New Game Added: Dino Zoo

by Aethyna Jun 24, 2015
Buy and hatch dinosaur eggs to obtain your own baby dinosaurs. Place them comfortably in their respective elemental-themed habitats and feed them regularly to ensure their growth! You can get the food they need from farms that will be managed by your tribal people. You can even crossbreed dinosaurs and pit your team of dinosaurs into PvP matches with dinosaurs from another player! Crossbreeding in Dino Zoo Dino Zoo: Hatchery Team PvP in Dino Zoo Read More

New Game Added: Global Agents

by Aethyna Aug 23, 2015
Unexplained explosions occurred all around the globe has shaken up the world’s community and when these attacks are linked to a known terrorist group... well, it’s time to take the fight back to them! Assume the role of a counter-terrorism agent and track down one of the biggest terrorism organization in the world! Garden shed in Global Agents Global Agents: Museum Airport in Global Agents Read More

New Article Added: Why You Should Play Pirates: Tides of Fortune

by Aethyna Jan 4, 2016
Do you have what it takes to become one of the most fearsome yet grudgingly respected pirates in all of the seven seas? Why You Should Play Pirates: Tides of Fortune preview image Read More

Albion Online Teaser Trailer

by Aethyna Jan 3, 2016
Inspired from the timeless MMORPG, Ultima Online, Albion Online is one of the most anticipated sandbox MMO game. Albion Online Teaser Trailer Read More

New Game Added: Mahjong Epic 2

by Aethyna Aug 14, 2015
Return to the mahjong basics and enjoy plain and simplistic mahjong in this epic mahjong game, Mahjong Epic 2! The game offers up to 350 different and challenging mahjong layouts that you can attempt to solve. Choose from 24 very colorful backgrounds to accompany you on your epic mahjong journey! Temple layout in Mahjong Epic 2 Standard layout Mahjong Epic 2: Bridge layout in Mahjong Epic 2 Read More

Fight Against the Devil Himself in Abyss: Dark Arisen

by Aethyna Jan 1, 2016
Play as a warrior, a priest or a mage in this upcoming, web-based MMORPG, Abyss: Dark Arisen! Fight Against the Devil Himself in Abyss: Dark Arisen Read More

New Game Added: Best Fiends

by Aethyna Dec 30, 2015
A comet struck Mount Boom on the bug-dominated world of Minutia and has unleashed waves after waves of voracious slugs. The slugs have kidnapped some of Temper the green bug’s friends. It is up to you and as many bugs as you can rally to your cause to go and save them in this incredible combat match-3 game, Best Fiends! Attacking slugs in Best Fiends Best Fiends: Making a long chain Tree stumps in Best Fiends Read More

Support Adventure Quest 3D on Kickstarter

by Aethyna Dec 30, 2015
Love Adventure Quest Worlds? Well, you'll definitely love it even more if it's in 3D! Support Adventure Quest 3D on Kickstarter Read More

New Article Added: Most Anticipated F2P MMOs in 2016: Part 1

by Aethyna Dec 29, 2015
As the year draws closer to its end, a new dawn approaches! Here is some of the most anticipated free-to-play MMOs that have gotten us all riled up. Most Anticipated F2P MMOs in 2016: Part 1 preview image Read More

Kwismas Island Returns to Dofus

by Aethyna Dec 28, 2015
Kwismas Island has emerged from the inpenetrable North Pole fogbank and is now visible from the shores of Amakna. Learn more about what this incredible island brings to Dofus! Kwismas Island Emerged in Dofus Read More
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