Sep 21, 2018 by Aethyna Ticket to Ride Review

Asmodee Digital's Ticket to Ride is Available for Pre-Order on PS4

Thanks to PlayLink, you'll be able to play your favorite board game on your PS4 soon! Asmodee Digital's Ticket to Ride is Available for Pre-Order on PS4

Asmodee Digital, the leader in digital board game adaptations, announces today Ticket to Ride, the critically-acclaimed railway-themed board game from Days of Wonder, is now available for pre-order on PlayLink for PS4™. The release is scheduled for November, 14th 2018.

Ticket to Ride can be pre-ordered now in UK and in more than 40 countries including Australia, Czech Rep., India, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, UAE, New Zealand, Denmark, Ireland, Norway, Slovakia, UK, Austria, Finland, Israel, Oman, Slovenia, Ukraine, Bahrain, France, Italy, Poland, South Africa, Belgium, Germany, Kuwait, Portugal, Spain, Bulgaria, Greece, Lebanon, Qatar, Sweden, Croatia, Hungary, Luxembourg, Romania, Switzerland, Cyprus, Iceland, Malta, Russia, Turkey.

Ticket to Ride is available for pre-order at a price of € 19.99, or € 15.99 for PS Plus subscribers (a discount of 20%).

What is Ticket to Ride?
Playable from one to five players, Ticket to Ride combines the strategy of the board game with the simple and elegant gameplay of digital adaptation. In this faithful version of one of the most famous board games of recent years and rewarded by The Golden Ace and Spiel des Jahres, players will be able to relive the golden age of the first railway lines. Place train cars on the digital map to create your own railroad network. Watch your opponent closely or else they will try to derail your strategy. Connect the most famous cities of the United States and other countries and continents, to win the game!

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