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Zombie Defense 10 rate With impressive graphics and sound; unique gameplay; many game modes, levels and upgrades; as well as hours after hours of zombie-slaying fun, Zombie Defense is honestly a hard game to pull yourself away from. Fan of TD games, you have been warned - Try the game at the peril of losing all of your free time! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Zombie Defense is an amazingly unique “breed” of tower defense game whereby these “towers”, or gun-toting people to be exact, can and must be moved from the various fixed spots available on the map whenever the zombies get too close to avoid getting slain. The game features an impressive range of game modes, which are consisted of many levels of varying difficulties, as well as a huge tech tree where you can put the money you’ve earned from killing zombies to good use. If you’re a huge fan of anything TD, Zombie Defense is definitely a game you would not want to miss. Play it on Steam or on your mobile devices now!


If you’ve installed this game in anticipated of a generic tower defense game, you’ll definitely be in for a surprise. Zombie Defense is pretty unique in terms of its gameplay.

So basically, most “traditional” tower defense games allow you build towers to defend certain predetermined lanes. The towers can be freely built anywhere on the map or it can be restricted to only the slots provided on the map. Towers in these sort of games most definitely do not move.

In Zombie Defense, your “towers” are actually various troopers that you can recruit and deploy on any of the available green or yellow spots on the map. Since they are supposedly tiny little digital people, you can move them about depending on need as long as they are stationed on any of the circles on the ground. In fact, moving your soldiers is a very crucial – and I can’t emphasize this enough – part of the game. You’ll need to, sometimes, slow down the speed of the gameplay just so you can quickly move your soldiers whenever any zombie gets too close to them, especially the incredibly tough-to-kill boss zombies... and yes, your soldiers can get injured and die (but not resurrected as a zombie after death) in this game. This can suck mightily if you happen to lose your highest damage unit in a game, so make sure you cherish your troopers and move them when needed.

To move your troops, you simply need to click on your unit and double click on the spot you want him to go. Soldiers that are in motion can’t be attacked by zombies since they supposedly can outrun a zombie in this game. However, this logic kind of failed when your solider had to push his way right through a throng of zombies without so much as a scratch – game logic for the win! That being said, this is also an important game mechanism to make full use of especially when you are being overrun by zombies from all sides.

Interestingly, the game also offers plenty of small but significantly strategic bonuses if you, for example, make use of the barriers constructed around an area or even high ground. Soldiers stationed on higher ground gain a slight damage and range increase, allowing them to be more efficient at gunning down zombies. Of course, most high ground locations only have 1 way in and out, so you’ll need to keep a close eye on your units and move them out of harm’s reach before they get completely surrounded.

There’s also another advantage that you should most certainly make use of and it’s the very spots your soldiers are currently standing on. These spots can be upgraded from green to yellow to give any soldiers stationed there a nice boost to their stats. If you happen to have additional upgrades unlocked and researched via the upgrade tree, you can even add some extra protection for your units who are standing in any of the upgraded spots.

Similar to other tower defense games though, Zombie Defense provides a really wide range of both zombies and units. In addition to the tough Boss zombies, there are also zombies that walk (Walkers); crawl (Crawlers); and run (Runners). That’s not all – you even have to content with fast running zombie dogs and even faster swooping zombie birds. Thankfully, the game provides an equally, or perhaps more, variety of troopers and turrets that you can unlock and deploy (at a cost) onto the battlefield. Some units are specially designed to counter certain types of zombies, though generally, all units can dish out substantial damage especially when they are positioned correctly and upgraded.

Due to the challenging nature of Zombie Defense’s many levels, there will definitely be time when you’ll need some extra form of aid. That’s where supply crates come in. These will spawn from time to time for free and each crate contain some flammable or explosive devices depending on your crate upgrades (grenades, molotovs or dynamites). Only the soldier who picked up the crate will get the goodies, so you may need to remember who has what in their pockets just so it’s easier for you to select the correct trooper when you needed that extra bang.

However, you could also call down extra supply crates at the cost of $200 in-game cash. There’s a cooldown that you’ll need to wait out in between supply drops, but generally, if you have the cash to spare, you can keep your troops well-stocked with explosive items. There are also other tools at your disposal once you get them unlocked at the upgrade tree and if they are available in the level you’re playing in, such as manning the APC or the bulldozer, as well as calling down airstrikes.

Talking about upgrade tree, there are 2 forms of upgrades in Zombie Defense – the Regular ones and the Gold upgrades. Now, before you start yelling “Pay-to-win”, you should know that Gold upgrades can be purchased using in-game cash you’ve collected by playing levels as well. So, unless you decide to sink in some real money to buy in-game cash to skip the hours you would need to spend to gather up the necessary game cash, you don’t really need to pay anything to advance in this game. Anyway, the Gold upgrades are merely extra permanent perks that will make your zombie-killing life a lot easier, but they are entirely optional.

The cash you’ll need to unlock new units or buy upgrades can be gathered by playing the game. However, this also means that you’ll need to save up on cash whenever you’re playing a level just so you can end the level with more money. Each level has 3 stars for you to earn as well. Each star earned will bump up the level’s difficulty by a notch, but it will also allow you to earn more money as a result. That being said, once you’ve successfully completed the first round of zombie waves, you could simply choose to end the level right then and there, and proceed to the next level.

For players who have gotten themselves hooked to the game, they will definitely rejoice at the fact that Zombie Defense has a nice selection of game modes, each consisting of tons of levels. Aside from the Regular and Nightmare modes which are pretty much self-explanatory, there are also game modes like TV Challenge, where you have to station your units so they could protect the camera man of a reality TV show; Boss Challenge in which every wave will have at least 1 Boss zombie; and the 3-man Challenge where you can only deploy up to 3 units. Assuming that you’ll also be striving to get 3 stars for each level completed, Zombie Defense is definitely the sort of game that can offer you hundreds of hours of zombie-slaying fun.


Since the game isn’t an MMO, there aren’t any guilds in this game. However, the game has a growing Steam community since its release in addition to its existing (and thriving) mobile community. The game’s website is currently under “renovation”, but I think it’s safe to assume the site will also contain a forum of sorts for players to get their heads together and figure out ways to defeat any particularly difficult level.

Graphics/ Sound

Zombie Defense doesn’t only have an incredibly addictive gameplay; the game also features an epic zombie/ post-apocalyptic theme. The maps are all very well-designed and are challenging enough to keep you constantly on your toes. The game also provides a soundtrack that brings to mind The Walking Dead and some really creepy sound effects.


To sum up, Zombie Defense is an addictively fun and unique tower defense/ strategy game that will make you wonder where all the free time you had has gone whenever you boot up the game. The game even offers a huge range of game modes, some of which are pretty special; along with a slew of upgrades that you can buy using the cash you earn in the game. Couple that with impressive graphics, realistic sound and hours after hours of zombie-slaying excitement, Zombie Defense is definitely a hard game to pull yourself away from. Fan of TD games, you have been warned - Try the game at the peril of losing all of your free time!

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New Game Added: Zombie Defense

by Aethyna Oct 6, 2016
With impressive graphics and sound; unique gameplay; many game modes, levels and upgrades; as well as hours after hours of zombie-slaying fun, Zombie Defense is honestly a hard game to pull yourself away from. Fan of TD games, you have been warned - Try the game at the peril of losing all of your free time! Boss zombie in Zombie Defense Zombie Defense: Crawlers and Walkers Escaping from zombies in Zombie Defense Read More
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