Deliver Us The Moon: A Rocket Blast into the Lunar Unknown

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Deliver Us The Moon is a thrilling, sci-fi adventure into the Moon. Now available on the PlayStation 4, as an astronaut, and try to save mankind from the apocalyptic energy crisis. WWGDB - Deliver Us The Moon: A Rocket Blast into the Lunar Unknown

Imagine a world devoid of natural resources. Humankind has bled the earth dry, turning the lush and verdant planet into a nearly uninhabitable dust bowl where everybody has to scrape whatever they can to live. With no sources of energy within the planet, governments of the world decide to the heavens to look for energy, with the moon as its first stop. They succeeded, but decades later, an unforeseen tragedy struck.

Unfortunately, this is a possible scenario and one that Deliver Us The Moon, now available on the PlayStation 4, explores. It provides a problem-solving and puzzle adventure like no other, enabling you to explore abandoned and decrepit space stations and bases, uncovering the events of what led to the moonbase’s current state. At the same time, it gives an astonishingly beautiful audiovisual experience mixed with a suspenseful atmosphere that keeps your toes glued to your spacesuit.


View of Earth from the Rocket

With no energy source left on earth, humankind once again went to the moon to harvest Helium-3, a real isotope capable of serving as a power source. The world’s governments founded the World Space Agency (or WSA) run operations and send energy back to the earth wirelessly via a beam and a receiver. Things went well for 20 years until the moon colony suddenly went dark.

Without diving deep into spoilers, you’ll play as an astronaut whose mission involves traveling to the moon, learn the events of what caused the blackout, and of course, power up the microwave transmitter or the MPT. The starting point sets the narrative and the experience you’ll have for the rest of the five-hour adventure. You’re tasked to help in launching a rocket into space and on the way, you’ll solve several puzzles and problems that don’t require the mind of a rocket scientist to solve.

During this, you’ll find yourself pressed for time and after getting through this hurdle, sit inside a rocket performing the launch sequence. Do things right and you’ll coast to the dark ocean in the sky. Otherwise, you’ll need to repeat the steps all over again as a countdown starts.

Space puzzles

Rocket to the Moon in Deliver Us The Moon

Once you arrive in space, you’ll discover that Deliver Us The Moon is an adventure composed of a sequence of puzzles and varied minigames. For starters, you’ll have to dock into an orbital elevator/space station by piloting your rocket precisely into the docking area. This requires precise button presses and better-than-average powers of spacial estimation.

Once you get in, you’ll discover and experience the hardships of what space has to offer. First off, there’s zero-gravity where you need to traverse around the station by floating and rolling around, which is quite nauseating, disorienting, and not as easy as it sounds. Next, is the oxygen time-limit wherein you need to secure canisters of this life-giving element in order to survive. Aiding you in your puzzle-solving endeavors is your space suit’s tools, including a scanner that tells you information about various objects and a cutting tool. In addition, you’ll also get to unlock a football-sized robot named ASE that activates switches and scout areas, making life a lot easier.

The area the game provides is massive and considering the way you have to move around, things can get rather confusing. Thankfully, the places are quite linear with it sealing off non-essential areas you’ve been through before. This saves time and prevents you from being literally “lost in space”.

An out-of-this-world cinematic delight

Docking in the space station

One thing that sets Deliver Us The Moon apart from its peers is the way it tells the story and builds on its world. Apart from radio broadcasts and holographic interactions, it lets you piece out the plot out by scanning objects, listening to audio bites, and reading computer screens. However, you can easily miss out on a few objects if you’re not observant enough considering it’s like piecing together a planet using the asteroids in the Asteroid Belt.

The view in space has always been breathtaking and Deliver Us The Moon dishes out spectacular ones. The graphics and environmental design are a joy to experience, especially during the rocket launch sequence and checking out the views via the windows. The same can be said about the cutscenes. Traversing around the abandoned space station keeps you on the edge and the unpredictability and time limits will force you to be vigilant.

Planning the rocket launch

Rounding it all up is the impeccable voice acting and audio design. You can sense the desperation, remorse, and sadness in every video recording and holographic re-enactment. Meanwhile, environmental sounds, from doors in motion and the deafening sound of rocket afterburners, actually put you in the moment.

Unfortunately, Houston has a problem: the game has some texture problems, at least on a base PS4. Some posters and images take longer to load. For example, the view of earth from the lunar ship took a while to load as it was pixelated at first, hampering overall immersion.

The moonlight is the silver lining

The Lunar surface in Deliver Us The Moon

Though short, Deliver Us The Moon is an out-of-this-world adventure one must undertake. It doesn’t disappoint and delivers effective storytelling with compelling, well-made, and directed cutscenes merged with slow yet thrilling gameplay sequences. If you’re looking for a new title to start with, give it a shot and start your journey to the bright side of the moon.

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