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Top 10 Games Like League of Racers
Weave through tightly packed traffic as you race against other players from around the world in an attempt to the best of the best in League of Racers! Enjoy a variety of maps and game modes, drool over the plethora of super cars available and customize the cars you own to your liking! Get that racing rush that you crave today!

Highway Racer

Highway Racer Are you born to drive on the fast lane? Do you cool-looking sports cars? If you do, this game this made for you! 9 rate

Driver XP

Driver XP Play as the racer who was being pursued by the law or take the side of the law in this thrilling open world racing game! 10 rate

Forbidden Racing

Forbidden Racing If drag racing is in your blood, then Forbidden Racing is the perfect game for you! 8.5 rate

Robo Racing

Robo Racing Transformers-inspired Robo Racing combines epic 2D racing with robot fights in a way that made the game so much fun and addictive. Do try it out! 8 rate

StreetRace Rivals

StreetRace Rivals Race against random challengers or against established racers in the various racing gangs across a range of famous cities, like Los Angeles, Tokyo and Miami, today! 8 rate

Born 2 Race

Born 2 Race Race with the clever AI or pit your skills against other human players in very competitive races across various cities from all over the world! 6 rate

Supercar Showdown

Supercar Showdown Are you ready for the race of your life? Sign up now and show them all what you’ve got in Supercar Showdown! 9 rate

Car Stories

Car Stories Collect, race and research a range of exotic and fast super cars and build the best race city for your friends to admire in Car Stories today! 9 rate

Street Rally

Street Rally Become the race king of Miami and then the world in this exciting racing game, Street Rally. With great driving skills, you’ll soon rule the world of racing! 8 rate

Drift Trike

Drift Trike Get ready to triumph in trike racing! Race downhill at breakneck speed and come in first place to move forward to the next track. 9 rate

Howzat Cricket

Howzat Cricket If you can’t get enough of cricket, this is definitely a game that you should try. Give Howzat Cricket a go today! 8 rate

KartWorld 3D

KartWorld 3D Collect amazing karts, customize, paint and race with friends in online multiplayer! Complete driving quests and build an awesome garage! 9 rate

Fishing Paradise 3D

Fishing Paradise 3D Embark on a global fishing adventure with your guide "The Bass Professor" in this exciting fishing game, Fishing Paradise 3D! 9 rate

Bowling King

Bowling King Are you ready to step up to your lane and show everybody who the king of bowling is? Play Bowling King now then! 8 rate

United GP

United GP Use your brilliant insights to devise strategies and car setups to eke out the best performance from both your driver and your car to ensure your victory! 9 rate

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