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Top 10 Games Like Chess Rush
Published by Tencent, Chess Rush is the latest “auto-chess” game to have hit the market recently. Featuring a lineup of amazingly-crafted heroes that you can recruit and then deploy onto the chessboard, the game offers an incredibly-addictive and competitive gameplay and a host of game modes to change things up a bit.

Hustle Castle

Hustle Castle Save the king and his daughter from the abyssal lord as he threatens to destroy your kingdom and marry your bride to be in this fun mmo simulation game. 10 rate

King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare

King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare As the successor of none other than King Arthur, it is now up to you to live up to his legacy and lead your kingdom to glory! 9 rate

Dota Underlords

Dota Underlords Play DOTA Underlords and develop your team and strategies to win! 10 rate

Clash of Legends

Clash of Legends Build up your band of heroes and head into the clash with goblins or other players alike in Clash of Legends! 10 rate

Heroes Tactics

Heroes Tactics Save the kingdom from darkness in a fantastic tactical game where you and your army of heroes must make the difference. This turn based game is full of magic, action and the chance to have a real impact on the outcome of the battle. 8 rate

Empire: Four Kingdoms

Empire: Four Kingdoms Set in a medieval era, you take up the role as Lord of your castle in a bid to become the strongest ruler in the region. 9 rate

Lords Mobile

Lords Mobile Lords Mobile is a mobile strategy game that features two kinds of gameplay where one lets you control your army in invasion and the other lets you play as your heroes. There is also a city building feature that allows you to upgrade your kingdom to produce more resources and build your army. 9 rate

War Dragons

War Dragons Assemble your team of dragons and set out to conquer the realm in this simplistic yet competitive game, War Dragons! 8 rate

Heroes of Paragon

Heroes of Paragon The evil minions of the Violet are stalking your lands and it falls to you to defend your father's kingdom. Can you turn the tide in this brilliant real time battle game where your decisions can mean a win or a loss as you march your troops into enemy bases. 9 rate

Era of Empire

Era of Empire Defeat the black dragon and any enemy crazy enough to stand in your way in this brand new MMORTS, Era of Empire! 10 rate

Crystal of Re:union

Crystal of Re:union Being the ring bearer, you are destined to rule over the kingdom in Midgard, but are you the mighty king they need? 9 rate

Eternal Fury 2

Eternal Fury 2 Dive into Eternal Fury 2 and fight alongside heroes in epic battles while managing your own base and community. 10 rate

Lords of Conquest

Lords of Conquest Pick a faction and start building an empire that will last for the generations to come in Lords of Conquest! 9.5 rate

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans Claim a village of your own and turn it into a mighty city to house your armies in one of the best and most fun MMO Mobile games around. 10 rate


Wartune Save the world from Abyssal monsters in a brilliant hybrid Strategy/MMO game. 9 rate

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