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Trials Fusion - rate Trials Fusion is a physics-based motorcycle racing game where you perform stunts, beat challenges, and most importantly, finish tracks as fast as you can. Compete with players around the globe in the leaderboards or with your friends. Developed by RedLynx and published by Ubisoft, it is one of the must-try racing games this generation. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Racing games aren’t exactly the most bestselling titles out there, although they can equally provide a ton of fun and a challenge to anyone playing. Trials Fusion is one of those games that belong to the category. It is severely underrated, in spite of its gravity-defying and extremely fun racing mechanics that would leave you addicted and wanting more. Developed by RedLynx and published by gaming giant Ubisoft, the title is basically a motorcycle racing game where your goal is to finish all the tracks as fast as you can and complete challenges. Part of PlayStation 4’s June 2018 PlayStation lineup, should you start shifting gears and start playing it? Let’s find out what it has to offer.


There is no story to speak of in Trials Fusion, although we can safely say that the game is an ever-present struggle by motorcycle riders to race against the laws of physics and gravity. You’re just there to race and try to make it to the leaderboard. There are no career cutscenes to speak of, just quick and easy fun with motorcycles and death defying tracks.


Trials Fusion’s gameplay is basically centered around racing on tracks which are both in line and defy the laws of physics. Its core mechanic is having you shift your weight forwards and backwards by leaning in order to either safely in appropriate positions and take advantage of the terrain (i.e downward slopes) to speed up. Failing to land appropriately put you in a disadvantageous position, where you will either slow down or crash. In addition to which, leaning also lets you perform tricks, like backflips and frontflips which are required to complete challenges.

The first few levels aren’t much of a problem, even if you’re learning the ropes. The controls are fairly simple and intuitive, and practice requires a few levels of retrying (and cursing) to further understand the mechanics. In the later levels though, the tracks get much trickier due to how they’re constructed. A great degree of mastery is needed to finish more advanced tracks, and you need to time your leans right. Are two or three backflips enough or should you aim for one more? Must you perform stunts in this ramp or wait patiently? These are the questions you need to seek answers to, and deciding whether to go for a stunt not is a huge risk. All in all, it’s an easy to learn game, but nearly impossible to completely master.

Ramps reach extremely high levels where unreal engineering is done, while moving surfaces keep you on your toes. There are tracks wherein you jump high on an extremely tall ramp, while others involve automatic doors and rugged terrain. There are some instances where the tracks themselves are changed while you’re racing, so you need to be on your toes while speeding towards the finish line. Challenges are a major part of Trials Fusion. These can range from doing a certain number of backflips to avoid crashing in a race. Focusing on challenges makes it likely for you to crash and burn and it harder for you to beat the time you’re aiming for. Thankfully, you can easily retry levels or return to checkpoints with just a push of a button.

Breezing through the tracks can take you a measly 10 hours, but the game’s greatest appeal is the leaderboard system. It keeps you coming back for more given that the repetitive cycle of trying to beat your and your friends’ times is addicting. In addition, you would also endeavor to notch a good spot on the leaderboards. Unfortunately though, you will get to compete with countless players and crashing into the top 1000 isn’t cakewalk. Thankfully, you will be able to easily get more accomplishments as you unlock newer and faster bikes.


Trials Fusion can be enjoyed in single player, although there’s a massive appeal in its multiplayer elements. Apart from beating your friends’ times and advancing through the leaderboard, a huge part of the game is racing in real-time. You can race with multiple players in multiplayer-specific tracks, and be the top finisher is a very rewarding feeling.


Trials Fusion is a pretty game. The tracks themselves are not the main attraction, rather, it is the background environments that stand out. Apart from futuristic backdrops with industrial themes, there are some tracks which future lush greenery, urban areas, and deserts. There’s even one wherein you race while an armed conflict is going on.


Overall, Trials Fusion is a great racing game and is something anyone can enjoy. It’s relatively easy to drop in and out of the tracks, and fun experience makes it a worthwhile endeavor. With beautiful graphics and decent physics mechanics, it’s certainly one of those games best enjoyed with friends and everyone. So, download it if you’re a PlayStation Plus user and give it a shot!

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New Game Added: Trials Fusion

by Mikhail Jul 24, 2018
Trials Fusion is a physics-based motorcycle racing game where you perform stunts, beat challenges, and most importantly, finish tracks as fast as you can. Compete with players around the globe in the leaderboards or with your friends. Developed by RedLynx and published by Ubisoft, it is one of the must-try racing games this generation. Racing in a snowy environment in Trials Fusion Racing around an urban city in Trials Fusion Futuristic track in Trials Fusion Read More
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