stick to the right direction, especially during fights wherein Jodie needs to block and execute attacks.

Another aspect also involves playing as Aiden. By doing so, you can play as him destroying the environment, unlocking doors, and even controlling people’s actions. Note that you can switch between Jodie and Aiden with the triangle button. In less tense situations, you can scare people by moving things out of place, breaking glass windows and knocking down water bottles oil barrels. In serious scenarios though, you can choose to burn down houses and actually harm people.

The most interesting parts of Beyond: Two Souls are the character interactions. You need to be careful about how to respond, given that they determine how the other characters will treat Jodie. You can choose to take the high route and be a decent person or simply become combative and be a little arrogant. There are also weird instances wherein you have to use both Aiden and Jodie to help a lady in labor give birth, which is one of the most interesting - and disturbing - gameplay experiences there is.


Beyond: Two Souls is solely a singleplayer experience. The multiplayer element is limited to viewing the percentage of players who took certain routes and which decisions they made. You can discuss the game in the PS4 community, as well as in its dedicated subreddit.


When playing the PlayStation 4 version, you wouldn’t think that Beyond: Two Souls was originally a PlayStation 3 game. The textures are HD and it feels as if it was made in this generation rather than the last. However, the most impressive part is the acting and production value. Considering that the game features two acclaimed Hollywood actors, each with their own fair share of major awards nominations. Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe reached expectations with both their performances, and the other actors performed well. The creepiness of certain parts of the game paired with the superb voice acting delivers an authentic experience.


Overall, we can’t figure out why Beyond: Two Souls received a bit of a backlash and unfair comparisons to some of Quantic Dream’s old games. Although the storytelling is a little jumbled and your decisions matter less outside the story arcs they originated from, the game is arguably one of the best thriller experiences on the PlayStation 4 and is one of the better PlayStation Plus offerings this year. Give it a shot and go through Jodie’s story. You’re missing out if you won’t!

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New Game Added: Beyond: Two Souls

by Mikhail May 26, 2018
Beyond: Two Souls straps you into the boots of Jodie as you follow her life and make choices for her. She tries to deal with the various circumstances of her life, highlighted by her connection with a mysterious entity, Aiden, who gives her mysterious powers. Go through a story of heartbreak, sadness, and hope. Ellen Page in Beyond: Two Souls Willem Dafoe in Beyond: Two Souls Jodie defeating enemies in Beyond: Two Souls Read More
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