WWGDB Celebrates 500 Users

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As crazy as it may sound, we’ve once again achieved another impressive user milestone within record time, and honestly, we couldn’t have done it without your steadfast support! While we’re passing around a round of your favorite beverages to celebrate this joyous occasion, do read on to learn more about what we have in store for the future. WWGDB - WWGDB Celebrates 500 Users

We really did it! Together as writers and readers, we’ve managed to grow this humble little website into something that we can be proud of. While triumphantly yelling “YES, WE DID IT!” from the highest mountaintop at a particularly scenic location seems rather overrated, please allow us to do what we do best and express our utmost gratitude (and of course, joy) to you all through the words typed in this small piece of article.

Like a child who is meeting plenty of new friends at the kindergarten, WWGDB has “met” hundreds of thousands of readers, and had managed to “stay in touch” with over 500 of its more dedicated readers. Honestly, it’s really great to see WWGDB finally “getting out there”. In fact, from a parent’s point of view, it’s almost like seeing your child off to kindergarten for the very first time! Although with growth comes new and higher milestones, we’re confident that as our readers (that’s you!) spread the word around or even share our reviews and articles on your social media sites, no milestones will be too tough for us to reach.

On our end, we’ll be doing our best to keep WWGDB filled up with the best content that we could find. After all, the games we review have gone through a rather rigorous screening process before we could even consider adding them to our website. Thus, you can be assured that games with the WWGDB Seal of Approval are definitely games that are of quality standards, have something new to offer to their players, and are incredibly fun.

Robots in the Wild

Moreover, if you’ve been checking in regularly, you might also have noticed that some of the games we’ve been reviewing recently aren’t exactly “Triple A”-type and not all of them are exactly free-to-play. To be honest, some of them, such as Robots in the Wild, Zombie Hunter Inc and The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human, are pretty obscure, but this is mainly due to the fact that these games are only released days prior to our reviews. Partly though, it is because these games are developed by indie developers – people just like you and me who have created something amazing on their own, without having the huge financial support or backing that big companies may have.

In fact, this is actually one of the few tiny changes we’ve been implementing. We at WWGDB have a strong respect for developers who produce amazing games. This respect can be said tripled whenever an indie developer is involved – we all have to start somewhere, right? Having the courage and the chops to step out and try to make it on your own is something that I’m sure we all can tip our hats to. Therefore, we hope our passion to support indie developers is well-shown from our few recent reviews and efforts.

Not to mention, in the past, we have also added in introductory blogs for some of the more interesting Kickstarter game campaigns that are, more often than not, launched by indie developers or small game companies. Although the volume of such blogs has kind of reduced over the past few months (Sorry!), we will do our best to pick it up and continue to occasionally publish Kickstarter blogs for the months or even years to come. Of course, in addition to our extra focus on indie games, we'll still be doing our regular stuff and putting up reviews for new games like our reviews on Winning Putt, Guardians of Divinity, Match-3 Hidden Treasure Hunt, and Ork Buster, along with insightful articles, such as "Most Anticipated F2P MMOs in 2016", "Ankama" or "Most Gruesome Cases in Criminal Case", and fun surveys.

Winning Putt

Furthermore, here’s another exciting news - we will be attending the Casual Connect event at Amsterdam later next month, so you can definitely expect to see an influx of interview articles. There will also be educational pieces on games of varying genres, as well as updates on exciting games-related phenomena such as eSports and the rise of virtual reality gaming. These articles will not only be interesting to game developers, but also to players like you! And don’t worry – we’ll make the articles as less “boring” as possible... and that’s a promise!

To sum it all up, since its inception, WWGDB has really made strides, in a baby-step kind of way, in building up a community of gamers, particularly those who love to play games of a variety of genres. It’s simply amazing to see just how far WWGDB has come, and all of our and the website’s successes boil down to you, our dear readers. Due to this, we can never thank you enough for playing an important role to guide WWGDB to where it is today. We will also do our very best not to let you all down and keep delivering the best gaming content to you. Until the next time we meet then!

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