Nov 14, 2018 by Aethyna

MMORPG Red Stone Online Releases Major Update

...which includes part 2 of the main quest, a new class (Alchemist), balance rework on 3 characters, a Magic Injunction system and more. MMORPG Red Stone Online Releases Major Update

L&K Co., Ltd (CEO Nam, Taeg Won, L&K) announced that Red Stone Online Global (Red Stone), which the company developed and serviced since 2003, launched a major update on November 12th. The update includes Main Quest 2, new character alchemist, major balance rework on 3 characters, new Magic Injunction system and much more.

Around 200 scenario quests were added for the players to enjoy, delving deeper into the story of Red Stone. After completing the main storyline, players can claim ample rewards such as extra Stat or Skill Points, Nephon Creature Cocoon, or Blank Design Book used in Magic Injunction by completing weekly repeatable quests.

A new character class, the Alchemist, is also now available to play. Alchemist class is a transformation from Musketeer class and focuses on eliminating his enemies with his alchemical creations such as Homunculus or alchemical fire. He can also provide extremely useful buffs and heals allies with his special potions.

Also, 3 of the existing characters received a renewal. Tamer class receives 4 new elite pets, pet summon cooldown reduction, and “Treatment” skill heals pets at a percentage. As for Werewolf class, 3 reaction skill are changed into passive skills, and skill values are improved to maintain the original concept of the character while bringing in fresh gameplay. Musketeer skills now provide much more utility such as crowd control. The class also receives an animation change to increase casting speed.

Magic Injunction is a completely new system that provides a special set effect to equipment with newly added “Magic Ink” and “Design Book” items. There are many different set options available, and players can gain extra effect if they complete a full 5 piece set.

Furthermore, Many new contents and patches are included, such as Rapid Growth Support system, where users can purchase useful equipment with Adventurer Coins obtained from completing quests, and new Ulti-Unique items for End-game users. Original Unique item recipes are changed accordingly, while DX Unique item drop rate is increased and Rebirth system also gets reworked for easier character level up.

Red Stone Online can be played by all users registered on L&K’s official homepage ( The game is also available on Steam.

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