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Xenon Racer 10 rate Xenon Racer is an indie racing game that has the look and feel of a triple-A title. Put your racing and drifting skills to the ultimate test by taking on the various race tracks scattered all around the globe! Drive your way to the top of the leaderboard in its multiplayer mode or to the coveted trophy in its single-player championship mode! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Summary Gameplay Community Graphics/ Sound Conclusion Note: This is an Open Beta review/ first impression of the highly-anticipated indie racing game, Xenon Racer.


Despite being an indie racing game, Xenon Racer has the look and feel of a triple-A title. From the varied race tracks to the insane amount of options you get when customizing your race car, the game is designed to suit a player’s skill level, regardless of which level that may be. Aside from its two single-player modes, you can also take on other human players in online tournaments or simply play with your friends via split-screen mode.


In addition to looking amazingly great, Xenon Racer has some exciting gameplay as well. The controls in this game are fairly easy to get a hang of, especially if you’ve spent some time on the tracks. You’ll be using the WAD keys to drive your car while the “S” key is used to stop your vehicle and to then put it in reverse.

I really like that you’re given several ways to perform a drift, but personally, I like using the handbrake (spacebar) because it’s just easier for me. A quick tip if you will – Don’t press and hold the key because your car will just grind to a halt. Tap it briefly instead and start turning your steering wheel to avoid bumping into the barriers on the side. There are also several keys that you can use to adjust your camera view (the “V” key, tap on the key to go through the different views) and angle (the arrow keys).

Aside from drifting, you will also be able to use the Energy Recovery System (ERS), a.k.a. “nitro boost”, in this game. You can charge your ERS by performing drifts or by driving over ground recharge points (these can be spotted very easily) and you can store up to three units of speed boosts. To activate a unit of boost, simply tap on the Enter key. Naturally, you’ll want to use your nitros during long stretches of fairly straight roads to maximize the speed increase you’ll get, but at times, even with nitro on, you can still perform a pretty good drift as long as the corner isn’t too tight. The tracks in this game can be quite wide, after all!

Xenon Racer comes with two single-player modes, championship, and fast race, where you’ll race against AI bots, and 2 multiplayer modes where you can choose to race your friends online or while being on the same couch via split screen. There’s another game mode called “Edge mode”, but I’m not really sure what that mode actually is since it’s not available during the open beta. Guess you’ll just have to buy the game and check it out yourself!

In addition to having a fun and challenging gameplay, another important aspect of any great racing game is having sufficient customization options. You can check out the variety of ways you can personalize your race car at the garage.

From the wheels and rims to the “wings” of your car, to even the ERS system equipped, you can tune your car up the way you want just so it can fit your play style. You can save a customized version for every car type (Each car brand comes in two models – normal and performance) in this game, which will basically let you save up to around twenty versions in total.

However, take note that not every component will change the stats of your car – some are purely cosmetic. I also can’t seem to find a way to change the decals on my car in the game. It’s a feature that’ll probably be available in the full version of the game.

Love taking pics of your coolest tune-ups? Well, Xenon Racer comes with a camera mode so you can capture screenshots of your race cars to your heart’s content! That being said, I think this feature can definitely be made more user-friendly. For instance, it’d be nice to be able to rotate your vehicle using the mouse rather having to wait until the very slow auto-rotation system to turn your car to the position you want before activating the camera mode. By the way, there’s no Capture button in this mode – you just need to use the default screenshot key, which is F12 for Steam.


Like most racing games, Xenon Racer has two main multiplayer modes in addition to its single player ones. You can opt to play with other players all around the world as well as your friends via its online mode or you can invite some friends over to your place and play the game via the split screen mode instead! You can also keep track of your and your friends’ scores via the leaderboard.

Not to mention, the game is available on both PC and major consoles so you can play with your friends regardless of which platform they are on.

Graphics/ Sound

Granted that the quality dips a bit during races, especially when you have the ERS activated, the graphics in Xenon Racer are generally pretty breathtaking! There are plenty of incredibly scenic views along each track that will make you just want to stop and take a pic. The dance-style soundtracks used in this game are amazingly suitable for the high-octane gameplay as well.


Xenon Racer is definitely a racing game that fans of the genre will want to keep an eye on! The gameplay is fast, challenging and incredibly fun; it looks fantastic and plays like a well-polished game, and it also has plenty of customization options for you to truly turn a generic-looking race car into one of your own.

Xenon Racer is slated to be released on March 26th, but if you’re super eager to try the game out, the open beta version of the game is currently available for free on Steam until March 6th. So, if you’re interested, be sure to check the game out! Plus, if you’re good enough, you might be able to win a free copy of the game during its launch!

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Xenon Racer is an indie racing game that has the look and feel of a triple-A title. Put your racing and drifting skills to the ultimate test by taking on the various race tracks scattered all around the globe! Drive your way to the top of the leaderboard in its multiplayer mode or to the coveted trophy in its single-player championship mode! Xenon Racer: Tokyo race track Customizing the race car in Xenon Racer Xenon Racer: Nitro boost Read More

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