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Valheim 10 rate Valheim is a survival exploration game where you play as a recently-deceased Viking warrior in charge of slaying Odin’s rivals in the realm of Valheim. Explore the world filled with lush forests, varied landscapes, and mythical monsters and build castles, mead halls, and thriving settlements with your friends! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Valheim is easily the hottest game on Steam right now, and every gamer wants to get their hands on it, like how Viking raiders desired gold and riches from the British Isles more than a thousand years ago. As of writing, it has reached over two million sales within 30 days, which is a staggering number considering most multi-game franchises struggle to get a million. It’s also impressive because it is on early access, meaning it’s a relatively unfinished game with many features still in the pipeline.

After diving more than 10 hours into this post-death Viking saga, it’s easy to see why it received an immense volume of sales and overwhelmingly high praises from the gaming community. With a refined release state, impressive visuals, and outstanding survival mechanics merged with building elements, it is a haven for people who want an adventure and a longhouse to return to.


In Valheim, your character is a fallen Viking warrior who died honorably in battle, and the Valkyries carried your soul off to Valheim, the fictional 10th realm in the Norse saga (there are only nine in the real one). If you were looking forward to Valhalla, prepare to be disappointed: you have to deal with Odin’s ancient rivals and creatures stalking its varied landscapes. Guided by Hugin, ½ of Odin’s twin ravens, you’ll explore various dungeons and learn the lore behind Valheim’s many locations.


Surprisingly, Valheim is refined and chock-full of content even in its early access state. Although it’s far from complete, it plays a lot better than its big-budget contemporaries. The experience is quite refined with almost zero bugs and issues, but there are a few server and connectivity-related problems.

Valheim’s building aspect is comparable to games like Conan Exiles and Minecraft. The interface and controls are relatively standard and intuitive: if you’ve played a survival game before, you’ll feel at home. Initially, you’ll only have access to wood as a building resource, but you’ll unlock stone and other materials as you progress. Pieces like walls and stairs snap seamlessly in place, although you need a great deal of patience to direct them to the spot you desire. However, learning how to build roofs and adjusting building dimensions have a bit of a learning curve, so a little effort is needed to master the mechanics. Apart from Viking longhouses, you can also build farming settlements and even a stone castle once you get far enough into the game.

The combat system is a bit more primitive than its peers, and it can be rather challenging, especially when fighting bosses. For example, you can’t expect to survive against the first deer boss with thunder antlers by rushing it and instead approach it deliberately and strategically. In a way, you could compare the combat to something like a simplified Dark Souls or a Monster Hunter, where hitting and dodging are crucial. Moreover, there are several weapon types here, from spears to Viking axes to bows and swords, catering to different playstyles. Speaking of combat, enemies range from skeletons, gigantic trolls able to one-shot you, and annoying dwarves.

Crafting is streamlined and isn’t resource-heavy than other games in the genre, although it requires a fair bit of grinding. You can craft items and build structures using a workbench, but it needs to be under a roof for players to create non-building pieces. It follows other games’ cues in creating more advanced resources, like needing a smelter to make metals. However, don’t let this intimidate you since crafting is much easier here compared to other games.

Though you can play solo, Valheim is best when played with a crew of four to six players, more (up to 10) if possible. However, if the players increase in a single server, the game adapts and gets progressively harder. Players can play several roles, from being the resident builder to someone who raids and gathers resources.

Unfortunately, the game does have several issues. The first would be the rather tricky HP mechanic where you’re required to eat to increase it. The most notable is the server issues. There are instances, especially during peak hours, where the game suffers from incredibly high ping, making it unplayable. Nevertheless, the game runs excellently, with zero framerate drops and relatively zero bugs.


With over two million sales, it’s no surprise Valheim has a large and thriving community on Steam, Reddit, and Discord. It’ll be easy to find a dedicated server to play in and discover new people to play with on these platforms. Although there’s still no in-game voice chat yet, it has text chat and various text commands like shout (the game’s ping mechanic). However, the game is still susceptible to thieves and griefers, so it’s best to put a password on your server.


In terms of presentation, Valheim is astonishingly beautiful. Although there are instances and parts of the game where the art style looks like HD Roblox, the overall aesthetic is simply divine. Witnessing waves crashing the shore while the sunlight shines through a canopy of trees gives off an aesthetically-pleasing vibe, taking your thoughts and attention away from dangers lurking around. The sound design also excels; storms feel realistic, and the environmental ambiance makes you feel like you’re actually in the world itself.


Overall, Valheim deserves the acclaim and the sheer number of downloads it is receiving. Delivering a deep yet refined experience with more to come in the future, there’s a lot for players to bite into. If you’re planning to live as a Viking in a mythical land, this game definitely deserves to be your first choice.

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by Mikhail Feb 18, 2021
Valheim is a survival exploration game where you play as a recently-deceased Viking warrior in charge of slaying Odin’s rivals in the realm of Valheim. Explore the world filled with lush forests, varied landscapes, and mythical monsters and build castles, mead halls, and thriving settlements with your friends! Traveling with friends in Valheim Fighting a boss monster in Valheim Viking longhouse on the river Read More
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