Icy Run

by Aethyna Oct 3, 2015
Suitable for the young, the old and the “somewhere in between”, Icy Run offers hours of casual fun for the entire family. Find out more! Icy Run Read More

Support Mesozoica on Kickstarter

by Aethyna Oct 2, 2015
A prehistoric park tycoon simulator that offers unprecedented control to build your very own “Jurassic Park” and 3 unique perspectives to play as, Mesozoica may just become one of the best tycoon games ever… if only you could lend them a hand. Find out how!
Mesozoica Read More

New Game Added: One Piece 2: Pirate King

by Aethyna Oct 1, 2015
Choose 1 of the 4 character classes available and set sail to explore the various towns in the One Piece universe while recruiting new yet familiar characters along the way. Grow the battle power of your team of pirates so they may become the strongest pirates there is! So, don't wait - play this game today! Sailor class Dark Mage's Dark storm skill Battling sea creatures Read More

New Game Added: Island Experiment

by Aethyna Sep 30, 2015
A treasure hunt has led a small group of young explorers to a remote and mysterious island. Set up the necessary buildings to produce vital resources and tools to help them explore the island more efficiently. If you’ve enjoyed games like Coral Isle, you’ll surely enjoy Island Experiment. Play this game now! Farms Natives Warehouse Read More

Magic: The Gathering and HEX TCG Made Peace

by Aethyna Sep 29, 2015
If you hadn’t known before, HEX: The Shards of Fate has a bit of a falling out with the hugely popular card-based table-top board game, Magic: The Gathering. Do read on as I unravel the drama and how everything has turned out so far. HEX TCG Read More

New Game Added: Drift Trike

by Aethyna Sep 28, 2015
Try your hand at trike racing and race downhill at breakneck speed in this amazingly exhilarating game, Drift Trike! Navigate through various race courses while drifting to fill the speed boost meter and perform cool tricks. Don’t forget to collect stars and M bonuses to earn more points along the way! Play now! Into the mountains in Drift Trike Drift Trike: First place Drifting in Drift Trike Read More

Astonishing Oriental-Themed Sceneries in Celestial Dynasty

by Aethyna Sep 27, 2015
Have your breath taken away by the beautiful oriental-themed scenery in Celestial Dynasty! Incredibly drawn oriental-themed house Read More

New Article Added: What Do Mahjong Tiles Mean: Part 2

by Aethyna Jul 27, 2015
Have you ever stopped and wondered what those beautifully decorated tiles mean? Well, we're here to help! Find out what these tiles mean right here! What Do Mahjong Tiles Mean: Part 2 preview image Read More

Face-off Ferocious Monsters in Celestial Dynasty

by Aethyna Sep 23, 2015
From massive crab monsters to the magnificent Ancient Chinese dragon, the creatures in Celestial Dynasty are indeed ferocious. Check this out! Golden dragon guardian Read More

New Game Added: Lost Amulets: Stone Garden

by Aethyna Sep 22, 2015
Looking for a mahjong game with a fun twist? Well, look no further! Lost Amulets: Stone Garden is definitely the game for you! In this game, you’ll get to enjoy unique mahjong in either relaxed or timed modes, supplemented with exciting power-ups. There are also interesting and challenging mini-games in between. Play now! Gold stone Zen mahjong mode Flowers and animals Read More
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