Vikings: War of Clans

by Richard
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Vikings: War of Clans 10 rate Welcome to the ruthless world of Vikings, governed by freedom, power, fear and violence. Build your magnificent palace, take part in strategic campaigns, ramp up your valiant army and boost your coffers by plundering rich loot. Commence the era of decisive conquests, fierce battles and heroic splendor right now!
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Vikings: War of Clans is a city management strategy game where you take the roles as the Jarl or chief of your town set in a Norse-theme country. You must build farms and mines to produce resources and upgrade your town hall to develop new technology, you can also invade other cities or settlements and become the warlord in the region.


The game takes place in a Norse-like land where the entire area is highly inspired on Norse culture. You must take the helm of the Jarl; or the chieftain of your land, as you must build you kingdom to become the most powerful and flourished city. And with a well-developed city, you can expect invaders from neighboring cities or raiders will be attacking your city, all in classic Vikings tradition.


Vikings: War of Clans plays like most of the popular city management strategy games on the mobile platform, but this time the game can also be played on Facebook with a bigger screen of course.

When starting a new game, the game will help you in the basics, explaining how some of the basic functions work to avoid you getting lost in some of the game functions. And once you are done with the tutorials, it will then let you name your character and pick for your preferred character portrait. And when you are done, you can start with your plans to become the most powerful Jarl.

The basics in city management games is to have a steady flow of resources at your stash. To do so, you must construct resource producing buildings such as farms, mines and stone quarries to have a steady supply, and the more buildings that you create, the faster the production of the resources will become. These resources are crucial in building more structures for your city as well as training your troops and discovering new technologies.

Aside from farms and mines, you can construct other buildings such as vaults, taverns, walls, watchtowers and barracks. These can provide additional boost to your defensive line and increasing your army’s firepower. And with some upgrades, it can provide more bonus on defense and troop production, which will be useful when dealing with high level invaders in your cities. And speaking of invasion, all accounts will have a peace treaty effect for a couple of days that makes them immune to any incoming invasion, however you can still invade other players without and peace treaty.

There are the usual objectives that you can complete in the game, these can range from sinple tasks such as building 5 farms or upgrading your palace to level 10. They can provide nifty rewards to add on your resources and a large amount of experience points for you to gain more levels. And each level can unlock more perks for your city. You can learn technology that will improve your city’s performance, from increasing troop’s attacks to decreasing the construction time for buildings. Be sure to check your technology for any available points to be allocated, and you can reset the points if you think your build is not doing well for your city.

Attacking cities is one of the fun features in Vikings: War of Clans, you can choose which city to invade at your own pace. But it takes time for your troops to reach a target city to invade and another duration for them to return to your base. And attacking a city does not guarantee victory on your side, depending on how strong the defending city’s troops will be, and also strength of their walls, it can spell a one-sided result if you are not careful in your attacks. Be sure to have a well-balance army and buffs to ensure less casualty for your army and more loot to take home. You can scout on enemy bases to see their armies before you can decide on attacking them.


The community is an important factor for Vikings: War of Clans. You can interact with them via the world chat or join Clans to help build your city faster. And with the large number of players online in the game, you can expect a lot of interaction with them. And with a lot of players active means more cities to conquer. The only drawback is that most of the players are Russians, which can give you a hard time communicating with them unless they can also understand English.

Graphics/ Sound

The game has a blend of 2D and 3D art styles. The city is composed of a hi-res 2D render that you can still see the details even when zoomed. The models of the units in the city are in 3D, giving them life in the area for that added detail. The troops in the field are also in 3D that help out visualize your assaults. For the sound effects, it has some audio queues that help you identify if you have any completed tasks or readied units. The music features some tracks to help set the mood when attacking or developing your city.


Vikings: War of Clans is an interesting game that can be played on both mobile and Facebook web browser. It still has that familiar feel of your standard strategy game, but thanks to its good presentation and visuals, players will be entertained and player longer as it feels like a high quality game. Though the game has a lot of real money perks that are tempting to spend, it can be still fun to play even if you don’t spend at it.

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New Game Added: Vikings: War of Clans

by Richard Nov 21, 2016
Welcome to the ruthless world of Vikings, governed by freedom, power, fear and violence. Build your magnificent palace, take part in strategic campaigns, ramp up your valiant army and boost your coffers by plundering rich loot. Commence the era of decisive conquests, fierce battles and heroic splendor right now!
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