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Wonderland 9 rate A wonderful city awaits you to guide it to prosperity in Wonderland, mayor! Build a variety of houses to house your new citizens and keep your population happy by constructing various entertainment buildings. Harvest crops from your farms and send them to the factory for processing. Sell the goods produced for money! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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A wonderful city awaits you to guide it into prosperity in Wonderland, mayor! Build a variety of houses to house your new citizens and collect population from these houses regularly. Keep your population happy by constructing various entertainment buildings like snooker room or games and fun center. Send your farmers orders to plant a certain type of crop that you need and once the crops are harvested, send those crops to the huge range of factories to process it into move valuable goods. Don’t forget to sell your goods or unwanted crops from the warehouse from time to time as you’ll need the money to grow your city and buy up neighboring territories. Will you be the greatest mayor the city has ever seen? Find out now by playing Wonderland!


Welcome the new mayor of Wonderland... yes, that’s you! Let’s get down to your duties straightaway, shall we?

In Wonderland, your duties are simple – you just need to grow your humble little town into a bustling city! To start, you’ll first need to know about the foundation of every good city – production! To produce food, you can place orders at the farm for the farmers of your city to fulfill. The more you click on a selected crop, the more crops your farmer will plant. Next, all you need to do is to wait for the crops to mature and be harvested. If you can’t wait however, you can use special acceleration options in order to reduce the outstanding production time.

Once you’re done, you can then collect your crops from the farm. While collecting fruits and veggies from your farm, sometimes, you’ll also get collectibles. Complete the collection to earn some special prizes that you’ll need to upgrade any of your buildings. These crops can then be sent to the many factories available in the game for processing so you can obtain goods that are much more valuable than its raw counterparts. After all, selling raw materials won’t earn you too much money in Wonderland. These factories can also be upgraded and have mini-games that you can play once you’ve reached level 6.

The best way to raise income for your city is to sell all the goods your city has produced from the warehouse where these items are stored. Warehouse has unlimited storage space but that doesn’t mean you can keep piling stuff up in there. You’ll need to sell your items from time to time just so you can earn some money.

Besides selling goods, the only other way to earn money is by completing the various tasks assigned. Completing tasks also generates bonus experience to help you level up faster. Every level up will unlock many new options and buildings.

With sufficient money, it’s time for you to grow your city! After all, the city is expanding and new people who are going to move into your city will need new houses to live in! All buildings in this game must be connected via roads or the workers will not be able to get to the site of construction. So, remember to link all your buildings to well-constructed roads.

From these houses, you can then collect “population” regularly. This “population” doesn’t really do anything except to unlock new buildings and fulfill the task requirement. You can also boost the number of population gained per house by placing decorations within the vicinity of these houses.

Furthermore, keeping your citizens happy is of utmost importance for any mayor and you’d be wise to take note of this. However, it’s fairly easy to keep the people in Wonderland happy - you just need to build entertainment buildings, such as newsstand, snooker room, games and fun center, marshmallow bar and many more! Need more space? Don’t worry! You can easily purchase neighboring lands to expand your city.

To do so, you’ll first need to collect certificates and have enough in-game cash on hand. Certificates can be earned by helping your many friends out with any misfortunate event that has occurred in their cities. So, in other words, the more friends you have, the more certificates you can collect per day!


The community in Wonderland isn’t very huge as of current - The game has more than 10 thousand monthly active players. The game’s Facebook community page says otherwise though! Despite being a 3-year-old game, the game has racked up an impressive 141 thousand likes. If you need friends to play the game with, this is the place to go to.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in Wonderland is absolutely wonderful. Although the visuals may have a crisp look to it, the overall view of the, for instance, building models, are satisfactory. Interestingly, the game also randomly place animated vehicles to move around in your city via the roads. This is a pretty nice touch. In terms of music, the sound provided in Wonderland consists of casual unmemorable music. However, the music is pleasant to listen to and is not extensively looped to the point of being totally annoying.


In short, Wonderland is a very well-developed and fun city management and simulation game that allows you to play the role of a mayor! In this game, you will have to set up houses to attract new citizens to move into your city and keep them happy enough to stay by building plenty of entertainment buildings. You can also place decorations within the vicinity of these residential houses to boost your population gained. For production, you can place orders for certain types of crops at the farm and use those crops to create more valuable goods which can sell for more money! A city full of potential awaits your guiding hand, so don’t wait and play Wonderland today!

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New Game Added: Wonderland

by Aethyna Aug 3, 2015
A wonderful city awaits you to guide it to prosperity in Wonderland, mayor! Build a variety of houses to house your new citizens and keep your population happy by constructing various entertainment buildings. Harvest crops from your farms and send them to the factory for processing. Sell the goods produced for money! Ferris wheel in Wonderland Wonderland: A small town Seaport in Wonderland Read More
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