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Turbo Golf Racing 10 rate Turbo Golf Racing is a new way and improved way to play golf. Step into the track with your vehicle, tee off in gigantic golf balls, and chase it until you get it into the hole. Invite your friends and take them on in multi-tiered tournament-like matches and earn points and experience! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Summary Gameplay Community Graphics/Sound Conclusion Note: Turbo Golf Racing will likely remain in Early Access/Game Preview for approximately 12 months, and features and content packs will be added in the months ahead.


Leon Wilson once said in one of the books he published, “Golf is a good walk spoiled.” As someone who hasn’t played the sport nor cares for Tiger Woods and other famous golfers, I’ve got no comment. But I do know that, in video game form, golf is a relatively fun sport; just look at franchises like Everybody’s Golf and Pangya. However, there are way too many golf games today, and we’re tired of swinging those clubs.

Enter the world of Turbo Golf Racing, an arcade sports racing game that merges car racing and golf. Developed by HugeCalf Studios, it’s a fun, chaotic experience where timing, quick reflexes, and adept aiming will help you rack those points and win matches. Regardless if you’re a golf enthusiast or someone who wants to dive into a racing game with a different flavor, should you sit behind the wheel and tee off? Let’s check out what it has to offer:


Turbo Golf Racing’s core gameplay involves pushing or tackling gigantic golf balls through its version of golf courses using highly-advanced cars. Your goal is to be the first to place the ball inside the hole on each course. With that said, the entire experience is unique, though it can quickly draw comparisons with Rocket League; players who have played it will easily get used to the mechanics. You can also go solo and attempt to go through the game’s many courses and complete three-star challenges.

Currently, Turbo Golf Racing’s multiplayer mode lets you compete with seven other players, bringing the total to eight, in a three-round or hole match set in three different courses. In every hole, the first to score gets the maximum eight points and decreases depending on how well you fared; the runner-up obtains seven, while the third earns six. At the end of the third round, the scores are tallied, and the player who gets the most points wins.

You simply push the ball into the hole to play it, right? Yes and no, every course is full of various quirks and add-ons that impede your progress or help you snatch victory. For example, you will deal with the infamous sand bunkers and rough patches of grass that will slow you and your ball down. If you’re caught in them and have to make up for lost time, there are circle hula-hoop-like objects that launch your ball in a particular direction, along with tracks that will recharge your car’s booster.

Your car's controls and physics are comparable to Rocket League's. Apart from the booster, you can also jump and glide in the air, especially if you’d like to direct your ball in a specific direction. In addition, you can further upgrade it using cores in your garage that will give it both passive and active quirks, like eliminating speed penalties in bunkers or releasing a shockwave that pushes your ball forward.

Moreover, you will pick powerups across various courses, although options today are limited to energy boosts, missiles, and shields. Oh, and did we mention the cars are fully customizable? The game provides a massive selection of front bumpers, wheel designs, and car chassis types that will continue to grow. Here’s to hoping we’ll see licensed vehicles and visuals in the future.

So far, Turbo Golf Racing’s physics hold up beautifully. Crashing and “shooting” your ball feels satisfying, especially if you hit a well-aimed curved shot right into the hole. There’s also an aiming mechanic that tells you if your ball is about to land in a safe spot by being yellow or red if it’ll go off course or land on a bunker. If you’re someone who dreads playing racing games via a mouse and keyboard, don’t fret: Turbo Golf Racing has full controller support.

Turbo Golf Racing is still on early access, and because of this, the experience may seem a little limited. For one, don’t expect to bump into other players and their golf balls; the only way to hinder their progress is to use missile powerups. There’s also no ranked mode yet, but we’ll surely get one in the future.


It’s easy to find games in Turbo Golf Racing; matchmaking takes under 10-15 seconds. If you’re looking to make new friends or fellow fans, the game has a subreddit and an official Discord server where you can interact with and receive updates from the developers.


In terms of presentation, Turbo Golf Racing is visually outstanding. The courses are unique and pretty sizable, each with its own quirks and obstacles. In addition, the game runs well on a GTX 1060-6GB with no framerate drops or visual problems, even in high-stress situations. The audio elements lag behind, and we hope to hear more variety in music tracks and effects in the future.


Overall, Turbo Golf Racing may not actually be golf, but it’s the best golf game I’ve ever gotten my hands on. It delivers a highly competitive and exciting experience that will challenge you and drive you to improve. Though its features are reasonably limited due to its early access state, it has a solid foundation, and we’re sure it will reach new heights and milestones as development progresses.

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Turbo Golf Racing is a new way and improved way to play golf. Step into the track with your vehicle, tee off in gigantic golf balls, and chase it until you get it into the hole. Invite your friends and take them on in multi-tiered tournament-like matches and earn points and experience! Starting line solo mode in Turbo Golf Racing The hole in Turbo Golf Racing Multiplayer starting line in Turbo Golf Racing Read More
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