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World of Tanks: Blitz 9 rate Based on the popular online tank simulator game, World of Tanks: Blitz provides an easy-to-learn game mechanism and a fast-paced combat to keep players who are more in action games engaged. It also features different set of tanks with different capabilities, along with a ton of customizations on offer. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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World of Tanks: Blitz is a spinoff game from the popular World of Tanks on the PC. Featuring a more an arcade-like gameplay and fast paced combat compared to the original, it also features different set of tanks with different capabilities. The game also allows cross platform gaming where players using iOS, Android, Mac and Windows players can participate with each other.


The game is set during the World War II era, but despite having no story plot involved, it still managed to use real tanks and vehicles during that era and managed to showcase real locations in Europe.


Unlike the original World of Tanks where the gameplay is slower and the controls are very complex along with other technicalities such as weather and wind speed effects. Here in World of Tanks Blitz, it is more on fast paced action and without any worry of other complex functions that would make the game pace slower.

The controls of Blitz are very basic, the left part of your smart phone screen lets you steer and move your tank to any direction, some tanks may steer faster while some can accelerate more. The right part of the screen lets you aim and adjust your view, you can also press the fire button to attack on where you aim your weapon or zoom in to aim at enemies from afar but you will be open from other attacks nearby.

The controls are very responsive as there are no issues on using the control scheme, though some players who are used with real gamepads might have some difficulty using digital buttons. There are also healing items available on your right panel to restore any damaged parts of your tank to increase your survival rate. However, these items are consumable and they can run out pretty fast.

There are four varieties of tanks in the game; light tanks, medium tanks, heavy tanks and tank destroyers. Each having their own different playing styles as well as strengths and weaknesses, take for example the light tank may not survive any direct hits, but it is agile enough to flank enemy tanks and land a lethal blow on its weak spot, heavy tanks may be slow but it can deal massive amount of damage and can survive a series of direct hits from enemy fire. There are over 200 different kinds of tanks available in the game and all of them are based on real tanks that were used during World War II from USA, Europe, Russia, Japan and China.

You can upgrade you tank by improving the tank parts or weapons, you can earn upgrade points by participating and winning matches. Any upgraded parts can unlock new skills or improve its stats to enhance your tank’s full potential. You can restock your ammunition at the hangar and you can pick what kind of ammo that you can use to gain an advantage to some enemy tanks.

In terms of levels, there are around 18 arenas available in the game. All of them are based on real locations during World War II. The level designs are impressive as most areas are filled with higher grounds, obstacles and other terrains that can provide vantage points to teams who are planning their attacks well. There are certain missions that provide challenges to players that when completed, earns them with rewards and bonus items.

The best part in World of Tanks Blitz is the cross-platform support, this allows other players using different platforms such as Android, iOS and Mac to play with players on Windows. And in-game is possible in all supported platforms, team coordination and interaction with players is now easier. There is also the Clan support where you can create your own clan and invite your friends and battle against other rival clans for the top rank.


Since Blitz is using cross platform support, more players are available to play from other platforms, making the community more active. You can invite your friend in the game to join in a match. Every battle will always be full, there is no worry on having an imbalanced team during a 7 versus 7 quickplay match as there will be always a lot of players active.

Graphics/ Sound

Visuals are very impressive, even on the mobile game version. Though the downside when playing on mobile, expect a lot of installation times when playing it for the first time and during patch updates. Sound department is also great, with almost accurate sound effects from World War II arsenals and voiced dialogues to provide audio queues during crucial situations. Music provides a rather epic and classical tune in the game to keep that epic battle and World War II theme alive.


Despite the large file size for mobile, World of Tanks: Blitz is still a fun game to play and not to mention easy to learn. It removes the complexity of the original and provide an arcade-like game experience to help introduce the World of Tanks franchise to new players. And thanks to the great visuals and cross platform support, players will be more engaged in the game.

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New Game Added: World of Tanks: Blitz

by Richard Dec 30, 2016
Based on the popular online tank simulator game, World of Tanks: Blitz provides an easy-to-learn game mechanism and a fast-paced combat to keep players who are more in action games engaged. It also features different set of tanks with different capabilities, along with a ton of customizations on offer. World of Tanks: Blitz: Rolling into battle At the garage in World of Tanks: Blitz World of Tanks: Blitz: Gameplay Read More
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