5 Gaming Innovations that Gamers Should Know About

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As the video game industry continues to evolve, many new features are being made available to gamers. Let's take a quick look at five of these new developments.

WWGDB - 5 Gaming Innovations that Gamers Should Know About

Playing video games has become a way of life for many people in today's tech oriented society and whether you play games seriously or just for fun to pass the time there are several advances in gaming that one can explore to optimize one's gaming experience and making the time and effort given to the game play a lot more rewarding and worthwhile.

Aside from the awesome developments in graphics and sound which comes with the advances in today's computing hardware, there are five new development which have sprang up in the last 2 decades or so that have made a huge impact on how we play video games today. Due to these new features, playing games today though similar at the core level is a far cry to the early video games played on Coleco or Atari home consoles or the arcade slot machines where young girls would flock around to play Ms. PacMan and boys went for games like Defendor and Space Invaders.

The complexity, detail and interconnectivity of today's games would likely make the gamers of the past or in my case the gamers of my youth probably spin with confusion and awed perplexity with the inclusion of these five features or options available in the present gaming scenes. These are features every gamer today should be aware of and as much as possible made good use of.

The first is Artificial Intelligence (AI). The use of AI to help out in our daily lives has grown to enormous proportions. While it is true that it will take several more years before we have droids, cyborgs, and human like robots normally walking the streets, AI has become an essential part of our globally interconnected world. Search Engines, Social Media, Entertainment as well as Science and Technology have begun to rely heavily on AI to increase both the computing and decision making processes involved in today's world. The AI used with today's video games have no doubt increased the realistic reactions of both Bot opponents and Non-Player characters. Developments in both AI algorithms and computing hardware have given video games an edge not present before.

The second would be Virtual Reality. The technology literally brings video gaming into an entirely new level. It awesomely transports the player into an alternate world or reality with the use of VR devices such as the HMD's that immersively alter ones perception of the immediate surroundings. The ability to interact with this electronically generated world as well using controllers, data gloves and VR vests and suits heighten the experience in a very realistic way. Hopefully, as the technology continues to advance and evolve, VR games and simulations may becomes as real as real life can be. Coupled with the advances in AI, actual interaction with in-game characters may turn out to be very interesting.

Thirdly we have Augmented Reality. When one thinks AR games, it's either Pokemon Go, Ingress or MineCraft AR. But with all the new releases in augmented gaming with one's mobile device, having all those awesome characters running around in the real world can be as fun and immersive or even more than a VR headset. The thing is you don't leave the real world and with your mobile phone or tablet, you get to interact with the games and their denizens as they are the ones that come to visit your world. If you're playing an RTTS AR game, an empty dinning table can be turned into a mini chaotic battle field with soldiers, mechanized units, structures and all. Look away from your mobile device or take of your AR headset and the table is once again empty as can be.

AR Game Tablet

For fourth we have Cloud Gaming. Cloud or the cloud is another term for the internet but specifically used for online storage and retrieval. This means that all the data, info and even apps are on a cloud server which a computing or access device can connect to and run the applications from. If you're using a PC, think of it as an external hard drive on the net where you can save your back up files and that love letter to your other girlfriend you don't want your wife to see. Nevertheless, Cloud Computing applied to games is quite new and an alternative to the ever increasing cost and demand of PC based GPU's brought about by Crypto currency BlockChain mining. Nividia currently offers a service called GeForce Now which streams the game to a subscribers tablet and handles the graphics generation from their side instead of relying on the GPU of the user's machine.

Finally and the most promising of all is BlockChain/Crypto currency gaming. The push to promote a new global financial system to replace the centralized World Bank controlled economy we have today has opened up new avenues and potential commercial applications. Brought about by the popularity of the Japanese BitCoin as a form of electronic chip like credit where goods and services could be bought and sold using completely electronic transactions with a decentralized form of cash separate from the current Fiat system has found it's way into the video game industry as well. With Crypto currency, a gamer could literally own gaming content like skins, objects and other resources and sell or trade them via Crypto like BitCoin and the like. Also, gamers can now earn these Crypto units by winning or accomplishing objectives in the game. With this kind of platform, the more you play the more you earn these Crypto credits which you can use in-game or purchase real products from real world vendors that accept these as cash.

There are other developments in gaming and probably more to come but these five are the ones that stand out the most today. Knowing about these however, might just prove to be useful for one's gaming career.

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