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by Aethyna
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Warriors: Rise to Glory 8 rate With a fun yet heart-stopping hardcore gameplay (despite the whimsical look and tone of the game) as well as gear and stats that you can upgrade, you’ll definitely have a great time finding ways to defeat your opponents, gain the adoration of the crowd and secure another victory! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Summary Gameplay Community Graphics/ Sound Conclusion Note: Since Warriors: Rise to Glory is currently in alpha, and this is simply our first impression review of the game. We will update our review once the game is released.


In Warriors: Rise to Glory, you play an up-and-coming gladiator who is perhaps a tad bit overeager to rise up the ranks and maybe win his freedom. With a fun yet heart-stopping hardcore gameplay (despite the whimsical look and tone of the game) as well as gear and stats that you can upgrade, you’ll definitely have a great time finding ways to defeat your opponents, gain the adoration of the crowd and secure another victory!


Before you start playing, you are given a selection of customization options, ranging from eye and skin color to hairstyles and tattoos, for you to create your own warrior. However, it’s best not to spend too much time here because if you lose a match in this game, you’ll have to start all over... and yes, this means creating a new character. This is true even if your warrior is not executed by the victor.

Once you’re done, you’ll be given a quick run-through on how the game works. Warriors: Rise to Glory is very unlike any other arena-based combat game you may have played but this doesn’t mean that the game has a high skill-ceiling or that it’s harder for newbies to grasp.

Instead, the game is incredibly easy to learn. Despite the 3D appearance, the gameplay is pretty much 2D. In other words, you can only move your character in only 1 plane, that is left or right, so you don’t exactly have the freedom to dance around your opponents as you attack him like in a PvP match in an MMORPG. The combat system used is also turn-based.

However, this is the part that makes the game’s combat system interesting and unique – the skills your warriors have. Each warrior will have the same set of skills, namely a kick ability (knockback), 4 types of attacks (light, medium and heavy, and a charge attack), as well as a rest and a crowd-riling ability.

Each skill will consume a certain amount of stamina when used, and this includes movement. For attacks, the lighter attacks will have a higher hit rating, but deal less damage while the heavier attacks are the exact opposite. So, in some way, whenever you attempt to deal damage, it feels like a gamble since you may hit your opponent or not. Let’s not forget that for every hit you make, there’s also a chance for you to deal critical damage.

Considering that every gladiator will have the same set of skills, this means that any modifiers that affect your skills are incredibly important in this game. These include stats and equipment. There are 6 types of stats in total – strength, agility, attack, defense, endurance and vitality, and each of these stats will, when increased, provide your warrior with certain benefits either when you deal damage or receive a blow. You’ll get free stat points every time you level up.

New weapons and armor, on the other hand, can be purchased at the game shop. Currently, all the items can be purchased using game coins that are earned by playing matches. If you’re lucky, you might even win a chest at the end of a match. These chests usually contain up to 3 equipment items which you can then decide to use or sell.

Interestingly, Warriors: Rise to Glory stocks ranged weapons, specifically bows, as well. This form of weapon can be equipped in tandem with a melee weapon, but to use it during combat, you will need to waste a turn to switch between your bow and your melee weapon. Not to mention, if you are right next to your opponent, you won’t be able to use your bow. So, in some way, there’s a pretty hefty penalty for using a ranged weapon, but it can be useful for the rare instances when your opponents are far away from you.

Now, aside from the attacking abilities, there are also defensive abilities such as “kick” which will push back your opponents, and rest that will restore substantial stamina along with a little bit of health. By using them in a timely manner, you may find these defensive abilities useful for when you need a breather in between the exchanging of blows.

If you noticed, each ability also has a crowd-thrilling value, which is very logical for the game... After all, you’re a brawny “performer” at the arena, beating up your opponents for the amusement of the audience. Naturally, the riskier a move is (less chance of landing a hit), the more thrills you’ll give to the audience. There’s also a special crowd-riling ability which will increase the crowd’s adoration for you by a more significant amount. However, currently at least, there isn’t any apparent advantages as to getting a higher amount of crowd love. Maybe this is something the developers will work on in the future.

Anyway, at the end of every match, you’ll be given a decision to either send your opponent to his maker or show him “mercy”. Now, the “mercy” in this game refers to total public humiliation in the form of farting in his face. In some way, the “no mercy” option actually sounds quite merciful. That said, if you are the one who’s defeated, it doesn’t really matter whether you get the merciful or the non-merciful treatment – you’ll still have to start from scratch... that is, unless you cough up some dough (game cash) and pay the game to keep your character.

At the moment, Warriors: Rise to Glory has 1 game mode, Duel, up and running for the Arena, but with some time, the developers will add in a Tournament option as well. Occasionally, you may even encounter special matches, like the time-based battles, where each gladiator is only given around 3 seconds to decide their next move. The time limit does make the game a whole lot more challenging since mistakes can be rather easily made under pressure. The game will also have its multiplayer option added in later, which will then allow you to fight actual players rather than randomly generated AI gladiators.


Warriors: Rise to Glory is a game still in its infancy, and as such, its community might be a bit small. However, this isn’t a huge concern for most players especially since the game has yet to implement its multiplayer option. With time though, the game community will definitely increase.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in Warriors: Rise to Glory isn’t exactly high-end per se and there are some spelling errors here and there. As long as you bear in mind that the game is developed by an indie company and go into the game without having an expectation that’s too high, then you’ll be fine.

That said, the animations are all very well done and that it’s pretty nice to be allowed to have odd-colored humanoid gladiators in this game. In terms of sound, the game provides a rather amusing soundtrack with some amazing sound effects which adds to the overall game experience.


Warriors: Rise to Glory is definitely an enjoyable brawler that still has a long way to go before its release despite having an alpha that looks rather well-polished. There are so many features that the developers have planned but yet implemented, and with these in mind, every player who has given the game a whirl will be able to see the game’s potential.

If you’re interested to give the game a try, you can sign up now to play the alpha for free, or you can pre-order the game on Steam.

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New Game Added: Warriors: Rise to Glory

by Aethyna Apr 4, 2017
With a fun yet heart-stopping hardcore gameplay (despite the whimsical look and tone of the game) as well as gear and stats that you can upgrade, you’ll definitely have a great time finding ways to defeat your opponents, gain the adoration of the crowd and secure another victory! Warriors: Rise to Glory: Combat Customizing my warrior in Warriors: Rise to Glory Warriors: Rise to Glory: No mercy Read More
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