Oct 25, 2017 by Aethyna Khan Wars Review

Khan Wars' Halloween Event 2017

Solve the quests from the Halloween Pumpkin Head and get special rewards! Khan Wars' Halloween Event 2017

Here are what you can expect from Khan Wars' special Halloween Event:

A New Event-Quest Line
Get ready for the new Halloween event in Khan Wars and solve exciting missions. Aside from the already known are the very popular missions and events in the game, where for example you have to defeat Bandit camps, the game has added in special sequences of quests for you to complete, at the end of which a special reward is given out. These prizes include a set of units, extra resources (gold, iron, wood and food), special items for your knight, and the chance to get 25% more gold for every gold you buy.

Naturally, to get the rewards, you have to solve all tasks within the given event time. The creepy pumpkin head will present 10 questions and if you get them all correct, you'll get a prize, but if not, you can retry the questions after a 30-min wait time. Are you able to answer all 10 questions correctly and collect all the winnings by 31.10? Do not miss the unique opportunity and register now for Khan Wars!

What is Khan Wars?
Developed by XS Software, which has also published other browser games like Lady Popular or Rage War, Khan Wars is one of the forerunners of the medieval Age Browsergames and was created by XS software and has been further improved over the years. In Khan Wars, you can choose from 13 different races and more than 40 types of armies and fight against other opponents from all over the world with the unique combat system.

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