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Tribal Wars 9.5 rate Boost up your resource production rate by upgrading buildings, recruit new troops to your cause, and execute cunning strategies to counter your enemy's attacks or defenses! Conquer barbarian villages and covert them into military outposts! Do you have what it takes to reign supreme in Tribal Wars? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Deception, diplomacy, brute force... what works for you? Work your way up from all the fledgling tribes and to reign over them all, in this challenging strategy game, Tribal Wars! Boost up your resource production rate by upgrading buildings, recruit new troops to your cause, and execute complicated and cunning strategies to counter your target’s defenses. Conquer barbarian villages and covert them into military outposts for you to station your troops in. Don’t forget to leave some troops back at home as defensive forces too! Do you have what it takes to reign supreme over the other tribes in Tribal Wars? Play now to find out!


The game doesn’t start with a very obvious tutorial. Instead, its tutorial is hidden inconspicuously in the form of quests, which may be missed as these quests do not pop out at you either. These quests can be viewed on the left side of the screen. Follow the chain of quests to learn about the game functionality, fighting and expanding, which are vital skills that a capable tribal leader should know!

The most important building in the game is definitely your headquarters. At your headquarters, you can construct new buildings or upgrade existing ones, including the headquarter itself, for a price... in the form of resources needed. Furthermore, the higher the level of your Headquarters, the faster the constructions will be finished and sometimes, you will also be able to unlock new buildings as well. As soon as your Headquarters is upgraded to level 15, you will be able to demolish buildings in your tribal village.

Besides the headquarters, there are quite a range of resource-producing buildings that are vital for the growth of your tribe! In order to obtain a steady supply of resources like wood, clay and iron, you will need to ensure that your respective buildings are upgraded according to your need. Don’t forget that a civilization lives on its stomach! Thus, keep your farm upgraded so your supply of food to your workers and troops are sufficient. Without extending your farm your village cannot grow. Hence, the higher its level, the more villagers can be supplied. Not to mention, during emergencies or when anticipating an attack, you can even set up your militias wielding pitchforks and sickles to defend you at the cost of lowered food production. Militia will only be there for 6 hours at most and you will gain more of them with every farm upgrade. However, as soon as you’ve owned more than 2 villages, you can no longer set up any militias.

You can also gain resources from completing quests or trading for them at the market with other players, which will be unlocked later. However, do take note that you can only trade other resources for the resources you need. In other words, you will need to at least have something to trade with! Remember to upgrade your warehouse from time to time or you’ll be wasting all your extra resources away!

You could plunder resources from successfully conquering other villages as well, but to do that, you will need to have a barracks first! Barracks, like the market, can only be built after you satisfied the requirements needed, but you’ll get it fairly early in the game. After all, you will need an army to start conquering villages and tribes that refuse to subject to your rule, right? The game only provides 4 different types of soldiers, namely spear fighter, swordsman, axeman and archer. The number of soldiers you can recruit is limited by the level of the barracks, so the higher the level of your barracks, the more troops you can recruit.

Moreover, you can also build the statue to recruit powerful paladins (elite soldiers) and equip them with armor and weapons to ensure that they are at their full strength. Paladin armor and weapons, however, cannot be earned as drops from battles. Instead, there’s a progress bar that when finished, will reward you with a random item. Every day, you will gain a small percentage of progress. If you want to speed it up a bit, you can do so by engaging the enemy in battle and emerge victorious!

To coordinate an attack, you’ll need to head over to your rally point. Here, you can give commands to your troops, keep track of your soldiers even if they are stationed in different village. The most interesting part is the Tribal Wars provides players with 2 very unique features – a combat simulator and a troop template. The combat simulator can be used to predict your chances of a successful invasion, but it is only accurate if you can get an accurate estimation of the enemy troops that you’ll be facing. For troop template, this is a very useful tool for players who follow his or her own “standard” invasion formula. For example, if you always send a particular mix of archers and swordsman in the first wave, then you might want to save it so you can easily recall the number of archers and swordsman you usually use. Players are allowed to save up to 2 templates, with premium players being able to save even more templates.

Being on 100% offensive mode is not exactly a wise idea. You may expand your front lines too rapidly that a sneaky enemy can decide to go for your main base instead! Let’s not make it too easy to conquer the main village of a strong and mighty tribe, shall we? You’ll need walls to deter the smaller groups of raiders and troops to man those walls. Ensure that your hiding place is upgraded consistently as it is able to keep a fraction of your resources safe from the enemy’s hands. Even the enemy scouts will not be able to find your stash of resources and these resources you’ll be putting to use to amass a force to send as a retaliatory attack against the tribe which attacked you. However, there is no place to stash your reserve troops away. You’ll just have to start all over with your army if your forces are decimated by the enemy.

If you plan on going premium, well, Tribal Wars provides premium players with nice utilities and advantages. Among the benefits that they get, the account manager and loot assistant are the most useful. Account manager will practically play the game for you even when you’re offline as per your instructions. It can help you upgrade buildings or build new ones depending on the resources you have and recruit new troops. It even has a stockpile distributor that will assign resources among your many conquered villages according to where they are needed the most, while the delivery manager keep your front line troops always supplied, automatically. On the other hand, the loot assistant optimizes your looting of barbarian villages to maximize the growth of your tribe. Thus, if you’re really into this game, then going premium is a very viable option, particularly considering all the benefits and conveniences.


Tribal Wars is a rather old game (more than 5 years), but the game’s still going strong with the opening of a new server “World 80”. It also has 100k likes on its Facebook fan page that speaks volumes for a relatively unknown game such as Tribal Wars. There is also a public forum whereby you can ask for help or read the many guides written by experienced Tribal Wars players.

If you would like to be a part of the community, you can join a tribe and have fun getting caught up in the exciting in-game politics and tribal wars. Work your way up the aristocracy to be an officer in your tribe! If you prefer to be a leader of a tribe of your own, you can as well since the game allows anyone to create a tribe. Tribes also have their own in-game forums whereby experience tribe members can share their experience, strategies and knowledge to their junior tribe members.

Graphics/ Sound

The game is pretty much text-based, thus, the game lack a lot of graphics or sound. The graphics in the game are acceptable for an old browser game and there are even some small animations of your people working in your village. For sound, if you find that the game is a tad bit too quiet, you can choose to play your own music in the background to drown out the silence.


In summary, Tribal Wars is a great free-to-play browser-based MMORTS that is the epitome of the phrase “old but gold”! In this game, your management skills will be tested as you need to balance out your resource production with your many war campaigns! Devise cunning strategies to outwit your enemies and conquer their villages! Recruit the powerful paladins to aid your war effort and remember to leave some troops behind to defend your main village from any potential (and sneaky) backdoor attacks! Grow your village and your tribe from a handful of houses into a full blown tribal nation in Tribal Wars!

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Boost up your resource production rate by upgrading buildings, recruit new troops to your cause, and execute cunning strategies to counter your enemy's attacks or defenses! Conquer barbarian villages and covert them into military outposts! Do you have what it takes to reign supreme in Tribal Wars? Tribal Wars: mounted archer Market in Tribal Wars Tribal Wars: Planning strategies Read More
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