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Top 10 Games Like XERA: Survival
XERA: Survival is a pretty hardcore, loot-driven survival shooter that’s set in a world that’s embroiled in a massive AI-vs-humans war… a war that the humans are apparently losing. It’s now everybody for themselves as you scour the many locations around the map for precious weapons, gear, food, and other consumables.

World at War: WW2

World at War: WW2 Dive into World War II and bring glory to your country in this brilliant MMO strategy game, World at War: WW2! 9 rate

Novus Inceptio

Novus Inceptio Survive the beautiful wilderness in this breathtaking survival/sandbox game, Novus Inceptio! 8 rate

Last Empire: War Z

Last Empire: War Z Battle for survival against the horde of zombies and other human survivors in Last Empire War Z! 7 rate

Desert Operations

Desert Operations Battle your way into victory in Desert Operations. Build your headquarters and amass a huge army and use it to defeat your rivals. 8 rate


Nantucket Dive right into the life of a captain of a whaling ship in the mid-nineteenth century in this brilliant strategy/management game, Nantucket! 10 rate


Argo Experience an intense, tactical and strongly team-oriented MMOFPS game developed by the creators of the Arma game series, Argo! 10 rate

Mad Max

Mad Max Dive into the post-apocalyptic world of Mad Max and embark on a wild and dangerous journey. 10 rate


Robomaniac Customize, repair and upgrade your own robot and battle it out in the game's many missions and grueling daily leagues in Robomaniac! 10 rate

Close to the Sun

Close to the Sun Dive into the bowels of the utopian-turned-nightmarish research vessel Helios in search of your sister, Ada in this brilliant horror adventure game, Close to the Sun! 10 rate

Meeple Station

Meeple Station Build your own space station, explore the galaxy, mine and trade for resources, and manage your team of adorable meeples in this fun sandbox simulation game! 8 rate

Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight Drop into the madness that is Dead by Daylight and either try to survive or kill the survivors. 10 rate


H1Z1 Shoot down enemies, drive cars, and survive the poison gas in H1Z1 to be the victor. 9 rate

Admirals: Caribbean Empires

Admirals: Caribbean Empires Build a trading empire, battle pirates and rival traders, and have fun exploring the vast Caribbean ocean in this brand-new strategy game from Travian! 10 rate

War Conflict

War Conflict Fortify your base and conquer other people’s bases with a variety of tanks, aircraft and missiles in this amazing strategy game! 10 rate

Warfare Online

Warfare Online Correct strategies and tactics will lead your soldiers to victory and will show that you are the commander these troops need! 9 rate

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