Fortnite Battle Royale's Limited Time Modes: The Standouts

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Fortnite Battle Royale has been making waves since it was released last year, and despite being still in early access, it introduced a number of limited-time game modes. Let’s check out the ones that stood out for us.
WWGDB - Fortnite Battle Royale's Limited Time Modes: The Standouts

Fortnite Battle Royale has exploded and reached new heights. It’s arguably one of the biggest and most-played games today, with millions of players worldwide stepping into the battle bus every day. It is continually evolving, adding in new weapons and even putting out a massive update adding in several locations on its map.

Apart from the usual Solo, Duo, and the Squad modes, Epic Games has been constantly testing the waters by adding limited time game modes. Some have stood out, while others weren’t exactly well-received. Let’s take a look at some of these game modes and check out the ones we hope will be back.

Sneaky Silencers


Apart from building huge forts and raining bullets on enemies, Fortnite involves using stealth tactics. You can end up sneaking around like Big Boss in Metal Gear, or Ezio Auditore in Assassin’s Creed. Sneaky Silencers is a mode that requires patience and stealth tactics, considering that the only guns you can pick up are silent SMGs and pistols. This mode is probably the quietest the battle royale map has ever been. Despite the suppressed fire though, the usual is happening: people shooting each other and forts being built with its defenders not knowing where the gunfire is coming from.

Unfortunately though, Sneaky Silencers is one of the most underwhelming Fortnite BR LTMs. Although suppressed pistols have a legendary and epic variety, the silenced SMGs don’t. It would be interesting to see whether Epic Games can include more advanced suppressed SMG varieties in the near future.

Teams of 20

This mode was available until last week, and as its name suggests, it involved five teams of 20 players. The last team standing gets the victory royale. Apart from cooperating with 19 other players (including your squad), it adds another dimension by having storms that are either faster or slower.

Teams of 20 is arguably one of the LTMs that stood out. The sense of excitement and fear you get whenever you land and not seeing your teammates’ arrows on the map near you transcends the dread dished out by horror movies. It’s also a perfect mode for players who are relatively new and still feeling things out.

Solid Gold

This mode gives you a taste of how good the legendary tier weapons - or the golden ones - in Fortnite BR. This mode exclusively drops them, ranging from legendary SCAR rifles, bolt-action and semi-auto snipers, hand cannons, and silenced pistols. Alongside them are the Chug Jugs which give 100 health and 100 shield, and the golden rocket and grenade launchers.

Unfortunately though, its arrival was way before arrival of the epic and legendary-tier heavy shotgun. With that said, note that there weren’t any shotguns in this mode, making it a forgettable one for close-combat lovers. With that said, we hope Epic puts this mode up again in the future with the heavy shotgun now part of the equation.


Currently online, Blitz mode is fast-paced, considering that the moment the Battle Bus exits the area, the storm will start swallowing the island. Matches last up to 15 minutes max, given that the storms are considerably faster. To compensate, loot rates and supply drops are increased, and there are more launch pads here than in any other game mode. Solo blitz and squad blitz modes are available, and wins count in your overall record.

Explosives Only

A complete opposite to Sneaky Silencers, Explosives Only is what its name suggests: you’ll only get to use explosives. Rocket launchers, grenade launchers, and grenades are the only loot drops you’ll get alongside regular healing items. In any case, this mode fits its namesake: it is explosive and exciting. Forts are next to useless, and the battle royale island is the noisiest it has ever been.


Sneaky Silencers

Here, two teams of 50 face off. Although some people didn’t like it given that it was a magnet for casual players, it is arguably one of the best limited time modes. The end of the games were marked by large-scale battles involving huge forts with bullets, rockets, and grenades flying everywhere. Here, people actually cooperated, with random players outside your squad giving you healing items, bullets, whenever you need them. It was offered as an LTM back before the huge map and weapons updates, and we hope to see it again in the near future. Granted, we’re sure a new 50v50 mode with the new additions will dish out an amazing experience.

Sniper Shootout

Snipers are one of the trickiest weapons in Fortnite. However, the feeling of satisfaction if you hit a target from a distance, especially if it’s moving, is inexplicably out of this world. This LTM gave sniper lovers an opportunity to test their marksman capabilities. The only loot drops are bolt action snipers, semi-auto snipers, and revolvers. Recovery items are available, but before you start using a med kit though, be sure to check if the coast is clear! When this mode went live, the hunting rifle and hand cannons weren’t in the game, and we’d like to see this mode with them around!

Overall, Fortnite Battle Royale’s Limited Time Modes add a lot of spice to an already outstanding game, and we’re already looking forward to what the developers have in store.

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