Types of Hyper Casual Games

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Hyper Casual games have recently emerged as a strong driving force in mobile gaming. Let's see what it is all about and what kind of games fall under it. WWGDB - Types of Hyper Casual Games

A lot of developments have been made in mobile gaming from the time mobile gadgets and phones started to have the ability to download content from the World Wide Web. The emergence of mobile games you could purchase online and play on your devices like phones, tablets, and handheld consoles gave way to a rising industry around 2007 and up.

Times change and business and economy have to adapt to the current market perceptions and situations. By 2014 the mobile games industry had generally adopted the free2play business model which had become prevalent in the online multiplayer gaming world where games could be downloaded and/or played for free but with the option for subscribing to a premium service within the game and/or purchasing outright various items and in-game features which made the game much more easier and accessible to you. Thus the era of the in-game purchases or in-app purchases (IAP in the mobile scenes) had begun.

As both PC online and mobile gaming dragged on through the years and with more changes in the current global economy, companies started to increase their media presence and an online campaign drive of marketing and product introduction was needed to keep the business going and growing keeping the global economy afloat. This meant ads on every available online real estate that can draw in traffic and possible customers and other revenue opportunities as well.

As a very good source of revenue, the game industry once again had to recalibrate its revenue earning or business model. The days of packaged games in cute colorful attractive boxes and cases with awesome paraphernalia and manuals sold in computer stores are now but a nostalgic glimpse of gaming history remembered by those who got the chance to experience it. Today, the newest business model is based on ads. Advertising drives business and the internet today.

So it began from purchased online, free2play and pay2win and as of 2017 free 2play with ads and optional IAPs. In the mobile world, a new game genre based on this new business platform has come into the light and being feverishly adopted. These games are called Hyper Casual mobile games.

What sets Hyper Casual games apart, in general, is the presence and foremost reliance on ads. They are mostly free2play but in return, the player has to bear the ads being shown. Again, just like IAP free2play, most players will just brush it aside but there are those who will get interested, click and purchase. A win-win solution for everyone.

These Hyper Casual games come in different types and sub-types. Call them genre if you will as the terms are interchangeable. Many of these game types are practically the same with games that have been around before Hyper Casual came out. Hyper Casual is really not a type or kind of game but the ad-based business model applied to games, particularly mobile casual games in general.

Hyper casual goblin

With that in mind, here are the common types of mobile (and even PC online) games you will probably encounter under the Hyper Casual business model.

Card Games: People have been playing cards since anyone can possibly remember. Cards have always been a primary medium for creating and designing new games. The medium may remain the same but the gameplay and mechanics will vary. From classic Solitaire to something like Magic the Gathering, people will play cards. Place ads on them!

Word Games: Surely, almost everyone has played Scrabble in one form or another. Whether it's scrambling and mixing available letters to create words or searching for the right word to fit a puzzle (like the one you see at entertainment section of today’s papers) word games are here to stay. It is even a fact that these games get 50% of their total earnings from ads.

Jigsaw Puzzles: Usually one of the foremost games you give the very young starting to learn their lessons in kindergarten. Here, solve that...duh! There are people who never outgrow this and truly believe that if the whole picture pieced back together is right, the world is right! Of course, let's place ads. Definitely.

Trivia: Oh yeh! Does anyone know who Carmen San Diego is? What do you call the Dolphins that live in the coldest waters of the world like the North Pole? What was the name of Napoleon's beloved who he wrote love letters to? Do you want to be a Millionaire? Should you place ads on these? Err...why are you still asking me that?

Table Top Games: Whether it's Snake and Ladders, Monopoly, or tactical strategy games like Chess, Checkers, Mahjong and the like, there will always be a huge amount of people worldwide who will play these games rather than something more hardcore and complicated like Pokemon.

Deep Thought Puzzles: Games like Sodoku and the like will always attract its crowd of problem-solving fanatics. Brain calisthenics has always been encouraged to develop ones logical and thinking ability. If numbers don't appeal that much to you, you can always align the colors on a Rubik's Cube. Fantastic! They're already in deep thought, let's put ads to make them think more!

Ball Games: Whether it's throwing, hitting, catching, kicking, punching or whatever form of abuse could ever be done to a poor ball. a lot of people will play these kinds of games. Game design and mechanics are varied but it's always the ball bearing the brunt, the focus of attention and the lead role in the game. It would be good to see if the players have the balls to click the ads.

Coloring Games: There are games that believe it or not simulate the coloring book. This is called Pixel Coloring where the players tap on individual pixels to color it then afterward can zoom out to view the final picture. Something a kid would probably do when he or she gets tired of them crayons. Again, there are people who enjoy this kind of thing to show them the ads.

Musical Beat and Instrument Games: Even games like Guitar Hero on mobile will surely have people playing them. Piano Tile games are a very good example of these, easier and simpler to play than Guitar Hero and immersive as well. These games generate 95% of their total revenue from ads. After all, a tiny-winnie ad can be mistaken for a piano key!

.io: io games is a popular genre in itself which caught a lot of attention in the gaming world when that game of Petri-dish and Cell chump-chump became so popular. Of course free to play online. This piece of work earned it's way to revenue success through you guessed it! Ads. Agar wasn't the end of it, others like Slither and the rest of the crowd followed.

Retro Style Mobile and Online Games: These are the arcade and old school late 70's to 80's classic themed games you find online whether on mobile or PC. How do you think that guy from Vietnam earned with that Mario look-alike bird flapping like a chicken on the screen while avoiding all sorts of familiar obstacles which sent Nintendo screaming with rage! Hehehe... Ads.

The Idle clickers: We all know that clicking cookies can lead to millions inside the game. And so we keep on clicking and Orteil keeps on earning. It's the perfect idle game for the developer, the advertisers and of course the users. The first two earn real cash while the last earns, in-game cash. Well, you still earn and you can spend it on the game and make more and more so don't complain. Long live the idle clickers, long live the ads!

There you have it, folks! The different kinds of Hyper Casual games. There are many more on the way as ad placement has proven itself to be a lucrative means of earning real income. The game is free so the creator has the right to recoup his, her or their effort and cost of development. It's just like YouTube where many YouTuber’s are uploading the best content they can under practically the same business model.

So, if you happen to come upon mobile games like Prince of Persia: Escape with all those annoying ads crowding the game screen, just remember... Hyper Casual games are here to stay.

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