7 Reasons Why Tower Defense Games Are Fun To Play

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Tower Defense games have a massive player following, and that's no accident. Fans of this genre love to think while they attack, be ready for surprises and most of all win each epic battle. Here are seven great reasons to play Tower Defense games. WWGDB - 7 Reasons Why Tower Defense Games Are Fun To Play

If you’ve ever played Plants vs Zombies at one point in your life, then you have a good idea of what Tower Defense is. In a nutshell, Tower Defense games involve defending a base, home, kingdom or town from incoming invaders. To do this, you need to place towers along a path leading to your base, and these towers will eliminate the so-called invaders. While it sounds simple, you may find that it can be a bit more complicated than that.

Tower Defense games will test your patience, make you think before you act and will have you playing at the edge of your seat. Perhaps that’s why people can’t help but play them over and over again. While it can get challenging and repetitive at times, TD games are exciting, stimulating and deeply satisfying when you win. Here are five reasons why Tower Defense games are great to play.

You are the master of your fate

Call of Defense

Whether or not you stop the enemies at their tracks and successfully defend your turf is entirely in your hands. This means that you have to be a master of warfare to win each round. Well, it may not be a real war, but you have to know how everything works in the game – which towers destroy which enemies, which enemies have special abilities, etc. Once you have full understanding of your fighters and defense structures and, of course, your enemies, then you need to devise a strategy to keep your fortress safe. In the end, your failure or victory will be of your own doing. There is little “luck” involved in Tower Defense games, and lots of planning and making the right moves.

Multitasking at its finest

If you like to multitask, then TD games are made for that. Although it’s not as quick-paced like Time Management games, it still requires that you do two things at a time: attack and defend. So while your fighters are attacking, you should also check to see if your defenses will hold. In most games, you also have to upgrade fighters and structures in the middle of battle. It becomes particularly busy when enemies start coming from more than one direction. It’s like controlling an entire warzone, one click at a time. There’s no boring moment in Tower Defense, and each second counts.

There’s a TD game for everyone

Bloons TD Battles

Since the release of Plants vs Zombies, the TD genre has seen how a traditional military-style game can turn into a casual, humorous game that even kids can play. With some twists on the characters, a TD game can appeal to the more casual gamer. Ever seen a Super Monkey take down dozens of balloons? Or a town of cows defending their land from aliens? Well, these are just a few characters from Bloons TD Battles and Cower Defense, two of the most interesting Tower Defense games ever released. Sometimes a different theme or aspect of a TD game is all anyone needs to lure him into checking it out.

It’s a thinking game

In most TD games, you control every element of your battlefield: the barriers, fighters, and weapons available to you. You can upgrade them to either attack harder or take blows better. It depends on each TD game, but in most cases, you need to control each “piece” in your fighting ground so that you win the battle. In some TD games, towers will have a fixed position along the path, and in other TD games, you’re free to place your towers anywhere along the path. Regardless of this detail, you still have to operate these towers and eliminate enemies as fast as they possibly can. This makes TD games something that’s ideal for quick and decisive thinkers.

It’s immensely satisfying

Winning a difficult battle in a Tower Defense game feels like winning the lottery. Well, not exactly… but it’s close to that. That overwhelming satisfaction that you get from seeing your enemies fall and fail miserably at getting in your gates – it’s priceless. So after going around your battlefield, quickly upgrading and tweaking both defense and offense, it’s rewarding to see the success of your panic-filled clicking. A well-defended tower is a beautiful sight to see, indeed!

You wouldn’t mind repeating a level

While you might detest the idea of repeating a level in any kind of game, somehow in Tower Defense games, it’s perfectly fine. In fact, it’s a way to learn how to be a better player in this genre. Since the elements are the same, you can change your strategy and test different ones to see which would be effective in completing the level. Repeating a level also helps you know what to expect, so you become more prepared the second or third time around. Replaying is not an option in Tower Defense – it’s necessary and that’s okay.

You can turn the tide

The beauty of TD games is that you can pretty much see when you’re about to lose – but you can change that. You can adjust or intensify your attacks, use boosters, draw spells, anything that will bring the biggest damage in the quickest possible time. Most TD games will give you these abilities as a last-minute move to help you win. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but you’re given the chance and you aren’t left completely helpless in the hands of the winning opponent.

Tower Defense games are truly a class of its own in the gaming world. There’s a reason why players are addicted to it, and why more titles with the word “defense” are released every day: Tower Defense games are fun, addictive and players can’t get enough of it. The need to win each round is probably the driving force for players to keep playing. Great graphics, interesting characters and unique game mechanics are also nice little perks that make TD players loyal to the genre. So go ahead, play a Tower Defense game today and see what the fuss is all about!

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