New Game Added: Mahjongg: Legends of the Tiles

by Aethyna May 5, 2015
Experience an exciting mahjong game of a lifetime in Mahjongg: Legends of the Tiles as the game blends the elements of mahjong with other exciting casual games like Solitaire, Concentration, Tetris, Memory, Match 3 and more! Travel through time and space and solve the mahjong puzzles provided now! Mahjongg: Legends of the Tiles: beach Hindu Scriptures in Mahjongg: Legends of the Tiles Mahjongg: Legends of the Tiles: Chinese garden Read More

New Game Added: War Thunder

by Aethyna May 6, 2015
Whether you enjoy bombing tanks, manning the anti-air guns on the back of a truck or flying a jet fighter, you'll certainly have a great time in War Thunder! Have fun with its realistic tactical combat! There are also a plethora of somewhat historically accurate tanks and planes for you to purchase and you can customize every one of them to your liking! War Thunder: Aerial combat Vehicular warfare in War Thunder War Thunder: War Read More

New Game Added: James Patterson Women's Murder Club: A Darker Shade of Grey

by Aethyna May 5, 2015
An unidentified body of a young boy who was a cadet at a prestigious military academy was found on a rocky beach - a standard case of accidental death... or was it? Find out the truth behind the boy's death by investigating the scene thoroughly and bringing the killer to justice!

Detective's Office in A Darker Shade of Grey A Darker Shade of Grey: Clues Locker room in A Darker Shade of Grey Read More

New Game Added: Fruit Planet

by Aethyna May 4, 2015
Join in the fruit-picking crew to collect the fruits (these fruits are surprisingly normal-looking though) that the aliens need by matching them up in a 3 or more fashion! Each match will award bonuses to their neighboring fruits, allowing you to collect more fruits as you match these special fruits up! Fruit Planet: Fruit blast Collect all in Fruit Planet Fruit Planet: Plums galore Read More

New Game Added: Heavy Metal Machines

by Aethyna May 3, 2015
Heavy Metal Machine combines the addictive competitiveness of the MOBA genre with cool weapons-added and modified cars that can spit bullets or flame, all wrapped up in a heavy metal theme. This game certainly offers a MOBA gaming experience that is unlike any other! Try it today! Heavy Metal Machines: burn up the arena! Bulldozer in Heavy Metal Machines Heavy Metal Machines: recall helicopter Read More

New Article Added: What is Virtual Reality

by Aethyna Apr 24, 2015
With all the hype over "virtual reality", we decide that it is high time we explore what "virtual reality" or VR truly is and why people, in particular gamers, are so excited with it! What is Virtual Reality preview image Read More

New Game Added: Megapolis

by Aethyna Apr 30, 2015
Grow your quaint small town into a bustling and prosperous metropolitan by constructing various houses, facilities, factories and infrastructures! Don’t forget to beautify your city with decorations as well! Show your management prowess as a mayor of a small town and design a cityscape that you can be proud of!

Megapolis: Water lagoon City square in Megapolis Megapolis: Island resort Read More

New Game Added: United GP

by Aethyna Apr 29, 2015
Create your dream racing team in this fun-filled text-based racing management game, United GP! As the manager of an up-and-coming racing team, it’s up to you to figure out the best car setup and choose a winning strategy. Strive to be the best racing team manager that you can be and don't let your team down! United GP: Light yellow and green car Racing in United GP United GP: the tracks Read More

New Article Added: WWGDB Celebrates 200 Games

by Aethyna Apr 29, 2015
We here at WWGDB have reached our second milestone and are very proud of our achievement! We would like to share our accomplishments and what we have planned for the future! WWGDB Celebrates 200 Games preview image Read More

New Game Added: Solitaire Knockout

by Aethyna Apr 28, 2015
From the same guys who made Solitaire Arena comes this fun-filled yet somewhat similar solitaire game, Solitaire Knockout! Enjoy playing live solitaire tournaments, spiced up with exciting knockout mechanics, with 3 other human players! Keep yourself in the lead to have a chance of winning the tournament! Solitaire Knockout: Stuck Tournament in Solitaire Knockout Solitaire Knockout: Just started Read More
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