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Unification Wars 9 rate With only a few thousand planets under your rule, you’ll need to strengthen and expand your empire while managing your resources and your fleet. Subjugate any ruler who dared to defy your rise to power and show the other empires that you’re here to stay! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Become the conqueror of the entire universe by taking over planets, solar systems and even entire galaxies in this amazing turn- and text-based, free-to-play, MMO strategy browser game, Unification Wars! In this game, you get to build and manage your very own epic space empire. By efficiently managing your resources and army, you can expand your territory of influence using whichever means necessary – either colonizing unclaimed planets or by capturing planets from other empires. Will you be able to survive in the highly competitive universe in Unification Wars? Play now and find out!


You start off by controlling a relatively small empire with just a few thousand planets under your rule. However, through wise and strategic planning and expansion, in the foreseeable future, the whole universe will be under your command!

In order to start your conquering campaign, you will need a stable economy first. To do that, you will need a lot of planets. You can easily gain more planets by recruiting scouts and order them to explore. Any new planets found will be immediately subjected to your rule. Then, you can assign your planets to generate either revenue or resources (food, man power, minerals, etc) for you. If you need even more planets (who doesn’t?), build more fleets of scouts that are hell-bent to explore and colonize. However, gradually, you will realize that planets are getting harder and harder to discover, despite your huge fleet of scouting ships. Once you hit a limit and that there are no other ways to quickly obtain new planets, you will need to start conquering other empires for their planets.

As your belt swells with increasing numbers of planets, you might want to systematically organize them into systems. There are many systems for you to choose from, each providing specific benefits and bonuses to your empire. For example, a capital system offers 40% extra revenue generated from commercial planets, hence, it is more efficient if you group all your commercial planets into a capital system. Each system will have a specific type of mineral that is native to that system, thus, more systems equals to having access to more variety of minerals that you will need for crafting better ships.

Besides that, each new system that spawned from your home system will also provide some measure of defense for your home and other existing systems. This is vital because if an enemy empire managed to defeat your home system, your game will end and you will have to start over. However, the downside is, for each system you create, you will lose about 2000 planets. It’s still worth the cost though!

Before taking on the offensive stance, you’ll need to make sure that you won’t be getting defeated. Strengthen up your empire by increasing your power! Build a space armada that is so fearsome that your enemies will tremble in your wake! You must also ensure that your citizens are loyal to you by showering them with rewards from time to time. Furthermore, it is definitely not wise to get cocky and decide to attack the first enemy empire you see. Check out that empire’s rank in the leaderboard before you attack. You wouldn’t want to have your invading armada handed back to you... in pieces.

Furthermore, investing your money and time (in the form of turns) in science and technology is definitely a good move. By investing in some research and development, you can upgrade your infrastructure, ships and other technological advancements. These will, in turn, increase your revenue, resource production as well as helping your ships to win tougher battles. In essence, with sufficient research, you can make your fleet of ‘space conquerors’ as invulnerable as you can get them to be.

Considering that you have just started playing (or will be doing so in a moment), you might want to group up with some friendly empires in order to safely build up your empire’s strength. You can even choose to hail one of the top-ranking empires as your lord. By doing so, you will become its vassal, but you will earn the protection of that far-superior empire. Moreover, as they say, the enemy of your enemy is your friend. Team up with like-minded empires in a federation to gang up on tougher enemies. It’s not always wise to go in alone – you will need other people (or in this case, other empires) to watch your six.

Moreover, you will have realized that turns are very valuable commodities in Unification Wars. You will need it in order to carry out exploration, research, assign planets or, in short, to do anything in the game! However, for a busy person like yourself, you may not have time to stay in front of your computer to use up your turns as they are regenerated.

Therefore, the game offers you 3 modes of turn regeneration so that you can play the game at your leisure instead of being logged in 24/7. The normal mode will regenerate your turns at very rapidly but with lower maximum turn storage, while the moderate and large modes will have higher maximum turn storage, but slower regeneration speeds. Thus, you may want to switch from normal to large mode for when you go to bed and from large to normal for when you’re logged on and ready to play. This is a very interesting and player-convenient feature that shines through in Unification Wars. In addition, the game also has an anti-bot feature that prevents players from botting their way to glory while leaving other honest players in trailing clouds of dust.

If you like the game, you can choose to upgrade your account so that you can earn plenty of benefits, like getting more profits and resources per turn. An upgraded account will also allow you to utilize your turns more efficiently and hence, you can expand your empire faster than non-upgraded players.


Being a MMO strategy game, the community can be pretty competitive when it comes to “territories”. If you attack a player for even the lousiest planet, be sure to expect some form of retaliation in return. You can also join space federations or form military alliances with other players.

Want to meet other like-minded players? Well, you can head over the forums to bump some fists (or heads, depending on whether you want to make new friends or challenge other players to a virtual feud). The game even has plenty of fan sites, which double as a wiki for new players due to the trove of game guides provided.

Graphics/ Sound

Due to its text-based nature, Unification Wars doesn’t exactly have the best graphics nor any sound. That being said, the game has some pretty amazing space images that fans of everything sci-fi would love.


In conclusion, Unification Wars proves that a text-based game can achieve the complexity and depth of a well-made strategy game with the likes of great empire-building games such as The Settlers Online. It will take skill and planning in order to achieve that delicate balance between resource output and input as well as earning your empire some hefty profits. This is definitely a must play for strategy game lovers.

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New Game Added: Unification Wars

by Aethyna Jun 3, 2016
With only a few thousand planets under your rule, you’ll need to strengthen and expand your empire while managing your resources and your fleet. Subjugate any ruler who dared to defy your rise to power and show the other empires that you’re here to stay! Building spaceships in Unification Wars Unification Wars: Managing your planets Empire ranking in Unification Wars Read More
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