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World of Warplanes 9 rate Join the great battle for the skies in a stunning MMO FPS that uses airplanes from all eras of warfare. Customize your aircraft, and upgrade to new planes as you prepare for war in the air. Complete objectives, kill your enemies and work as a team to become the best pilot. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Do you feel the yearning for the sky? Perhaps you are not able to be a pilot in real life for various reasons, but you could still be an ace pilot in World of Warplanes! This game provides stunning plane models, huge variety of maps, realistic and challenging gameplay (even when you’re facing game-generated bots), and many customization features for your warplane! There are also missions for you to undertake and plenty of exciting team-play. If you have an unquenchable thirst for awesome aerial combat, well, World of Warplanes is recruiting! Sign up now!


World of Warplanes features some of the best illustrated plane models. The warplanes in this game can be, basically, separated into 4 classes – Fighter, multirole fighter, heavy fighter and attack aircraft. Each plane will have different attack capacities as well as other attributes like airspeed, maximum altitude, armor and maneuverability. For example, attack aircraft have lower airspeed and maneuverability, but they have far greater weapon capability and can drop bombs or shoot rockets in addition to being able to withstand higher altitudes and have stronger armor. Bigger planes will also require a crew to fly, so you may want to try out each type of planes before selecting one to specialize in.

This game is not like any kind of air combat games where all you need to do is just aim and start spraying bullets. There are 2 important factors when flying a plane in this game – the airspeed and altitude of your aircraft. Luckily, the game provides a marked, bright green area in the airspeed and altitude indicators to show you the ‘safe’ airspeed and altitude for your plane. Whenever your pointers (The arrow on the indicator) have exceeded or fallen below the marked areas, your plane will be in trouble of stalling and eventually crashing to the ground. Trying to fly your plane without crashing while trying to avoid bullets and doing complex maneuvers to out flank your enemies can be extremely difficult. You will require some skills even to just make a hit. However, with plenty of practice, the controls can be rather manageable.

Furthermore, the combat system in World of Warplanes is absolutely realistic. For instance, you would soon realize that planes are unable to turn sharp corners and will have to fly the long way around. This is also why the game has a lead-compensating aiming point, especially when attacking moving targets that are at a distance – you will need to compensate for the distance your bullets will have to travel before hitting the target. However, this also means that when shooting at targets that are too far away, your bullets will fall short instead. Luckily, with a distance indicator right above your quarry, you can easily wait for the exact moment, when you’re close enough, to start firing those guns!

Players are able to fly their planes at full throttle in World of Warplanes. This extra thrust is extremely important when trying to outrun an enemy plane which is on your tail and can save your plane from a certain explosive end when used at critical moments. However, this engine boost will overheat when used for too long at a time, so remember to conserve the boost for emergencies or for pursuing an enemy to deal that final blow.

Since the game also offers bombing runs whereby you will need to drop a bomb directly over moving battleships or cargo ships, it is only logical for the game to provide varying camera angles. For bombing runs, you can easily switch from a frontal view to a downward view so that you can see the ships that you are flying over. The game also helpfully added a targeting circle that changes to green when you successfully aimed on a target. During aerial battles, you can even switch camera views to see the enemy planes that are flying below you or behind you (if you have rear-guns on your plane).

In World of Warplanes, players are given a huge range of customization features for their aircraft, including different variety of modules and paint schemes. Modules are technically aircraft weapons, such as machine guns and autocannons, which you can upgrade by buying them at the depot and mounting them on your plane. There are also a variety of emblems and nose art (the nose of the plane) that you can mark your planes with in addition to the list of camouflage paints that, when used, can increase the camouflage rating of your aircraft, making it far harder to spot.

If you don’t like your current plane, you can collect the other plane models by defeating it in combat (in Player-vs-Bot fights) or by spending the accumulated credits (in-game money) that you’ve earned in your previous combats. There is also another way to improve your plane though – by researching in its tech tree. Generally, the tech tree in World of Warplanes is separated into 5 nations, namely the U.S.A., the U.S.S.R., Germany, Japan and the U.K. By spending your experience points in research in, for example, the Japan tech tree, you can unlock a whole new range of Japan-made aircraft. However, do note that you will still need to spend credits to purchase the plane before you are allowed to take it into the sky.

It’s obvious you are itching to take your new flying machine out for a spin! Why not try out the team combat in this game? Don’t worry about long queues; they are practically non-existent in World of Warplanes, especially in Player vs Bot fights. This is because the game has an in-built feature that allows any remaining space in your team to be filled with bots as well and honestly, these bots have some of the best-designed and intelligent AI. They will definitely give you the sky battle of your life!

There are also achievements that you can strive for in World of Warplanes that range from service awards, honorary ranks, tiered decorations, insignia's, distinguished badges and many more by performing feats of valor and skill! These achievements can be pretty hard to get, particularly when successfully surviving an aerial combat is tough enough. However, if you think you are up for it, why not give it a shot?


As compared to its predecessor, World of Tanks, this game may not have as huge a following, but it is still a pretty popular game within the esports community. The developers have set up a site dedicated for esport news on World of Warplanes and there have been plenty of tournaments held in the game (with the associated live streaming to the game’s dedicated esport fans). In the World of Warplanes forum, players from around the world generously contribute tips and hints to other players and are willing to take budding pilots under their wing. With time, World of Warplanes may even rival World of Tanks in terms of the size of their communities!


Similarly to World of Tanks, World of Warplanes features astounding terrains and sceneries. The beautiful plane models are very detailed and well-designed and the animation of the planes soaring through the air is flawless.

The fantastic graphics of the game is coupled with inspirational background music and realistic sound effects. The music changes depending on the map or terrain you are playing in. For instance, you may hear an Arabic-influenced music when you are flying over the desert and a more tropical sound when you’re flying in a map filled with rain forests.


World of Warplanes is an entertaining, but very challenging MMOFPS/ flight simulation game to play. Its controls may seem simple to grasp, but you will need a certain level of piloting skills (or a mass of luck) if you ever hope to score a hit, perhaps due to its realistic gameplay (you do feel as though you are maneuvering a plane!). Teamwork also forms a strong base for the game. By assisting your teammates and instead of going solo, you will further ensure victory. Even during Player vs Bot fights, the importance of teamwork prevails as the bots in this game are extremely intelligent and cunning. Players are also given plenty of opportunities to customize their planes to their liking and to unlock new planes by researching or completing missions. If you’ve always wanted to feel what it feels like to be a fighter pilot in the World War era and to experience thrilling aerial combat, enlist at World of Warplanes and start your tour of duty today!

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New Game Added: World of Warplanes

by Aethyna Dec 10, 2014
Join the great battle for the skies in a stunning MMO FPS that uses airplanes from all eras of warfare. Customize your aircraft, and upgrade to new planes as you prepare for war in the air. Complete objectives, kill your enemies and work as a team to become the best pilot. World of Warplanes Chasing the Prey Close Call in World of Warplanes World of Warplanes Battle in The Skies Read More
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