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by Aethyna
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“Shoot everything!” That’s the tagline of this fast-paced MMO shooter game, Zombies Monsters Robots! In this game, you get to team up with fellow players to stop the incoming waves of zombies, monsters and robots as well as take on boss monsters, or you could sign up for some thrilling PvP action! Besides enemy players or mobs, there are also environmental hazards that will keep you on your toes in this game. The in-game mechanics are solid, and the game features a huge variety of fun game modes for both PvE and PvP as well! You can even customize not only your weapons, but also your character along with his or her outfit. Sounds like a whole lot of fun? Great then, you can get Zombies Monsters Robots for free and start shooting!


The gameplay in Zombies Monsters Robots is pretty unique despite containing plenty of mechanics from Gears of War (both games are produced by the same developers). For instance, the controls in this game are rather different from other MMO shooters. Instead of ‘shift’, you’ll be using ‘spacebar’ to toggle run, while you can double tap the ‘spacebar’ to roll. For players who love using sniper rifles, the controls are a bit different as well! Instead of right clicking to scope, you’ll need to right click first to zoom a little bit, and then press the middle mouse button to actually use your scope. It’s also nice to see that you can take cover behind objects in this game – the line-of-sight as well as collision system works fine in the game – and that you could even vault over objects!

Furthermore, reloading is quite distinct in this game. During reload, a bar with a moving indicator and a narrow white area (on the bar) will pop up. You will need to hit R again when the indicator reaches the narrow white area for a bonus damage boost and faster reload. If you miss the white area, your weapon will be jammed and it takes forever (not really, but long enough to get your character eaten by monsters) to get it unjammed again.
Not to mention, the game boasts of a nice variety of enemies for you to fight. Some mobs may even explode if you don’t kill them fast enough, making each game as exhilarating as the next one. Moreover, the guns that the enemies carry will be dropped when they are killed. The best part is that you can pick these guns up and use them! Thus, you can get access to some pretty cool weapons in-game, such as flamethrower, rocket launcher and sniper rifles, even though you may not be able to afford or buy them at all in the shop. If any of your teammate has fallen, you can creep over there to help revive them as well!

Zombies Monsters Robots is a game that has intense and robust game modes for both co-op PvE and PvP, besides having a whole lot of variety! For co-op PvE, you are provided with up to 4 different difficulties to play, namely easy, advanced, expert and even a nightmare (will require tickets to play)!

The game modes in co-op PvE include assault, massive assault, kill everything 1 and as well as assault, paranormal or extinction ops. Assault and massive assault modes are generally the same – what you need to do in this game mode is to withstand waves after waves of monsters, zombies and robots with 4 (assault) or 7 (massive) of your other teammates. The maps in assault mode are much smaller than massive assault mode due to the number of players involved. Maps in massive assault mode are much more open as well – this means that the maps lack places for you to hide!

For any of the ‘ops’-labelled modes (3-5 players), instead of having an open map, you are given a linear path, much like the campaign mode of any shooter games. However, it’s interesting to note that there is a huge boss battle at the end. The boss fights are a bit like Borderlands whereby you’ll need to hit a certain place on the boss in order to do acceptable damage. You and your team will also be spending a lot of time dodging the lasers or other hazards from the boss as well! The different types of ops mainly refers to the type of enemies you’ll be facing, for example, for paranormal ops, you’ll be facing overwhelming hordes of zombies, while for extinction ops, you’ll be taking on fast, agile and cunning dinosaurs instead!

The kill everything modes are a bit like a defensive Left4Dead game in which you and your team have to hold down an area while killing waves of the undead. These zombies will try to get to you and your team through various means and this includes bursting through windows and doors. Therefore, in this mode, players are able to repair broken doors and windows to help slow down the mob waves. There are also traps that you can place and active! What’s the difference between the 1 and the 2 of the kill everything mode? Well, for kill everything 2, there are additional objectives for you to complete. For instance, you may be asked to kill ‘X’ number of zombies using shotguns or sniper rifles. The difficulty is much higher in the second mode and you’ll need to withstand much more waves of the zombies too!

By completing co-op PvE modes, you will earn in-game money (gold) and bullet tokens. These special bullets have 4 different varieties that correspond to each of the difficulties of the mode. You can then use the bullets at the shooting gallery. Aim and shoot at the targets using these special bullets to win some loot, which include revive tokens, weapon parts and many others! In addition, you can even complete daily missions to earn rep for speciality items like boosts and the occasional, random guns.

For competitive PvP, the modes are pretty standard and they include team deathmatch, elimination, king of the hill, demolition and free-for-all. However, the game provides an extensive number of ways a match host can customize his or her matches. They can choose how many players to include, the objective/s needed to win the game, any limitations (like melee only or snipers only) and of course map type.

Besides having a huge number of them, maps are a whole other interesting aspect in Zombies Monsters Robots. This is because some maps have environmental hazards in them. Environmental hazards range from swinging blades, moving mine carts as well as dust storms with intermittent strong wind that works against you when you run. One of the maps to note is the bullet train map. In this map, you’ll be fighting against other players on top of a rapidly moving train. The train will occasionally go through tunnels that will make the whole screen very dark; making it extremely hard to see the enemy during this time. Furthermore, if you’re fighting on the topmost level of the train, you must remember to duck when the train goes through the tunnels. If not, you’ll probably get killed by an overhead sign in the tunnel!

Let’s not forget about the weapon varieties in Zombies Monsters Robots! Most items can be purchased using gold, the most common in-game currency in the game, but there are some items, mainly weapon mods that are premium currency only. Weapons in this game are unfortunately not permanent, even if you use real money to buy them – being a free-to-play game, the game needs to have a source of income after all. Thankfully though, it’s very easy to earn gold in the game.

Last but not least, you are even allowed to customize your character in Zombies Monsters Robots… something that is rarely heard of in most MMO shooter games. You can change your character’s facial features, hairstyle and color, skin color and outfits. After all, you’ll definitely want your character to look cool when he/she’s dishing out headshots and kill streaks, right?


While the game does not have its own forums, the community in Zombies Monsters Robots mainly congregates around its Reddit page for some intense discussions, as well as game feedback and guides. There is also a Facebook fan page for this game, which will keep you updated on the latest news and development from the game developers. You can also join the various gamers in this game on Twitch or Youtube to watch some awesome gameplay videos.

Graphics/ Sound

Zombies Monsters Robots has really awesome-looking 3D graphics that rivals that of buy-to-play stand-alone games! The environment in the game looks very well-polished and its guns look really realistic. The character models are pretty well-done as well! While there’s music when you’re in the lobby, there isn’t any music during matches. Without any music to distract you, you can focus on the sounds that matter in the game – the sounds of gunfire and of enemies creeping up behind you.


All in all, Zombies Monsters Robots is an extremely fun and addictive MMO shooter game that has an excellent PvE aspect, which include different assault, ops and kill everything modes, though its PvP is pretty much standard. The map variety is simply amazing! The controls and mechanics in this game are refreshing and very interesting as they are somewhat distinct from other MMO shooters. You may need to take some time to get used to the new game mechanics. Despite their limited duration, there are a huge variety of weapons that you can buy as well! You can also customize your character and weapons in the game. If you would like to play a game that allows you to shoot at anything and everything (that includes zombies, monsters, robots and now even dinosaurs, then Zombies Monsters Robots is the perfect game for you! Give it a go today!

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