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Vendetta Online 10 rate Vendetta Online is a fast-paced, real time "twitch" style combat model gives intense action, coupled with the backdrop of RPG gameplay in a massive online galaxy. Become the top military space pilot or one of the daring space pirates and join the political struggle of the three factions for domination. Battle in space now! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Vendetta Online is a science fiction MMORPG where it is available in both PC, Mac and mobile, plus it also support VR gameplay. It features first person or third person space flight shooting with some RPG elements to provide a large immersive experience with a lot of game content and real physics engine. Players can also interact in a large single galaxy to explore and conquer.


The game is set in a futuristic Earth, estimated to date around the year 2100 to 4450. Technology has become far advanced but resulted in political unrest and warfare on Earth. This also led to the discovery of a wormhole in Saturn that allowed civilization to colonize new planets.

You are also introduced to the three factions in the game - Itani Nation, the Serco Dominion, and the Union of Independent Territories, each represent certain specialties in the field of warfare, technology or politics. Choosing a faction may provide benefits to certain fields in your journey. Another interesting part in the lore of Vendetta Online is having its own standard language known as the Galactic Trade Standard, which works similar that from Asian languages but is a fictional language exclusive to the game.


The gameplay of Vendetta Online was far advanced for its time when it was released, however that does not mean that despite the features are a bit outdated, it is not that entertaining to play anymore. It features that classic 3D space roaming shooting game but with a far superior physics engine.

Targeting and shooting at an enemy ship in this game may require some knowledge in Newtonian laws of motion where you must predict the pathway of the target ship and lined up the shots to ensure that they will hit the target. It is similar to the way you have to anticipate where your tank shells will land in games like World of Tanks. That said, the mechanics can be quite difficult to gasp at first, but the game is still pretty engaging and fun.

There are also different ways to control your ship in Vendetta Online. You can choose from using the standard keyboard and mouse, or perhaps feeling courageous by using the thumb sticks of your game controller, or go pro by using flight sticks or maybe just your typical touchpads on your mobile.

Combat lets you choose a variety of weaponry for your ship. From machine guns to missiles and even to laser cannons, each of these weapons can become lethal to an experienced player even if the weapon of from an inferior grade. It features parameters such as ammo types, target tracking, momentum, and distance of target and many more that provides different behaviour of attacks against enemies. This allows the wide range of possible tactics in dealing such enemies, especially in different ship classes that are available in the game.

Your ships also feature various parameters like torque, thrust, cargo capacity and ship weight, which allow you to customize your ships in more detail. You can literally acquire specific parts to adjust these parameters to your liking. Of course, some players may find having too many stats a tad bit overwhelming, and this is understandable especially taking into account that you have almost an equal amount of parameters to consider when choosing a suitable weapon for your spaceship.

As for game progression, there are many possible goals for players to accomplish. It may range to standard story quests, which becomes larger as you progress further. Sometimes, you skip any of the large quests and focus on other things instead. Some of these include capturing stations that are scattered across the galaxy which can be an advantage for your siding faction, or you can battle other players in an attempt to capture the cargos of rare resources

There is also the very popular player-versus-player Deneb War, where players from other factions can battle for the territories. If you’re looking for a fun yet competitive time, you can just participate in good old fashioned racing games in some parts of the galaxy where there are specially-made tracks just for racing.


Vendetta Online has some healthy amount of players thanks to its wide support of platforms, but even with an active community, the game lacks any constant game content updates to keep the players busy. But in terms of multiplayer features, the game has plenty of them, especially with the Faction battles in both combat and economy, this would keep the community active for some time.

Graphics/ Sound

The game was launched more than a decade ago, but it still manages to provide good visuals through content patches. It can run on smoother framerate even on low end computers and laptops. Sound effects are also in good quality with some voice over dialogues on cut scenes and quest logs. The music in the game may be few, but it is enough to provide a sci-fi vibe to the game.


Though Vendetta Online is a decade-old game, it has enough features that allows the game to still be engaging and fun to play, especially if you are into space shooters. Though the controls and combat system may feel too technical, it still manages to provide some thrill to players who are looking for something in between a casual game and more of a hardcore one. And best of all, it is a cross-platform game, so you can play it on your PC, on your mobile device or even in virtual reality (on Oculus Rift)!

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New Game Added: Vendetta Online

by Richard Dec 20, 2016
Vendetta Online is a fast-paced, real time "twitch" style combat model gives intense action, coupled with the backdrop of RPG gameplay in a massive online galaxy. Become the top military space pilot or one of the daring space pirates and join the political struggle of the three factions for domination. Battle in space now! Vendetta Online: Heading to a space station Finding Earth in Vendetta Online Vendetta Online: On a mining mission Read More
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