Why Do Hyper Casual Games Dominate The "Top Apps" Charts on Google Play?

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HyperCasual gaming has become sort of a fad in today’s current gaming world especially in the mobile market. These games have become the most sought after and downloaded on Google play. WWGDB - Why Do Hyper Casual Games Dominate The "Top Apps" Charts on Google Play?

HyperCasual gaming has been going on for some time. At first, it started out as simply mobile casual games people started playing on their phones as early as mobile phone companies were able to ship arcade games along with their cell phones. This gave people back then the opportunity to play games casually on their monochrome LCD cell phones wherever they were. As the new millennium progressed, so did the phones and mobile devices. Being able to connect and access the World Wide Web opened a lot of opportunities to the gaming industry. Phone users could now play online and/or download their games from the Internet.

The age of full-color smartphones, tablets, and other hand-held devices ushered in the new mobile gaming industry and the monetization platforms that came with it. Downloading a game to play was a long way off from physically going to the store and selecting the packaged game you wanted to play on your home micro-computer or ordering it slow mail via the mail-order stores. The new era of mobile gaming needed a different platform to transact from.

As mobile devices could be taken anywhere, the kind of games being downloaded and played differed a lot from the hard-core PC/laptop-based home gaming where players would spend hours and hours shooting their opponents down over the internet or complete an adventure one had to finish to the end. Thus casual games became the norm in the phone and mobile world. The kind of games you could just abruptly stop playing when it was time to get up or move on from where you temporarily were. No big deal, one could play it again later.

Casual gaming eventually gave way to HyperCasual, the simple free2play and Ad based monetization platform were casual games could be played and earned online. Many classify HyperCasual as a genre of simplified and addictive Casual mobile games but it actually is the platform by which these quick-play on-the-go consumer games can be accessed and played. To do that though, there should be a mobile on-line store or site to get the games from. That's where Google Play came in.

Google Play the online game store started way back in 2008 as the Android Market. At the time, it handled not only Android-based games but other media like e-books, movies, music, and even TV programs for online customers to purchase, access, and download from the site. It even sold Android and mobile-based hardware. As time went on, other specific Google stores were launched to handle the other specific items like the hardware then transferred to Google Store and music also transferred to Google Play Music and eventually YouTube Music. Google Play was then launched in 2012 and became the specific domain of mobile Android games (both sold, subscribed, and free2play) and of course other Android apps for Android OS mobile devices.

Casual mobile games were mostly uploaded and distributed via Google Play and the downloads and sales grew through the years. Eventually, the Ad based free2play platform became the most popular sought-after mobile games and as they got simpler and a way lot easier to play meaningless complicated, and playable right off the bat, the HyperCasual platform or genre started to lead over the mobile gaming market. Of course, the hard and medium core mobile games (with their own platforms) were still around as well as the old Casual games but HyperCasual which was a lot simpler and lightweight was up on the popularity list as far as mobile gaming went.

HC Games Top Charts

Eventually, they became the top in the charts (in downloads, playtime, and monetization via the platform) on Google Play which has become the defacto go-to for Android-based apps and games. Also, due to the rise in popularity and preference of HyperCasual games, more and more developers worldwide concentrated on developing them as it had become a very profitable platform to earn from.
Google Play currently has around 3Million available apps as estimated this 2020 and this has grown because of the Casual and HyperCasual games. Even the adventure horror games (Grandma, Simon, Slendrina, and company) have been considered under Horror Casual.

The difference with other game types is that HyperCasual is for everyone, Man, Woman, and most of all, Child. Because of the simplicity of gameplay and the addictive quality not to mention you can continue it later if you have something else to do, this kind of game has become the most played. One does not need complex instructions or an even minimally steep learning curve to play. Most of the time all one has to do is tap the screen to get things done. There is nothing simpler (at this time) when it comes to gaming. HyperCasual gaming is instant immersion and enjoyment to pass the time.

HC Game Elements

It's free2play. What best deal can you get for a game. You don't have to spend a dime if you don't want to. What you spend is your time. The platform is Ad driven so you just have to watch the Ads being shown as a form of compensation for the developers. This way, the platform gives them the opportunity to earn for their ideas and efforts. If by some chance the Ad becomes relevant to you and you tap to learn more, then it becomes another opportunity for everyone else. With this platform, gamers, as well as publishers and developers all, end up with a win-win situation.

HyperCasual games are far easier to create and develop. There are now many tools available to developers to even create games in a day’s time and the simplicity of the gameplay well makes them easier to play. The platform then becomes more popular and thus profitable as the mobile game market moves towards it. The main competition would then be in coming up with new and novel but simple gaming ideas which will capture the audience from the very young and upwards.

HC Gamer Kid

With the growing demand for quick and immediate gaming immersion when playing with a phone or mobile device, Casual and HyperCasual games fit the bill. People need ways to either relax or entertain themselves to pass time or alleviate stress especially during this time of worldwide pandemics and gaming has provided itself as a good medium and tool to achieve this. For someone who isn't really into hard-core hours and days gaming, why should one make playing complicated when it can actually be simple and fun.

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