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WGT Baseball: MLB 8 rate Play as the batter for each member of your team in various baseball tourneys across the US! You can even participate in the Rivals challenge and compete with another human player’s team! Earn coins from matches to train your players, recruit new ones or buy new stat-boosting equipments for your players! Play now! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Batter up! Step right up to the plate and have fun swinging for the fence in this challenging baseball simulation game, WGT Baseball: MLB! Play as the batter for each member of your team in various baseball tourneys across the United States! If you’re up for it, you can even participate in the game’s Rivals challenge and compete with another human player’s team! Earn coins from matches to train your players or recruit new ones (including actual MLB players) and you can also use the money to buy new stat-boosting equipments for your players to equip. Don’t forget to decorate and upgrade your own home stadium as well! Do you think you have what it takes to get to the majors? Well, go do your best and knock all those balls out of the park in WGT Baseball: MLB today!


To start playing, you’ll first need to select your favorite MLB Team. WGT Baseball: MLB offers 30 famous MLB teams in total for you to choose from, including the Astros, Dodgers, Brewers, Cardinals, Braves, Athletics and Angels. Then, you’ll be prompted to create your team name and you’ll be ready to begin your baseball manager career!

WGT Baseball: MLB provides various campaign tournaments held in all 30 MLB ballparks, whereby you will be matching skills with clever AI, via the Road Trip! Test your abilities by taking on challenges that will determine your winning conditions. If you can complete the challenge and get at least 1 baseball, you’ll earn bonus coins and unlock the next challenge. Challenges are numbered by difficulty starting with 1-1 up to 3-1 and you can replay the match to complete the other challenges. Earn enough baseballs by winning games to unlock the next ballpark and proceed to the next stage in the competition!

When you start up a game, you’ll be given some time to check your team’s roster. Here, you can check your batting lineup and adjust if needed. Once you’re ready, you can press the “play ball!” button to start. Each time you play, some team energy points, which is the total amount of energy from every player on your team. Energy points will regenerate by themselves over time, though you can get them quickly refilled if you level up.

And..... you’re up! Step right up to the plate and got those muscles ready to swing the bat! There are 3 different types of swings that you can choose to use in WGT Baseball: MLB, namely contact, normal and power swing. Contact swing provides you with a better chance of hitting the ball but with less power while power swing offers less chance of hitting the ball, but if you managed to hit it, your chances for it to go over the fence is a lot higher! You can also buy and use power-ups to improve your swing. There are 3 different power-ups that will cover the strike zone entirely for 1 pitch so that no matter what, you’ll hit that next ball for sure; allow you to have a 2x chance of getting on base as well as a much superior power-up that provides both aforementioned benefits.

You can also enable the pitch type to get a bonus if you correctly predict what type of pitch will be thrown. Basically, you’ll be presented with 2 choices (the number of choices increases with difficulty), namely 4 seam fastball (4SFB) and CHG, the percentage of guessing the correct pitch type is also helpfully presented. If you get it right, your batter will earn a bonus but if not, he’ll lose a percentage of his stats. If you’re unsure which pitch type to pick, just pick the one with the highest percentage of likelihood for the pitch to happen... It is usually the correct one.

After you’ve done all that, the animation will show the pitcher pitching the ball. As the ball approaches you’ll notice a targeting circle will appear within or near to the box provided. What you’ll need to do now is to click on the targeting circle at the right moment to perform a hit. Do ensure that the circle is green before you swing and that the yellow circle outline has shrunk small enough to match the circumference of targeting circle. This is because if you hit too early, it’s a strike; hit it too late, it’s a strike as well. After any of your players get 3 strikes, he’ll get strikeout. Thus, sometimes, if you think you couldn’t get a hit right, it might be best not to swing at all.

If you get a hit, your player will automatically start running for first base. If you’re lucky, he’ll reach first base or even second before the ball is thrown to one of the fielders at the base. However, if the ball reached the base first, your player will instantly be out! Furthermore, if you have a man on base, you can head over to manager mode if you want the runner to try to steal a base. Depending the batter’s stats and your batting skills, your chances of success varies. Also, since you’ll be playing as all the batters on your team, so you can definitely expect plenty of batting actions.

At the end of a match, you’ll earn coins, fans and if any of your players performed well in a match, they’ll get a stat increase. Coins are used to pay for training, player contracts and equipment. At the Free Agent option, you can poach inactive players from other teams or select MLB players to improve your team. However, most players cost a fair bit of chips (premium currency) and for those that don’t cost chips, well, they are very expensive. You can also renew your players’ contracts when they expire here. For equipments, you can equip up to 5 different equipments per player, namely the bat, hat, gloves, shoes and misc.

Training, on the other hand, consists of many categories – general (max energy, speed, and durability), batting (coverage, power, and vision), pitching (coverage, power, and control) and defense (coverage, fielding and throwing). You can choose to perform a timed session whereby you’ll have to wait for the training to complete or you can choose the instant option but you’ll need to shell out premium currency. For timed session, the duration you’ll need to wait depends on the session you assign. Then, to start the training, you’ll need to select the player and which of his stats you want to train by clicking the + sign beside the stat value.

Most players would increase their energy first since it lets you play games and train your team, so you need lots of it. Moreover, you can still play matches while waiting for your players’ training to complete. Earning fans, on the other hand, will level up your team, refill your energy and unlock new game features.

Itching to play with another human player? Well, you’re in luck! The game recently released its Rivals feature whereby you can face teams from all over the world in weekly tournaments to earn points for big rewards. You can challenge other players at the cost of 1 ticket. You’ll get 5 free tickets per day. If you run out of tickets, don’t worry! Tickets replenish automatically over time and can also be purchased to get more instantly. How can you win in Rivals? Well, your win streaks, individual progress and overall standing at the end of Rivals week will determine what rewards you’ll get! So, the better your team perform, the more likely you’ll snag the grand prize!

WGT Baseball: MLB also offers homerun derbies (get as many home runs as possible) for you to enjoy and team goals (quests) for you to complete. You can even play a single inning against any of your friends and decorate your ballpark (at level 10). There are also plenty more stuff that you can buy at the shops as well, so be sure to check that out!


The community at WGT Baseball: MLB is pretty huge, especially considering that it is a sports game. The game has 100 thousand monthly active users and boasts of having around 725 thousand likes on its Facebook fan page! Want to enjoy this game with friends? Well, feel free to drop by and chat with the players at the fan page. Make new friends along the way as well!

Graphics/ Sound

The game starts off with a very nice and inspirational introductory music and while in-game batting, you’ll be listening to your fans cheering you on along with various popcorn, peanuts and hotdog vendors promoting their wares! It does bring out the electrifying atmosphere of an actual baseball game! In terms of graphics, WGT Baseball: MLB has very nice visuals for a realistic baseball simulation game. The ballparks are particularly well-designed and look pleasantly similar to the actual ballparks that they are based on in real life.


In short, WGT Baseball: MLB is among the few amazing free-to-play baseball simulation games on the internet! In this game, you’ll be able to play as a batter for every member on your team in addition to managing your team’s line-ups and training. The game has challenging yet fun and unique baseball-hitting game mechanics in place that you can enjoy. Besides playing against AI teams in various ballparks across the US, you can also challenge other players, including your friends, in single matches or massive tournaments! With your winnings in hand, you should certainly invest them back into your players in the form of training or superior equipments so you can give them a leg’s up for future matches. If you enjoy baseball simulation games but are looking for one that is more realistic rather than cartoony, WGT Baseball: MLB is definitely the game for you! Try it now!

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by Aethyna Jul 14, 2015
Play as the batter for each member of your team in various baseball tourneys across the US! You can even participate in the Rivals challenge and compete with another human player’s team! Earn coins from matches to train your players, recruit new ones or buy new stat-boosting equipments for your players! Play now! WGT Baseball: MLB: Down the center WGT Baseball: MLB: 2 Runners Batting in WGT Baseball: MLB Read More
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