New Game Added: Star Trek: Alien Domain

by Aethyna Nov 6, 2015
You are a starship commander who was trapped while investigating a new rift created by the animositical Species 8472. Survival mode snapping into place, you'll then need to set up a base in the fluidic realm as you try to find out more about the place and how you can return to your own time and space. Klingon base Federation base Space combat Read More

New Game Added: Frozen Free Fall

by Aethyna Nov 3, 2015
Have an adventure of a lifetime as you travel the Kingdom of Arrendelle with the host of familiar and lovable Frozen characters. Use their individual power-ups to help clear the crystals from the board. With a ridiculous number of levels that you can enjoy, Frozen Free Fall is definitely a match-3 game you wouldn’t want to miss! Iceberg power-up Summer levels Drop the crown Read More

New Game Added: Hero Zero

by Aethyna Nov 5, 2015
Fight against all manner of “evil” and have fun customizing your superhero profile during those rare moments when good triumphs for at least a while. Don’t forget to team up and have some friendly battles with other superheroes as well! Sounds like loads of fun? Well, try Hero Zero today then! Friendly neighborhood Hero customization The villains Read More

New Game Added: Rift

by Aethyna Nov 4, 2015
Venture into the rift-torn world of Telara and assume your role as an Ascended in this amazing MMORPG, Rift! With plenty of unique features to offer, including massive rift invasions, chronicles and even dimension building, along with an immersive storyline, Rift is definitely the go-to for any fan of MMORPGs. Play now! Hellbug mount Rogue calling Shark mount Read More

New Game Added: Machu Piccu Solitaire

by Aethyna Nov 2, 2015
Go on a thrilling adventure with Michael through the mysterious ruins of Machu Picchu and other Inca ancient cities while enjoying levels after levels of challenging solitaire games in Machu Picchu Solitaire! Collect cards in an orderly manner from the board and try your best to keep those combos going. Play now! Collecting cards Pyramid formation Joker card Read More

New Article Added: WWGDB Celebrates 300 Users

by Aethyna Oct 27, 2015
Pass those free virtual drinks (no alcohol for those below the age limit though!) around the table - we've reached our 3rd user milestone! Find out more by reading on! WWGDB Celebrates 300 Users preview image Read More

New Article Added: What is Zero Latency?

by Aethyna Aug 22, 2015
The future of gaming entertainment is finally here - Put your hands up for Zero Latency, the world's first virtual reality entertainment center! Join up with up to 6 of your friends or go solo and immerse yourself in the exciting FPS gameplay today! What is Zero Latency? preview image Read More

New Game Added: Krosmaster Arena

by Aethyna Oct 30, 2015
Collect as many krosmasters as you can by playing matches with the ones you already have to earn Kroz. Each of these krosmasters is unique in their own way, allowing for plenty of combinations to make up a team and also for obtaining team synergy effects. Sounds like fun? Play Krosmaster Arena now then! Campaign mode Enemy knocked out Bomb placement Read More

New Game Added: Mahjong Odyssey

by Aethyna Oct 28, 2015
Experience this amazing mahjong-filled odyssey in this brand new mahjong game, Mahjong Odyssey! Enjoy levels after levels of gradually trickier and much more challenging mahjong layouts while having lesser and lesser time to complete the level. Are you up to the challenge? Find out now! Snake formation Twin towers Arch formation Read More

New Game Added: Mars Tomorrow

by Aethyna Oct 29, 2015
Purchase and own your own fleet of Mars vehicles and set up routes to help bring vital resources to the colony base. Upgrade your vehicles to increase its transportation efficiency and reinvest your profits into your own habitat. So, be a pioneer on Mars and help humanity terraform the planet in Mars Tomorrow today! Mars Tomorrow: A developed Mars colony Map overview in Mars Tomorrow Mars Tomorrow: Inside the habitat Read More
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