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Wartune 9 rate The world is divided, and it's mortal champion is missing, presumed dead. The abyssal monsters still roam the land looking for blood and the world needs a hero to save them. That hero is you, as you begin your adventure you will come across mighty monsters to slay and stalwart allies to fight beside. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Combining the best of games like Diablo, League of Angels and Civilization, Wartune attempts to bring to the world a brand new hybrid type of game – a strategy MMORPG! It borrows browser-based MMO elements, such as party formation, character skill tree and combat system, as well as MMORTS elements, like city building and raiding, recruiting an army and producing resources. Its plotline can be rather engaging at first and seems to taper off at the end. Nonetheless, Wartune has quite a number of interesting features that may place it among the great browser-based titles in the market! Don’t miss out on this exciting game, sign up today!


Wartune starts off with a very intriguing story. You are the son/ daughter of the King of the powerful Leonard Kingdom. However, you have been framed for betraying your father and were accused of being involved in a plot on his life (He died unfortunately). On the run from your father’s own lieutenants, you had no choice but to fight your way free, so you can escape and clear your name.

Nonetheless, being a very capable young prince or princess, all is soon revealed. You are welcomed back to your kingdom with open arms and have claimed the throne. From there, you have to coordinate the kingdom’s effort to staunch yet another danger to Gaia’s continent. Mosino, Lord of Void have amassed his troops are invading… everybody. Humans and Slyphs must join hands and fight together in order to have any hope of survival. Are you up to the task? Sign up and find out!


Wartune offers 3 archetype characters, namely knight, archer and mage, each having their own special abilities and skills. However, besides choosing your character’s gender, you are not given any form of character customization. Who has time for that anyway, right? Let’s just go into the game! Like right now!

Being a browser-based MMORPG, the controls in this game are very simple. You’ll be using your right click to perform most of the actions in Wartune. Questing in this game can be very easy as well since the game provides auto-routing, comparably to most browser-based MMORPGs. Players, who are seeking to have a bit more involvement while questing, may find themselves experiencing a click-fest instead.

However, its campaign is an entirely different matter. Wartune tried to model its campaigns after outdoor ‘dungeon crawlers’ like Diablo or Drakensang Online, but with a few restricted paths for you to follow. There are some elements of exploration since you may unexpectedly find pouches of gold or Pandora boxes, which reward you with goodies, as well as enemies hidden in the dead-ends. There is no mini-map on these campaign maps though. Considering that its map is pretty small and you can hardly get lost exploring due to its marked-out paths, it may be reasonable not to have one.

The combat system in Wartune is turn- and team-based, similar to that of League of Angels. There are 3 rows in your party formation, with your troops taking the front, you, the middle row and a healer (usually an angel) at the back. However, that’s where the similarities end! Wartune is unique as it allows you to have at least some involvement in combat. Yes, your troops will still automatically attack the enemy without prejudice and will simply target anyone on the opposing team, but you are allowed to select the spells or abilities that you want your character to use! If you don’t, the character will automatically do normal damage instead. Although, truth to be told, there may be times where your troops, especially if they are of high levels, will kill anyone in your path and you’ll hardly need to lift a finger.

Combat in Wartune relies heavily on battle rating. Battle rating (BR) is the score that determines the total strength of your team. Thus, it is very important to keep it going in the right direction, which is, of course, up. There are many ways to do so. Firstly, you should ensure to keep upgrading your gear. The game also has a dressing room whereby you can dress your character up in aesthetic clothes, but wait… these clothes are not only pretty to look at on the outside, it provides your character with passive bonuses as well!

Enchanting gear may not be a necessity in the game, but it sure as hell is useful as it can also increase your BR substantially. There are basically 3 levels of enchantment. Every time you enchant your gear using the gold you’ve earned your success rate will decrease by 10% (you start off at 100%). If you would prefer not to take the risk, you could always buy differently graded luck stones which will increase your success rating by 10% per grade. You can also socket gems into your equipment as well.

Furthermore, your character will have a skill tree in this game. Every level up will award you with 1 skill point, which you can assign to either your active or passive skills. Though, the game kind of forces you to assign your point in a certain order since new branches (1 branch per level) in your skill tree are unlocked whenever you level up as well. Nonetheless, Wartune allows you to reset your character’s skill tree for free prior to level 25. It is then you can create your own unique build.

Don’t forget to upgrade your first line of defense – your troops too! You can do so by spending daru. The amount of daru needed to upgrade your troops will increase with every subsequent level.

In Wartune, you have your very own city to rule as well! The MMORTS aspect of the game is somewhat similar to that of strategy games, like Sparta: War of Empires. When you first lay eyes on your city, you’ll notice that all the important buildings have already been built for you – it is, after all, the capital city of a mighty kingdom. The town hall at the top center of the city map manages all your assets and is the center of all activity. You can also collect a maximum of 5 levies per day and the gold earned depends on the level of your town hall. However, do take note that your town hall can be upgraded up to the same level as your character.

There are also other buildings, like the cottage, which can be upgraded to support a higher population and warehouse, which is in charge of storing all your gold. There is of course your barracks, for recruiting and upgrading your soldiers, and walls for your city’s defense. The levels of these other buildings can be likewise upgraded, but their levels are in turn restricted by the level of your town hall. This means that if your town hall is level 8, the maximum level of all the other buildings is level 8 as well.

Moreover, it’s interesting to see that Wartune provides a ‘maze’, called the Forgotten Catacomb, in your very own city! Its gameplay is not like campaigns although it is solo PvE in nature – it feels like a true dungeon crawler instead (like the first version of Diablo). The map in ‘maze’ (dungeon would be a more suitable word here, but well, the game insists that it is a ‘maze’) is the same no matter how many levels deep you are. The enemies that lurked within are the same as well – just that their names are different. There are also boss levels whereby you’ll have to fight a boss that is very tough-to-crack and gigantic-in-size.

You are also given a Tree of Ancients which will bring you to your farms. After buying seeds from the shop, you can grow crops here to obtain a steady supply of gold, daru and other resources. The higher level your farm is the better the crops you’ll have access to. Upgrading the soil of your farm will provide you with some extra resources whenever you harvest your crops.

With a strong city, you can easily attack other player’s cities to earn more gold. However, be warned, if you’re attacked in return and you lost, you will lose gold as well. There are also gold mines that you can choose to capture. Each player is allowed to occupy a maximum of 2 mines though. In addition, once you reach level 14, you can earn even more money through alchemy too.


The community in this game is massive, especially taking its almost 1 million likes on its Facebook fan page. Furthermore, most of the community are very friendly and are willing to help, particularly if you’re in their guild. There is also a chat system in-game where the community can greet and talk to each other. Newbies to the game can also use it to ask questions and for getting some help.


The graphics in Wartune are very beautiful to look at, especially the character design. Its background scenery loses out a little in campaigns and there isn’t a lot of map variety in its forgotten catacomb.

The soundtracks in this game is absolutely epic…at least the front part! However, all of them (with the exception of the music played at your own city) are awfully short and seem to be cut off even before the music hits the chorus part. This truncated soundtrack started off okay, but soon, it’ll become annoying. Nonetheless, the game at least made an effort to use different music for different locations and battles (rock music for boss battles).


In short, Wartune attempts to combine the best of MMORTS together with MMORPG, and from what you can see, you’ll probably agree that it is quite successful. The game may borrow elements from other games heavily, but it manages to integrate both genres into an acceptably fun game. If you enjoy games like League of Angels or Knight’s Fable, this is a game that you should try out!

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