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by Kim
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Youda Sushi Chef 9 rate Sharpen your chef skills and test your memory as you open a series of sushi restaurants in Youda Sushi Chef. You'll be arranging and rolling challenging sushi dishes and serving them to your hungry but eager customers. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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In Youda Sushi Chef, you’ll be rolling sushi and serving sake to your customers, decorate your restaurant and building a great sushi franchise to dominate the culinary world. Prepare to be the quickest chef in town to satisfy your patrons in this challenging time management game.


When you start the game, you can choose your chef’s gender and give him/her a name. Choose from two modes: Very Easy and Normal, and then click Play. Now, you have your first restaurant (there is a maximum of six that you can own). You are then guided to a short but informative tutorial of the game’s basics, which will help you complete Day 1 of your first restaurant.

The objective of the game is simple enough for a cooking game: meet the income goal of your restaurant for the day. In your restaurant, a customer arrives and orders a sushi dish. First, you need to know how to make the dish, so you open your Sushi recipe book and take note of the ingredients and quantity needed. You then arrange the ingredients in the sushi roller, roll them and serve it to your customer.

The dish gets queued on a conveyor belt which delivers the order to the customer’s table. If you make a mistake in adding an ingredient to the roller, there’s a back button on the bottom that you can use to put the last ingredient added back to its tray. When you make the order incorrectly, it results to a brown pile of goo in the plate. You will need to click on it to throw it away and start making the order again. You might not have the time to click on each incorrect order to clear them though, so such cases, you can purchase a trash vacuum that automatically removes the bad orders.

When your customers are done eating, you need to clear each of their plates by clicking on it. A customer’s payment is automatically added to your money counter found on the bottom-right corner of the screen. Later on, you can buy an upgrade called Clear Plate button, which clears all empty plates with just a push of a button.

The ingredients you use to make the sushi will eventually run out, and if that happens, you need to click on the phone to order more. You can choose to order toppings, rice or sake. You can have the orders delivered for free, but it will take a few seconds, or you can choose express delivery for a fee of ¥ 50. Whatever ingredient you order will become unavailable from your preparation area until it is delivered.

Customers should be the priority of any self-respecting business and this includes yours. In this game, your customers have a “happiness” meter, and this will count down as they’re waiting for their food. If this starts to happen, you can keep them entertained with a knife trick by clicking on the knife beside the sushi roller or you can serve them sake by dragging the sake bottle to their table. The worst thing that can happen is a customer leaving without being served, so do your best to make their orders as fast as you can.

While the game doesn’t have power-ups, you can double or triple your earnings by creating the same dish twice or more in a row. This also happens when you clear more than one plate at the same time, which is only possible with a Clear Plate button that you can get from an upgrade.

Again, the ultimate goal is for your restaurant to earn the indicated income at the start of the day, so check on your money counter on the bottom-right corner to see if you’re close. There’s a time meter on the top of the screen to show the day’s progress. When it reaches the end, it means the day is ending and you are down to your last customer. By this time, you should have earned enough to go through to the next day.

After you complete a day, you are given the choice to either continue to the next day or do some upgrades. Upgrades are not hard to get in this game, as long as you’ve earned enough in your first few days. You can upgrade the sushi roller for faster rolling, the telephone for faster deliveries, a better conveyor belt for bringing the plates to the table faster and even a fancier knife for more impressive knife tricks. In addition to this, you can add decorations to your restaurant like a fish tank, nice curtains and more chairs.

As you progress and complete each day, the sushi dishes get more challenging. But don’t worry, the upgrades are also more useful that you can meet the challenge head on. For instance, there is an upgrade for a computer for ordering ingredients, which lets you order more than one topping at the same time. This makes multitasking more effective while serving your customers better.


Youda Sushi Chef has a growing community of sushi-rolling gamers. You can visit their Facebook page for news about the game. There are also wikis and forums dedicated to the game, so if you’re looking for tips and strategies, be sure to check them out.


The graphics of this game is nothing to write home about, but it certainly is not too bad that it takes away from the overall gaming experience. While some sharpness may be lacking in most of its smaller objects, the images are still bright and colorful, and the dishes look absolutely lips-smacking, which is all that really matters in a cooking game. The music is appropriate for its Asian theme. You’ll find that it can calm you down even in frantic situations.


Youda Sushi Chef is a great game if don’t want an overly complicated time management, cooking-themed game. It allows you to adjust the difficulty setting, so you have more than one way of playing this game. Achievable upgrade options also make it easier to complete challenging rounds. With up to six restaurants to open, you have a lot of room to improve your sushi-making and your time management skills to complete each challenge. With this flexible cooking game, you’re sure to have a blast rolling sushi and serving sake to your most loyal and eager customers.

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New Game Added: Youda Sushi Chef

by Kim Apr 21, 2016
Sharpen your chef skills and test your memory as you open a series of sushi restaurants in Youda Sushi Chef. You'll be arranging and rolling challenging sushi dishes and serving them to your hungry but eager customers. Same dish combo in Youda Sushi Chef Youda Sushi Chef waiting customers Dish preparation in Youda Sushi Chef Read More
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