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Urban Galaxy 5.5 rate Fly your airship into the megapolis of Anassin and take down enemies in this stunning MMO shooter, Urban Galaxy! You get to choose to be the good guy or the bad one, team up with other players and shoot your way to victory. Master your ship-driving skills and gear up for battle in this cosmic shooting game. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Summary Plotline Gameplay Community Graphics/Sound Conclusion We are sorry to say that the game is no longer available. Please feel free to browse through our list of Games like Urban Galaxy: https://www.wwgdb.com/games_like_urban_galaxy


In the ultramodern world of Urban Galaxy, you’ll guide your ship into giant building mazes to accomplish each mission. Upgrade your ship to protect yourself from enemies and team up with powerful alliances to dominate the fictional city of Anassin.


You are a newcomer in a city rife with mob wars and political divide. You must pick a side and fight your way into quests and battles to emerge as one of the most feared bosses of the city and gain favor from the empire. Defeat the pirates trying to rule over the city, or be a mercenary and steal the city’s most precious resource – it’s all up to you.


Urban Galaxy is a browser-based game, and you only need to register for free to play the game.
Once registered, you can choose a ship, customize its color and give it a name. After which you will enter Training Zone, where you learn to control your ship and attack enemies. You can use the usual WSAD keyboard controls to steer your ship, or you can use your mouse. If you want to change the keyboard control keys, you may do so by clicking on the Gear icon on the top-right corner of the screen and selecting “Keyboard”.

After a rather brief training mode, you can then enter missions in different districts within city. But first, you need to choose whether you want to join the Alliance or the Outlaws. This choice will determine the rest of your objectives throughout the game.

Upon entering a district, navigate around the skyscrapers and spot enemies you need to attack and destroy. Click an enemy to attack and press the Spacebar key to fire. You can also use different booster shots by selecting their corresponding hotkeys (1, 2 or 3). These boosters require a few seconds to cool down and regenerate. Your enemy is destroyed when you see it explode, which is fun to watch. There’s also a booster that restores your ship’s “health” after taking lots of damage, and another one that propels your ship a few miles forward into its looking direction. These two boosters also require a few seconds to regenerate, so use them wisely.

Taking down enemy ships and completing a mission will earn you XP and two kinds of game currency: UC (Universal Credits) and Datacubes. Universal Credits are easily earned, usually when shooting down a ship, while Datacubes are rewarded for certain tasks or can be acquired from dropped items. UCs can also be used to upgrade ship equipment and weapons, or buy a new ship. Note that some upgrades require a certain level for them to be purchased.

The in-game shop is called the Commercial Center and you can find it in the Map. There are four different shops in the Commerical Center, representing Anassin’s four biggest companies. Each shop sells different items for a specific level range. It takes a bit of time navigating the Commercial Center, but when you find a shop, there will be an Enter Shop button you can click to view their merchandise. Shops categorize their wares into Ships, Weapons, Equipment and Engine.

If your ship is destroyed, you can repair it for 27 UCs. Your ship only has a specific percentage of durability (which you can check on your ship stats by clicking on the Ship tab on top of the screen). If you want to upgrade to 100% durability, you can do so for a few Datacubes.
In addition to the main missions, which primarily involves taking down enemy ships, there are also side missions you can accomplish, like sabotaging control points or collecting floating objects.

Completing a side mission will grant you even more XP points and other rewards such as Datacubes or items that you can trade with other players. You can enter all districts in the map, but it’s recommended to enter them in the correct order to ensure that your ship will stand a chance of completing a mission. If you want to enter more advanced districts with higher difficulty ratings, be sure to visit the Commercial Center and get the needed ship and weapon upgrades to battle more powerful ships.

Urban Galaxy allows you to connect and form alliances with other players as you go. The game even lets you chat in a cool speech synthesized audio within the game. There are district events to battle with other teams and players such as deathmatch, headquarters, capture the cargo and resource gathering. To easily talk to other players, you can activate the chat interface by pressing the Enter key. You can also invite a player to a raiding party or trade with him by clicking on his ship and pressing the corresponding hotkey (V to invite, B to trade).


Urban Galaxy Online is a superb game with lots of fans and players. You’re sure to find players to connect with at any given time when you play the game. You can also check out their Facebook page fore game updates or log in to their forum on the official website to learn more about the game features.


The graphics of this game is absolutely stellar, considering it’s a browser game. Provided you have a solid internet connection, you’ll enjoy gliding along the megapolis of Anassin while shooting down ships in fantastic 3D effects. The sound is likewise stunning, with futuristic voice overs and digital clicks. The musical score is amazing and it feels like a cross between The Matrix and 300 depending on what’s going on in your mission. Playing this game with headphones on is highly recommended.


Urban Galaxy is a captivating modern world which is perfect for its storyline. Here you decide your own course as you complete the missions you choose. Whether playing with a team or on your own, this game can give you hours of irresistible gameplay, and will keep encouraging you to level up for more challenging missions. With great graphics and a hypnotic soundtrack, this game with airships and megablocks will be one of the best MMO shooters you’ve ever tried.

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New Game Added: Urban Galaxy

by Kim Apr 27, 2016
Fly your airship into the megapolis of Anassin and take down enemies in this stunning MMO shooter, Urban Galaxy! You get to choose to be the good guy or the bad one, team up with other players and shoot your way to victory. Master your ship-driving skills and gear up for battle in this cosmic shooting game. Act of War in Urban Galaxy Urban Galaxy: military base black hole crossfire in Urban Galaxy Read More

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I played this game a long time ago when it was good, but it got taken down and now I'm sad, it's been down for a few years now and I miss it. It was the best game out there, I'd play fo...Full Review
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