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Battle Islands: Commanders 9 rate Battle Islands: Commanders is a new strategy game for the Battle Islands franchise. Now shifting to the casual scene, it features an easy to learn mechanics that lets you strategize your attacks by picking the best cards at the right situation. You can earn or unlock new cards by getting more crates when you win matches. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Battle Islands: Commanders is a casual strategy game based on the Battle Islands franchise of DR Studios. Taking in a more casual take on strategy games, Commanders lets you focus on using your cards on making moves in order to destroy the enemy base. You can collect hundreds of cards that will let you build your own deck or upgrade your cards to become more devastating.


The first thing that you will notice on the gameplay style of Battle Islands: Commanders is that it is very identical to another popular online game; Clash Royale. But with Battle Islands focusing more on being a PC game version of it, this would help attract players who are not familiar with Clash Royale where it can build a community at Battle Islands instead.

The gameplay feels and plays like Clash Royale; you control your own base in a form of a battleship and you wage your battles in a small island against another opponent. Your goal is to destroy the enemy battleship within the time limit, you summon units or special attacks by using the cards that are available in your hand, you also need to have Command Points in order to deploy them, Command Points replenishes over time. Each sides will have their respective bases that composed of two watchtowers and a battleship as their headquarters and in order to reach the battleship, you must destroy any of the watchtowers that are guarding it.

There are two lanes where your units can go to when invading the opposing base, and the proper placement of your units can become the best option in winning quickly. You can only place units at your territory and depending where you placed them, they will charge forward to nearest bridge that they were deployed. But once you destroy a watchtower, that area will be clear for any new unit deployments, making it faster to place units nearer to the enemy battleship and more advantage to you for a quick win.

Do take note that all watchtowers and battleships can deal a massive amount of damage, so be sure to deploy a combination of units to increase their survival rate. All matches have a 3 minute limit and once that ends and no battleships were destroyed, a sudden death will occur and all Command Points will replenish at double the rate. The match ends when one battleship was destroyed.

As for the units and special attacks, each of them has a different casting cost and may provide some benefits when combined with other units in play. A ground infantry unit may have multiple units in one deployment, but they are very fragile and can be eliminated with a single area of effect attack, but they are good in taking out tanks that can only attack one unit.

Sending units as a group will be more effective than deploying a single powerful unit that could be eliminated faster by a well-placed defense line. This is a good thing for Battle Islands as each unit has their own share of strengths and weaknesses that when played well can lead you to victory, the higher the casting cost, the powerful the unit will be. Special attacks are similar to magic spells, these can provide backup attacks for your troops or a direct damage on the enemy battleship, and these can be casted at any time.

Acquiring the cards can be done by opening crates, you can earn them by winning matches or completing quests, or just buy these crates at the item mall with real money. Opening them may require a cooldown time, in some cases it will take around 15 seconds while some may take hours depending on the rarity of the crate.

Once the cooldown is over, you can open the crate to reveal random set of cards, and depending on the crates, you may get a couple of rare ones or the powerful epic cards. Upgrading the cards will require a certain number of duplicates to power up your card, so opening crates is a must if you want to upgrade your units to the highest level.

There is only one game mode available for the game, and it is basically more on ranked battles. When you start a match, you will be matched with a player that is within the same level and skill, if you managed to beat your opponent, your rank increases, otherwise your rank will either retain or go down.

There are some special rewards to those who managed to get higher ranks in a weekly or monthly basis which can be encouraging for those who are competitive, but with the lack of other game modes, some may not like it.


Since the game is still on its early access phase, there are still few player who are active. Matches with other players is relatively easy and all it takes is clicking one button for the matchmaking. However the multiplayer aspect is only focus on one versus one, so there are no other multiplayer options that features multiple players.

Graphics/ Sound

The game has detailed visuals, which is a surprise for a simple strategy game. The art direction is interesting as it focuses on cartoony looks rather than a realistic feel for a WWII game. The sound effects are great, it feature voice clips for each unit with different accents to provide personalities to the characters. The music is limited to 2-3 tracks that provides an epic tune found in WWII games and movies.


Though it may be still on its early access stage, but Battle Islands: Commanders can be an interesting game for those who wants to play a Clash Royale-like game on PC. It’s simple yet fun to play if you are in competitive games. But if you prefer to play more in the game or try out other features, the game lacks any other game modes which could be a turn off for you. Hopefully more content will be released once the game goes for a full launch.

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New Game Added: Battle Islands: Commanders

by Richard Dec 30, 2016
Battle Islands: Commanders is a new strategy game for the Battle Islands franchise. Now shifting to the casual scene, it features an easy to learn mechanics that lets you strategize your attacks by picking the best cards at the right situation. You can earn or unlock new cards by getting more crates when you win matches. Battle Islands: Commanders: Combat A howitzer in Battle Islands: Commanders Battle Islands: Commanders: Opening a crate Read More
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