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Uptasia 10 rate Enjoy both town-building and searching for hidden objects in this exciting hybrid of a game, Uptasia! Build your town from the ground up and decorate it to your heart's content! Produce goods at your factories to sell to your customers. To upgrade your town, you'll then need to play hidden object scenes and level them up! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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If you love town-building and hidden object games, then Uptasia is perfect for you! In this game, you’ll set up your own bustling town by building “factories”, like a bakery and a florist. These buildings can be set to produce goods which you can then sell at the market place to customers. In order to upgrade them, you’ll need to play their respective hidden object scenes repeatedly until you level up the scene. You can also decorate your town with decorative items like fences, farms, animals and many more! So, come and join in the fun at Uptasia now!


You’ll start off with the town-building part of the game first. The game offers a huge variety of “factories” or goods-producing buildings, such as bakery, florist and workshop.

Each of these buildings produces a specific range of goods. For instance, for bakery, you can set it to produce rolls and bread. Production tend to take a while and fortunately, you won’t have to wait that long. You can accelerate a running production for free provided that the duration takes less than 5 minutes to complete or you’ll have to spend some gems (real life currency) to speed things up. The items produced are stored in your inventory and your inventory has a maximum limit. You’ll need to upgrade your inventory to increase your storage.

In Uptasia, your factories will experience wear and tear every time you use your factory to produce goods. Your factory’s condition will drop by 1 from a total of 100 condition points. If it’s down too much, your production will slow down. To fix this problem, you will need to gather resources from the environment on your map, such as wood from trees and stone from rocks. Don’t worry about running out of resources though! New resources will appear on the map on a regular basis. Not to mention, gathering resources takes quite some time, so you’ll need to wait. With these resources, you can easily repair your factories so that they serve you better by maximizing their production.

What’s the use of producing the “supply” without any “demand” right? With so many goods at hand, you can sell them at your market place. Every 6 hours or so, there will be a carriage bringing potential customers to your budding town. They will be roaming around the place with a customer pin above their heads that you can click onto see the orders that they want. They will leave after awhile though, thus if you are working to fulfill a customer’s order, be sure to send him or her to wait inside the market place so he/she won’t leave.

Once you get your buildings up and running, it’s time to get started on those hidden object games! Head on over to your own villa and play hidden object games to gain upgrades for your factories and unlock new features in Uptasia. Since you should already have your bakery built, you will then have access to your very first hidden object scene – the bakery! If you want more scenes, you’ll need to level up and build a new factory. Every factory comes with its own hidden object scene. These scenes can be leveled up as well with repeated play. The items in the scene do change their locations now and then, making each play through fresh and interesting. Every level will allow you to unlock the next upgrade for their corresponding factories as well as different hidden object game modes.

The hidden object scenes in Uptasia are all time based. You will get 85 seconds to find all the objects listed to gain points to level up your scene. If you manage to find all the required objects before the time ran out, you’ll receive a bonus. There is also a combo system in place that will award you with extra points with every subsequent correct find you made. It’s great that the combo system does not require you to find the correct items consecutively and quickly. Instead, as long as you do not make a wrong click, your combo will persist.

Furthermore, each wrong move will reduce to the time you have left as well, so try not to make too many mistakes when finding items. There is also a limit as to how many hidden object games that you can play. If you want to increase your points faster, you could always purchase points boosters provided by Uptasia at the shop. There are other types of boosters as well, including experience booster, whereby you’ll be given bonus experience points to level up faster or copper booster that allows you to earn in-game money, copper, more rapidly.

As you level up your scenes, you will unlock new game modes, such as “spot the difference” as well! In this mode, you’ll need to compare 2 images cropped from the original hidden object scene and you are required to find all 6 differences within the time limit.

Like any hidden object games, there are plenty of hints to help you find hard-to-find objects in Uptasia. Some examples of hints include magnifying glass, selection, random selection and flash. For magnifying glass, it will highlight the objects you’re looking for when you mouse over the scene with the hint tool. On the other hand, “selection” allow you to have an object of your choice revealed while “random selection” will point out a random hidden object that you need to find.

Once you get your hidden object scenes leveled up, you can then start upgrading your factories so that you can unlock a new production slot. This means that you can produce multiple different goods all at the same time! However, besides having the required hidden object scene level, you will also be needing resources, namely wood and stone, too. After getting everything you need, you can immediately unlock the new production slot and start doubling your production! There are up to 5 slots in total that you can unlock with 1 more rental slot that you can rent (temporary) using gems.

Don’t forget to use your hard-earned money to decorate your town with lattice fences, kiosks, ponds, animals, and plants! Increasing decoration points will increase your town’s attractiveness and more customers will gather at your market place via carriage. This translate into more sales and more money earned too! You can also get a pet cat in Uptasia, called Bianca, who can help you find hidden treasure in your town! However, the cat will cost you gems.


Gardens of Time has around 2.8 million likes on its Facebook fan page and that number speaks volumes on how popular this hidden objects game is! Considering that this game relies rather heavily on having active playing neighbors, you can use its fan page as a way to meet fellow players and if you like them enough, you could also add them to your friends’ list. Not to mention, if you needed help of any sort for any of the scenes in the game, you can easily ask for help from other players there. They will be more than willing to help you out!

Graphics/ Sound

The nice piano music in Uptasia is very soothing to the ears. The music contains the added sounds of running water and birds chirruping, further increasing the relaxing effect that the music has on the body and mind. Its graphics is pretty good for a browser-based game. Each building and hidden object scene looks absolutely detailed in the game.


All in all, Uptasia is a game with an interesting blend between town-building and hidden objects! In this game, you have to build up your town by placing factories to start producing goods. With your goods, you can then sell them at the marketplace to customers for money. However, to increase your production, you’ll need to play the factories’ respective hidden object scenes until you level up the scene. Don’t forget to beautify your town with decorative items and houses too! There is a lot of fun to be had in Uptasia, so don’t wait, starting setting up your town in this amazing game today!

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Enjoy both town-building and searching for hidden objects in this exciting hybrid of a game, Uptasia! Build your town from the ground up and decorate it to your heart's content! Produce goods at your factories to sell to your customers. To upgrade your town, you'll then need to play hidden object scenes and level them up! Uptasia: Bakery `Your villa in Uptasia Uptasia: Cafe Read More
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