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Wings of Destiny 8 rate Enter the world of Wings of Destiny, where you can complete quests with just one click, ride into a mystical world, win Arena fights, discover precious items in dungeons and lots of other endless possibilities in this immersive MMORPG. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Wings of Destiny is a browser-based MMORPG that focuses the social aspect of gameplay. You can expect the staple elements that goes into a good MMORPG, but you may also be surprised with some of its features, like auto-pathing, a unique crafting system, multi-stage dungeons and an impressive soundtrack.


Wings of Destiny takes place in the realm of Galensya, where a great battle has begun. It is up to you and your chosen character to restore the land back to peace and bring justice to those who have been wronged.


When you first start the game, you are given the chance to choose a male or female character in four different classes: Knight, Mage, Hunter or Priest. Read the description for each character thoroughly so you understand what your character can do best. Once you’ve chosen a character, you are then guided through the game with a short tutorial. This walk-through will let you complete your first quest and claim your reward.

The rest of the quests are listed on the right corner of the screen. If you want to use the game’s auto-path feature, simply click on the link in the Quest area to activate it. With auto-pathing, you only need to wait until your character reaches his target and then click the appropriate button to accept a quest or enter into a dialogue. Some quests require you to talk to other characters before being given the actual action that you need to take.

Like auto-pathing, the game also allows you to fight in auto-combat mode. This means your character will fight enemies without your help. Press the “A” key to activate, then “A” again to deactivate. To further customize auto-combat mode, click on the keyhole icon on the top-right corner of the screen.

Here, you can choose a skill to use, which enemies to target and other details of your fight.
As you complete quests, you level up and receive new skills and equipment. These pop up as small square icons. You can click on it to learn more about it or use it immediately. Each class has a maximum of four skills, and all of these are unlocked after reaching a certain level. Equipment and other objects are stored in your character’s bag. You can click on the helmet icon on the bottom of the screen or press the “C” key to open your bag and use its contents.

Other ways of gaining more items are through Daily Login rewards. You get a special reward for daily logins to your account. The more days in a row that you login, the greater the rewards. If you miss a day, the login count is reset.

Certain features of the game unlock at Level 20. This includes the Soul System, Dungeons and the Arena. Souls are special items you can collect and will boost your chances of winning against powerful enemies and Bosses. Once you get your first Soul, you are guided to drag it on to an empty slot to put on your character. This equips your character with the benefits stated in the Soul’s description. Souls can also be leveled up by dragging another Soul into it, adding the Soul receiver’s XP points. There is a Lock function to apply to Souls which you don’t want to be added to other souls for leveling up.

Dungeons are also unlocked at Level 20, and these are side quests that you can enter to get more rewards, items and experience points. To enter a Dungeons quest, click on the “Daily Events” icon on the top-right corner and click on the Dungeons tab. Choose from the list of quests. You have the option to auto-path to the location of the Dungeon. Note that you can only enter a Dungeon five times in a day, and if you leave it without completing the quest, it will still be counted as one entry and will be deducted from the daily allowance.

To battle with other characters, you can enter the Arena when you get to Level 30. The Arena is where one-on-one matches are held and where the game’s PvP aspect comes to play. To enter the Arena, you click on the crossed swords icon on the bottom of the screen, or click the “L” key. There is a Practice Battle mode, which you can enter without limitations. For real battles, however, you only have five free turns to enter. Joining the Arena will cost you Coins, so be ready with a hefty sum (and your battle skills) before the actual fight. Winning in the Arena will give you a generous amount of Battle Points, which you can spend in the Arena Mall to buy armor sets and mounts.


With a Facebook following of over 400,000 fans, there’s no question that Wings of Destiny has an active community of gamers. It’s easy to join and form Guilds and grow them into the most powerful teams in the game. There are also helpful Wiki pages with tips and guides for playing the game, so you’re sure to have the best support with this kinship of loyal players.


While the graphics and animation is not the best one in its genre, you’ll be surprised to experience a soundtrack worthy of a feature film. The music shifts seamlessly from mellow to menacing, depending on your character’s activity, and hearing that in the background helps you concentrate on the task at hand.


Wings of Destiny may look like just another MMORPG, but it has lots of new surprises up its sleeve. With many features that are focused on social gameplay, this game is perfect for climbing up rankings, growing guilds and dominating Boss fights. What’s more, its auto-pathing and auto-combat modes takes the guesswork out of the game controls and allow you to play the game even when you’re doing other things. So level up while you grab some lunch and join the enchanting world of Wings of Destiny.

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New Game Added: Wings of Destiny

by Kim Apr 21, 2016
Enter the world of Wings of Destiny, where you can complete quests with just one click, ride into a mystical world, win Arena fights, discover precious items in dungeons and lots of other endless possibilities in this immersive MMORPG. Wings of Destiny armor reward Mounts in Wings of Destiny Wings of Desinty male mage Read More
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