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Zoo World 2 9 rate Many animals from around the world are facing extinction. In one last desperate bid for hope, you're charged with setting up a zoo that can house these animals. Create terrains that suit the animals, feed them and breed them to create enough offsprings to save them from their endangered status. So, can you help? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Zookeeper Jane (Is anyone thinking of that Jane from Tarzan, right now? I’ll bet you did!) needs your help to save animals all over the world and safely house them in Zoo World 2! Take good care of your animals and successfully breed them so they will no longer be endangered. Place additional attractions and kiosks to earn extra money and use your hard-earned money to further decorate and expand your zoo. There are also plenty of collections that you can complete, fun facts to learn and mini-games that you can enjoy as well. So, don’t wait! Hop on over to Zoo World 2 today and create your very own marvelous zoo!


To start, you’ll first need some animals in your zoo! You can purchase animals from the shop and place them in which ever terrain you like. Terrains are like habitats and they are themed. For example, there are snow terrains, forest terrains, savannah terrains and even pools for water-based animals. It’s entirely up to you to place your animals whichever place you like. You can also mix the animals up on the same terrain, so in other words, you can recreate the entire view of the savannah where there are watering holes and hordes of migrating animals with predatory animals hulking around nearby.

For animals, Zoo World 2 offers a huge array of animals. Ranging from Siberians tigers and giraffes to polar bears and flamingos, there is certainly plenty for you to work with to create your most ideal and beautiful zoo. Not to mention, the game also provides fantastical creatures that you can buy using premium cash such as unicorn. The only thing that is even weirder than having unicorns is that all the animals in this game are monstrous in size! The people that are strolling around in the game are less in height (by an entire head’s length) than the fence that surrounds the animal habitat (it’s a decoration that you can later buy). And here comes the weirdest part, the animals are more than twice the height of those fences!

Anyway, once you get over that oddity, you’ll need to carry out your duties as the new zookeeper and care for your animals. When animals are hungry, a food bowl icon will appear above their heads. You just need to click on the animal to feed them. Almost every action you take in Zoo World 2 will cost you 1 energy point and you can get more energy points by leveling up or by buying them from the in-game cash shop, but of course, you can also choose to wait for it to recharge over time. These interactions will in return reward you with experience points, in-game cash and sometimes, collection items. Complete collections in this game to earn some really sweet rewards!

After being fed, the animals are content. This is the perfect time to breed them if you wish... well, after all, who doesn’t like baby animals? They are just so cute! To do so, you’ll need to place another animal of the same species (this is important as we’re not trying to create a monstrous hybrid animal here) right beside the animal you want to breed. Breeding will cost you some hearts and hearts can be obtained from animals that are well-fed and happy. You can even spend some premium cash to get the organic rainbow extract that will add random colors to your animals. The breeding and baby delivering process will take some time and of course, you can speed things up using premium cash.

Earning money only via ticket sales at the entrance in Zoo World 2 is not exactly a good business model. Hence, to increase your zoo’s revenue and in turn increase the money you can get to further improve and upgrade your zoo, you’ll definitely need to build attractions, like Giraffe Tower Ride, and kiosks, like the ice cream cart or prehistoric themed BBQ kiosk. The building process will cost you energy points as you’ll need to click through the various stages of constructing the building, but the money that they bring in on a constant basis make them very worthwhile to get earlier on. There are also in-game goals that you can complete to earn more Zoo Bucks (in-game cash) to further grow your zoo too!

Of course, once you have lots of expandable money on hand, it’s time to spruce up your zoo a bit! Zoo World 2 provides a plethora of decorations including trees, fences and other items like statues, sculptures, waterfalls and artwork. The trees available include Willow trees, maple trees, rose bushes and even wild flowers of varying colors. For fences, there is a huge range of varieties that you can choose and place to make a terrain look more like an enclosure. Oh and importantly, decorations can be placed on both terrains and also the default green tiles that the game provides. If you’re running out of space, you can also unlock more land by buying land expansions from the shop too.

Besides zoo management and improvements, Zoo World 2 also offers mini-games for you to enjoy, such as the daily quiz that you can try to answer at the visitor center and Pachinko whereby you can win supplies for your zoo or even a premium animal. As a nice touch, the game even provides a daily fact about the various animals in your zoo. For instance, “Did you know that Callithrax monkeys are also known as green monkeys?” Well, now I do!


Zoo World 2 is a fairly popular zoo management game as its community is pretty huge! At its Facebook page alone, there are around 800 thousand likes. Also, despite the age of the game, the community in this game is still growing, albeit a bit slowly. Thus, if you want to meet and add new friends who play the game, feel free to drop by at their fan page and say hi!

Graphics/ Sound

Since Zoo World 2 is technically a cartoon-based game, the disproportioned animal size versus the size of everything else in the game is pretty much forgivable, albeit odd. It is also nice for the game to design these animal models in such a way that the animals are big enough for more elderly players to enjoy looking at them. For music, the game provides a nice tropical music that you seem to be able to sway along to if you’re in a very good mood. It’s pretty catchy that way.


In short, Zoo World 2 is a fun-filled and beautiful zoo management and simulation game whereby you can create extraordinary sceneries of, for example, Australian outback or even the African Savannah, and then populate them with various animals of your choice. Feed them and breed them to save them from their endangered status. Also, construct attractions and kiosks to bring in more money so you can place more decorations, purchase more animals or expand the land you own. So, come on down to Zoo World 2 and create your own animal paradise today!

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New Game Added: Zoo World 2

by Aethyna Sep 9, 2015
Many animals from around the world are facing extinction. In one last desperate bid for hope, you're charged with setting up a zoo that can house these animals. Create terrains that suit the animals, feed them and breed them to create enough offsprings to save them from their endangered status. So, can you help? Visitor center in Zoo World 2 Zoo World 2: Callithrax monkeys Tundra scenery in Zoo World 2 Read More
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