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Word Wizards 6 rate Help the 2 young wizards match up letters to form words in this exciting word game, Word Wizards! Naturally, the longer the word, the better the score and you’ll also obtain special, explosive tiles that can boost you score when matched. There is even a “boss” level whereby you’ll need to defeat the mean Bully. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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If you enjoy challenging word/ puzzle games, then you’ll definitely enjoy Word Wizards! In this game, you’ll need to help the 2 young wizards find their way around the many letters on the board. Match up letters to form words in order to collect them. Of course, the longer the word, the better the score and you’ll also obtain special tiles, such as the area bomb, corner bomb, cross bomb and many more! There is even a “boss” level whereby you’ll need to defeat the very mean Bully. If you need some help with any of the levels, there are plenty of boosters on offer in this game! So are you a huge fan of word games? If your answer is a resounding “YES!”, well, what are you waiting for? Enhance your vocabulary skills today with Word Wizards!


The game starts off with a very simple tutorial that will be added on with more information as you progress in the game. To play, you’ll need to click and hold on a letter and drag over the other letters you want. Once the word is spelt out, release your click to spell the word. You can spell words from right to left, or diagonally as well.

All words must be at least 3 letters long, but of course, you’ll be allowed to make longer words. In fact, the longer words, the better score you’ll get... well at least most of the time anyway. This is because certain words are differently scored, so be sure to check the letters for the points they represent before matching in order to maximize your score points.

Longer words will also create special tiles. For instance, by spelling a 4-letter word, the game will transform the first letter into a corner bomb. The corner bomb, which is purple in color, is able to clear tiles in an “X” fashion within a 3x3 radius. However, you’ll need to match it up first before you can activate the effect of the special tile.

For 5-letter words, you’ll get the first letter of your word transformed into an area bomb. These blue area bombs are able to clear all tiles, indiscriminately, within a 3x3 radius. Spelling a 6-letter word, on the other hand, will transform the first letter into a corner bomb and the last letter into an area bomb, giving you 2 bombs with 1 word! If you managed to spell out a 7-letter word, the first letter of your word will be transformed into either a row bomb or a column bomb while for an 8-letter word, the first letter of the word will be transformed into a cross bomb instead! Row and column bombs will do exactly as their names described – they will clear an entire row and column of tiles, respectively, when matched. The cross bomb will do the work of both a row and a column bomb, allowing it to take out both row and column of tiles that it is on when matched.

Considering that Word Wizards is more of a word/ puzzle game rather than a classic word game, the game doesn’t provide any time limit. Instead, you’re given limited moves per level to complete the game objectives, which can range from easy, such as clearing a certain number of tiles, to moderate, like clearing all the poison tiles on the board by matching words over them.... even to more complicated level goals, such as trying to gather all the scrolls on the playing field by dropping them down to the bottom row.

There is even a boss level whereby you’ll have to defeat the big mean Bully. In this level, every tile in a word spelled beside the Bully will reduce his strength. The bar displayed on the bully’s broom will show his remaining strength and once all his strength is gone, you’ll then win the level! Most levels aren’t very hard though, so if you’re good enough (and focus on the level goals), you should be able to have some leftover moves. These remaining moves will then be used to randomly transform letters into special tiles at the end of the level and well, the game will activate all these special tiles once the deed is done.

Each level also offers up to 3 stars for you to earn. These stars are granted depending on whether you’ve completed your objectives as well as on the score you’ve obtained for that level. Like most games with this 3-star system, you’ll need to earn at least 1 star to pass the level. After 15 levels, you’ll then reach a new zone. Thankfully, in Word Wizards, new zones can be unlocked without needing to add friends or even beg them for materials.

Of course, there will be times when some of the levels in Word Wizards are too tough to crack. Each failed level will cost you 1 out of your existing 5 lives. These lives will regenerate by themselves over time, but once you’ve used all of them up, you won’t be able to play the game... at least until one of your lives are regenerated. However, if you’re eager to complete that pesky level, you could always spend some real cash to buy more lives.

Need a hand with that difficult level that has gotten you multiple times over? Well, don’t worry! Word Wizards has plenty of boosters that you can buy and use! There are 2 sorts of boosters in this game though, one of which must be purchased and used prior to entering a game. These boosters include extra move, extra vowels, joker tile and special tile. Extra move will provide you with 3 extra moves even before you start the game, which is good when you already know that this level is a tough one. Extra vowels will randomly remove 3 consonants and replace them with vowels before the start of the game. The joker tile, on the other hand, works a lot like the blank tile in Scrabble. It can be used to replace any missing word you need to form a really long word. For the special tile booster, the game will randomly add in several special tiles onto the playing board to give you a good head start. There are also in-game boosters that you can use while you’ve in the middle of a game, such as switch tiles, break obstacle, explode, smasher and reshuffle.


Word Wizards is a rather new game – it is around 1 year-old at the time of review. In spite of that, the game has quite a vibrant word-loving community. The game boasts of having more than 100 thousand monthly active players and around 202 thousand likes on its Facebook fan page. If you love playing Word Wizards with new friends, the game’s fan page is the perfect place for you to find some.

Graphics/ Sound

In terms of graphics, Word Wizards provides quite a nice selection of designs for the special tiles, though the normal tiles may look a tad bit plain. The background images are brightly colored and, in overall, are very nicely done. For sound, the game offers catchy casual tunes that seem like the music you usually get to listen to when watching kids’ cartoons. The music does provide the players with a bit of magical feeling (since it is the theme of the game after all) as they play the game.


In conclusion, Word Wizards is an excellently-designed and unique word/ puzzle game that offers various fun and challenging game types as well as useful special letter tiles. Help the 2 young wizards learn new words as you match up letter tiles while trying to fulfill the game objectives required. Although longer words usually provide you with more score points, there will be times when you’ll definitely need to ditch the idea of creating long words and opt for the short and sweet ones in order to obtain certain helpful special tiles. Having some trouble with a particular level? Well, not to worry! The game also provides a range of useful boosters to help you. Word Wizards is definitely the sort of game that wordies (players who just adore word games) will love and you can learn some new words along the way as well! Do give it a try today!

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New Game Added: Word Wizards

by Aethyna Aug 12, 2015
Help the 2 young wizards match up letters to form words in this exciting word game, Word Wizards! Naturally, the longer the word, the better the score and you’ll also obtain special, explosive tiles that can boost you score when matched. There is even a “boss” level whereby you’ll need to defeat the mean Bully. Poison tiles in Word Wizards Word Wizards: Bully Purple corner bomb in Word Wizards Read More
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