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Zoo Mumba 8 rate Set up your very own virtual zoo by building animal habitats and populating them, with a variety of animals. Take good care of them and you can even breed them later on. Place additional buildings and booths while ensuring that your zoo is clean at all times to keep your visitors coming back for more! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Welcome to the craziest virtual zoo on the internet, Zoo Mumba! Set up your very own virtual zoo by building animal habitats and populating them, with a variety of animals, ranging from the common monkeys and wolves, to even exotic and endangered creatures like the giant panda and rhinos. Be sure to take good care of them as you’ll want to try to breed them later on. Place additional attractions and refreshment booths and ensure that your zoo is as spotless as it can be to keep your visitors happy. Visitors that are happy will contribute to the rise in popularity of your zoo! So, do you think you’ll be able to build the best virtual zoo ever? Well, pop over to Zoo Mumba and put your managerial skills and creativity to test today!


Before opening your virtual zoo up to the general public, you’ll need to first buy animal habitats from the shop and then place them on your zoo. There are many types of habitats and different habitats are suitable for different types of animals. Be sure not to place the wrong type of animals into the wrong habitat! Also, don’t forget to connect your animal habitats with pathways, so your visitors can walk around and see the park when it opens!

Right, once you have the habitats, it’s time to buy some animals! There are quite a range of animals available for purchase in Zoo Mumba. They range from common animals like the rabbit, lion and rhino, to more exotic animals like the meerkat, opossum, kangaroo and the endangered kiwi. Habitats can contain a limited number of animals though, so if you ran out of space, you’ll then need to buy a new habitat to house your extra animals.

You can also actually specify which gender of animal you want in the shop and honestly speaking, it’s always best to get a pair (1 male and 1 female animal) so that you can breed them and get baby animals. Once you have both male and female animals in your habitat, the option to breed them will pop up (but you’ll need to first fulfill their basic needs by providing them with food and water). It’ll take some time for the baby animal to arrive and it’ll also cost you some in-game cash to breed one. However, if you can’t wait, you can skip all the hassle and just adopt a baby animal instead by spending some premium cash.

Being the director of a zoo as well as the zookeeper, you mustn’t forget to take good care of your animals. For instance, when you see your animals running around in a somewhat frantic manner, this means that they are hungry. You must then feed them the correct food type – you can buy various animal food, including meat, fruits, and grasses, at the store, and don’t forget about water, which can also be purchased at the store, as well! Keep your animals clean and healthy, and brush them when needed. Last but not least, these animals need some love from you, so do pet them from time to time.

Now, onwards to the business side of keeping a zoo! There are plenty of ways for you to earn money (PetPenny) so that you can fill your zoo with more habitats and animals, one of which includes picking up profits made from the sale of admission tickets at the zoo entrance. You can also build attractions and refreshment booths to supplement the profits you gained from the ticket sales. You can even collect cash from habitats, and naturally, you can upgrade all of these buildings to increase profits too. Did you notice the animal balloons floating around in your zoo? Well, you can get some bonus money by popping them as well!

As more and more visitors frequent your zoo, the more garbage will be generated. So, do make sure to keep an eye out for trash and littering as you patrol your zoo. Pick up the litter and keep your zoo clean so that visitors will be happy. Happiness is important in Zoo Mumba. This is because the happier your visitors are, the better your rating on the Zoo-O-Meter will be. This rating will in turn attract or turn away new visitors to your zoo. Therefore, you’ll need to ensure that your rating is going up at all times!

Moreover, in Zoo Mumba, there’s also a management area of the map where you’ll have access to a plethora of other buildings like the workshop, animal nursery, recycling plant, and breeding lab. These buildings can be built, when you reached the necessary level, to help you quicken the game’s many processes, such as breeding. There are also plenty of locations that you’ll eventually unlock as you progress in the game. Discover them all in Zoo Mumba!


Join the community of virtual zoo-keepers on Zoo Mumba’s Facebook fan page! The page was liked approximately 140 thousand times and despite the age of the game, the community at Zoo Mumba is still growing, albeit a bit slowly. If you want to meet and add new friends who play the game, feel free to drop by at their fan page or even better, at their community forums and say hi!

Graphics/ Sound

Zoo Mumba offers an impressive cartoony-like 3D graphics with a rather unique art style. The animal models are incredibly detailed and also beautifully designed. The same can be said for the various buildings and habitats in the game as well. In terms of sound, the game provides a very catchy tropical-themed music that is pleasant to listen to and will definitely gt you in the mood as you tend to your zoo.


In short, Zoo Mumba is a nicely-developed management/ zoo simulation game that allows you to establish and manage your very own virtual zoo! In this game, you will have to populate your zoo with adorable animals, both exotic and common ones, by placing them in habitats that you’ve constructed. Place additional attractions and refreshment booths to gain some extra cash which you can use to purchase even more animals. Keep your zoo animals happy by taking good care of them and don’t forget to get a male and a female animal so that you can breed them to produce baby animals as well! So, are you ready to build the best zoo of all time in Zoo Mumba and make it famous worldwide? Play this game now then!

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New Game Added: Zoo Mumba

by Aethyna Aug 21, 2015
Set up your very own virtual zoo by building animal habitats and populating them, with a variety of animals. Take good care of them and you can even breed them later on. Place additional buildings and booths while ensuring that your zoo is clean at all times to keep your visitors coming back for more! Pond in Zoo Mumba Zoo Mumba: Welcome to the zoo Rhinos in Zoo Mumba Read More
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