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Warfare Online 9 rate Not every battlefield will be the same and not every battle will have the exact outcome for you and your soldiers, but no one ever said war would be easy, did they? Consider every new battle a learning experience and whether you win or lose, adapt and prove to the world that you’re the best for the job. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Warfare Online is a strategy-based, online, tug-of-war game that is currently in development by Con Artist Games; a developer that created the two games prior to this one, Warfare 1917 and Warfare 1944. Throughout the course of the game, there are over 150 assets to pick and choose from for your personal platoon to turn them into an army that could be considered one seriously powerful force to be reckoned with!


When you start up Warfare Online for the first time, you’re bound to go through a quick tutorial that will teach you the basics. The game is all about deploying units, such as tanks and riflemen, and then leading them from your end of the battlefield to the enemies, at which point they will take aim and fire, up until they either die or the base is destroyed.

To deploy units, all you have to do is click one of the portraits and they will run out into the battlefield but doing so is bound to get them shot pretty darn quickly. So, while they’re running out onto the battlefield, you are tasked with clicking predetermined elements of the terrain to enable it as cover, which a unit that isn’t a vehicle will take as cover the first chance it gets. From there, you can either leave them there for strategic purposes or click them to move on up the battlefield until they reach the next piece of cover you’ve given them access to.

To help your units get to the other end of the field a little easier, without having to worry about so many stalemates, you can use a selection abilities that you’ve added to your platoon. You have access to 3 at any one time and whenever you use one, a new one will take its place when the chance arises, but using these supplies requires supply points that will vary depending on what one you’re using. These abilities can either deploy you a free unit, speed along your units and increase the accuracy, and even disable enemy vehicles when you deem the time to be right. Through the use of correct deployment of both units and supplies is what makes these battles easy or impossible to win, depending on just how well you’re using them at the time.

Off the battlefield, you can edit and improve your platoon, similar to how you would do it in a trading card game: replace the units you don’t like or don’t feel that fit, and bring in some new ones to help make that next battle a little easier on you and your troops, providing you’ve made the right choice. Although, with the inclusion of 150 different units in the game, there’s a lot of variation between games that make things a lot more interesting the more you play.

How you unlock new units in this game is through the use of the Supply Box system that has you purchase a box that’s filled with random units inside it, of which can be purchased through the use of in-game currency or real-world cash. There is an argument to be said that P2W is a bit of a problem with the game, but the more you play the game inside and out, you’ll come to the realisation that it’s how you use the units and supplies you’ve chosen in between battles; rather than having a tremendous collection of rare units that will help you win the day.


Warfare Online does have access to a couple of community options, but they’re not particularly fleshed out when you look at the overall picture. To start off with there’s the friend’s list option on the main screen, but that pulls from your list of Steam friends and simply highlights the ones that are on the game at the time, just in case you wanted to challenge them to a 1-on-1. Online you can also find a forum for the game that does see some semi-regular participation at times, but does look rather empty if you look at it in a quick glance for the first time.

Graphics/ Sound

If you’d ever heard of the developers or their previous games, you’ll know that their previous titles were browser-based Flash games that didn’t have much graphical fidelity to them; not that it’s the case in Warfare Online. Warfare Online has some great looking visuals and animations, especially when it comes to your frontline soldiers that aren’t in a vehicle, as all of their animations that you come to witness when they hop over cover or run towards the objective looks good and just highlights the type of effort that went into this game.

Even the audio for the game is of great quality, as the shots that get fired throughout the battle sounds pretty close to the real thing and simply highlights how much work has gone into the game thus far. When your troops aren’t firing down upon the encroaching enemies, you get a chance to listen to the epic soundtrack that wouldn’t be remiss from an action or war movie and that just makes the whole experience that much more positive.


Overall, Warfare Online does have some grievances here and there, like some of the pay-to-win tendencies you’ll see as a result of the shop, but after enough experience in the game, strategy and tactics is what’s really going to win you the game, not how much money the player has put into the game. Gameplay is a big highlight for the game and it’s bound to keep the average player coming back for more on a regular basis and the visuals and soundtrack – as well as the rest of the audio for the game – is only going to highlight more and more reasons to come back to this game more than just the once.

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New Game Added: Warfare Online

by Other Contributors Jun 23, 2017
Not every battlefield will be the same and not every battle will have the exact outcome for you and your soldiers, but no one ever said war would be easy, did they? Consider every new battle a learning experience and whether you win or lose, adapt and prove to the world that you’re the best for the job. Warfare Online: Gameplay Troop collection in Warfare Online Warfare Online: Troops available for deploy Read More
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